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8 Gorgeous Australian Kelpie Mix Breeds You’ll Want as Your Next Companion

8 Gorgeous Australian Kelpie Mix Breeds You’ll Want as Your Next Companion

Low-maintenance, obedience, an excellent work ethic, good health, and loyalty…

These are a few of the qualities you get by owning an Australian Kelpie.

This dog was bred to herd sheep and is very determined when it comes to protecting his owners.

However, like any other breed out there, he has some cons that can be hard to handle. These include high daily exercise requirements, shedding, and headstrong tendencies.

To get a breed that combines some of the amazing qualities of the Kelpie alongside others present in other breeds, aspiring owners are now looking to buy designer breeds.

If you are wondering which Australian Kelpie mix is right for you, we have a list of 8 gorgeous and delightful ones.

1. Labrador Kelpie or Kelpador (Australian Kelpie Labrador mix)

The first crossbreed is the mix between the Labrador and Australian Kelpie, or shortly, Kelpador.

This breed can either look like the lab or his other parent, the Kelpie. Both parents are large, so the mix is a large dog with lots of energy.

Like a lab, expect an affectionate pooch with a deep desire for attention and human company.  He is also likely to be a great working canine like the Kelpie.

When working around the house, feel free to give your dog some chores like picking laundry and taking them to another room.

Unfortunately, this designer dog is quite rare. Don’t be surprised if you don’t find it in your local shelter.

Reputable (and backyard) breeders have them with some rescue centers owning a few too.

2. Australian Kelpie German shepherd mix

The Australian Kelpie German shepherd is a medium to large designer dog.

His coat is rather dense and is either short or long depending on which parent genes are at play. It also features several colors such as black and white, black and tan, red, black, bi-colors, and sable.

Both the Kelpie and German shepherds are wonderful working dogs that get fulfillment from a life of purpose.

This crossbreed needs a lot of physical activity and mental stimulation to be healthy and happy.

He enjoys playing Frisbee with the kids, rubbing his cute face on you, and wandering around the property.

3. Golden Kelpie (Australian Kelpie and Golden retriever)

When an Australian Kelpie and Golden retriever are mixed, they produce a charming medium dog referred to as the Golden Kelpie.

The former is a working dog and the latter a gun dog. The offspring can possess one or both qualities. This is a very delightful and loyal mutt with plenty of energy.

The Australian Kelpie is a moderate shedder and thus requires minimal grooming while the retriever can be on the heavier side when it comes to grooming.

Both breeds are intelligent, loyal, and friendly. They are also easy to train and offer a lot of affection to their owners.

Most of these amazing qualities are passed down to the offspring.

4. Kelpie Border Collie (Australian Kelpie and Border Collie)

The Kelpie Border collie is a mix between the Australian Kelpie and the Border collie. These breeds are closely related in terms of weight and height.

The offspring can weigh anything between 30-50 lb. and stands at a height of 17-22 inches.

Thanks to the genes from the Border collie parent, this breed is a good-natured and pleasant dog.

He is a great pet that will always greet you with hugs and kisses when you walk through the door.

Loyalty, gentleness, and kindness come so naturally to him.

Regardless of the inclination of the designer dog, this pooch is energetic. He’s also very smart and would need mental stimulation around the clock.

The parents shed moderately and do well with occasional grooming.

Please note that this mix can be strong-willed. Firm training is necessary to break through to him.

5. Australian Kelpie Husky mix

The Siberian husky is popular for his stubborn nature.

He is very intelligent and unfortunately, this can turn out to be a disadvantage especially to weak trainers.

You have to be firm to get through to him and make him do what you want him to do.

On the other hand, a Husky is determined, independent, and low-maintenance.

When you mate him with the Australian Kelpie, you will end up with a sweet, beautiful, intelligent, and loyal dog.

Whether you want to just cuddle, play fetch, or go hiking with your Australian Kelpie husky mix, he will not turn you down.

But how can he do that when both daddy and mommy are hardworking dogs who take pleasure in working from dawn to dusk?

6. Australian Kelpie Jack Russell mix

The Kelpie Jack Russell Terrier mix is a crossbreed between the Jack Russell Terrier (or JRT) and the Australian Kelpie.

The JRT is a playful, independent, energetic, and courageous dog. He is also trainable, smart, and very alert.

The Kelpie is robust, eager, loyal, and intelligent. If you want all these qualities (or some of them) in one canine, this designer mutt fits the bill.

He is mostly medium-sized (about 30-35 pounds) but can also be small (less than 15 pounds).

The only con to owning one is his high need for physical activity.

7. Australian Kelpie Mastiff mix

The Australian Kelpie is mated with the Old English Mastiff to give an Australian Kelpie mastiff mix.

The Mastiff used to be a ferocious war dog but that has since changed. Now, he is a delightful companion with an endless supply of cuddles, hugs, and kisses.

If you can handle the size and his drooling habits, you will have a good canine buddy.

The offspring between the mastiff and kelpie is large like the mastiff, smaller like the Kelpie, or something in between.

Expect a lot in the way of exercise as both parents are very energetic.

8. Australian Kelpie Staffordshire bull terrier mix

Both the Staffordshire bull terrier (Staffy) and Australian Kelpie are among the popular dog breeds in Aussie.

The Staffy was bred to tease bulls in England back in the day but it is now a friendly human companion.

He is loyal to man but rather unfriendly towards other canines unless socialized earlier on.

When combined with the Australian Kelpie, the offspring is an energetic, independent, protective, and affectionate dog.

The only catch? He needs a true pack leader to submit under. Oh! and plenty of physical activity.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Australian Kelpie mix breeds are easing their way into many American homes.

They just offer plenty of sought-after qualities that make them wonderful human companions.

Disclaimer: does not endorse irresponsible breeding. Most of the details we share about mixed or hybrid dogs on this blog are based on the information given by owners.

We haven’t verified every detail about the cross-breeds but we trust that the owners are truthfully sharing their experiences with these amazing hybrid canines.

It is important to note that some owners may only share the positive sides of their mixes and fail to reveal all the downsides of owning the breed. But this doesn’t mean that mixed breeds are disastrous creatures that must have downsides.

Mixed breeds make great family dogs and some are even far healthier than their parents. However, some mixed breeds may have a few issues, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a reputable breeder with dogs’ interests at heart.

The Bottom line: before you welcome any dog to your home, take your time to understand all the pros and cons of raising one—whether it is mixed or purebred.

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