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Bearded Collie/Poodle Mix: Facts First-Time Owners Should Know

Bearded Collie/Poodle Mix: Facts First-Time Owners Should Know

Looking for a fun, friendly and independent dog with enough love to go around for everybody? The Bearded Collie Poodle Mix, commonly known as the Beardoodle, fits the description. There’s a lot to love and very little to hate about the Beardoodle. We have put together a guide that tells you all you need to know about this amazing dog breed.

Beardoodle: An Incredible Mix

To state the obvious, a Beardoodle is a mix between the Bearded Collie and the Poodle. The Bearded Collie or Beardie is a charismatic dog with origins in Scotland. It has a distinct shaggy double coat that almost resembles that of the Old English Sheepdog. A Bearded collie stands at a height of 18-24 inches and weighs 45-70 lb.

The Poodle, on the other hand, is a proud, clever, and elegant dog. It is a bit taller than the Beardie (20-22 inches) but weighs a little less at 40-60 lb. The Poodle originated from Western Europe (Germany or France).

It is known for having a luxuriant, texture, and curled single coat that comes in a range of colors (cream, apricot, back, white, red, brown, and fawn). A Poodle is well-proportioned and has muscled-hindquarters, strong back, and neck.

Physical Characteristics

A Beardoodle is a medium-sized dog with good proportion, thanks to genes from either side of the family. His body is lean and muscular with very strong legs. He also has a round skull and pendulous set of ears that drop to the sides of his face.

Regardless of the color, a Beardoodle has a black or brown nose and open nostrils. His eyes can bear the color amber or brown.

You cannot talk about the Beardoodle without mentioning the appealing coat that gives him a lot of character. Like a Beardie, this hybrid dog features a dense and wavy coat that has a curl to it. Unless trimmed, the coat can grow to an incredible length. For convenience, dog owners prefer to trim the coat from time to time.

Most Beardoodles have white and black coat colors and others feature white, cream, red, and grey coats as well. This dog doesn’t shed much except during the high shedding season. A fully grown Beardoodle stands at a height of 20 – inches and weighs 40 – 60 lb.

Personality and Temperament

Expect your Beardoodle to re-invent the meaning of the word fun to your family. This doggy can play with humans and animals alike. He is known to be self-confident, super-intelligent, and generally outgoing. Unlike other dogs, a Beardoodle is fine with his own company as long as he keeps busy.

Life expectancy

The Beardoodle can live up to 12-13 years.


You’ll have the best time training your Beardoodle. No doubt, he is eager to learn new things and encounter new challenges. This comes as a surprise because a Beardie can be quite stubborn. Let’s just say this dog takes after the Poodle on this front.

As an energetic dog, a Beardoodle can become easily bored—yes even during training. Be sure to add lots of treats and praises to score high in your efforts.

Behaviors around People and Children

As wonderful family companions, Beardoodles get along with everyone in the family, including children. However, they need to be trained on how to behave around young children. Thankfully, training them is a breeze. Similarly, kids need to be shown how to handle a dog to avoid agitating them.

Exercise Requirements

The Beardoodle is an extremely active pup that thrives well with plenty of regular exercises. A daily 60-90 minute rigorous exercise will do the trick. He does well with power walking, chase, running, Frisbee, and fetch. In addition, consider outdoor hikes once in a while to keep boredom and destructive behavior at bay.


If you breed your Beardoodle correctly, he will live through his 12-13 years with very few (if any) health issues. However, like all mixed breeds, your dog carries the risk of suffering from a number of health diseases transferred from his parents.

  • Hip Dysplasia: This can come about if a taller Beardoodle has poor hip development.
  • Bloat and digestive issues: This is believed to be from the Poodle side of the family.

Diet/ Nutritional Needs

Any active dog needs a good diet. The Beardoodle is no exception. He requires a rich, nutritious diet that is specially formulated according to his size, age, and activity level. Feeding him thrice a day with protein and fiber-rich foods is a good practice.


Thanks to his dense coat, the Beardoodle can easily get matted. To avoid it, you have to brush it using a metal comb, de-matter or a pin brush at least four times a week. If he has too thick a coat, he may need a trimmer as part of his grooming routine.

Besides, inspect and clean your pup’s ears once a week using a moist cotton ball to protect him from ear infections and the buildup of wax. Finally, use a pair of clippers to trim his toenails, and brush his teeth at least once a week for god oral hygiene.


On average, you need anything between $600 and $6,000 to buy a Beardoodle. The actual price depends on the breed’s quality and reputation. Luckily, you can adopt one for as little as $300.

Other Important Facts About Beardoodles

  • They go by other names including Bordedoodles, Bordoodles, Borpoos, and Bonderpoos.
  • The family of Beardoodles began in the 80s. This was the time when breeders started creating crossbreed between purebred dogs. Over the next 20 years, the Beardoodle rose in popularity across the world.
  • They shed less compared to other breeds. So, they are great for people with allergies
  • They can bark a lot if they feel threatened.
  • They can sometimes grow bigger than expected and tend to be exceptionally hyperactive.
  • Although Beardoodles aren’t recognized by the American Kennel Club, they are members of the Designer Breed Registry (or DBR)

Final Thoughts

The Beardoodle is a great family dog that is super intelligent and easy to train. He exudes a lovely temperament around kids, adults, and pets. If you reciprocate the love by grooming him right and giving him the appropriate workout needs, he will take you to greater heights of affection.

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