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Ask a Vet

Ask a Vet

If you are used to being greeted at the door with your dog as he wags his tail happily, it can be quite depressing to come back and find her lethargic and seemingly sick.

Your first instinct will be to help her get over whatever is causing the mood swing but how can you solve a problem you don’t know?

What you really need is to chat with an expert who understands pets and who can quickly recommend the best cause of action.

And that is where Online Vet Help At Chewy comes in handy.

Chewy’s Virtual Vets are highly qualified and duly certified vets that are always online waiting to connect with you and chat about your furry baby.

And the best part is you don’t have to break the bank—there’s an option for a free chat for all chewy customers where you can share pictures and videos with a vet to get free instant advice.

Ask about…

Don’t be worried about asking anything you are unsure of—as long as it is about your pet.

The vets are ready to answer any question, whether big or small.

Here are some of the topics other pet parents ask about:

  • Behavioral Concerns: Did your pet suddenly get mischievous and is now leaving a trail of destruction?
  • Food And Nutrition Issues: Not sure about the food types/ portions to give your pet?
  • Health Issues: Is your pet displaying symptoms of illness?
  • Lifelong Well-Being: Wondering how you can help your pet to have a richer and happier life?

If you have any of these concerns, connect with a virtual vets today and get help for your pooch.