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Mama Dog’s Emotional Reunion with Her Lost Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

Mama Dog’s Emotional Reunion with Her Lost Puppies Will Melt Your Heart

Sadly, the number of abandoned pets across the globe is rising at an alarming rate. Millions of pets have been left to go stray, bringing the number of feral pets to an all-time high.

Such is the story of Alica, a stray mama dog whose heartwarming reunion with her four lost puppies was captured on this YouTube video with over 1.4 million views.   

The video starts off with the rescue of four puppies who are seemingly lost. These cute cubbies had spent several days alone in the cold at an abandoned industrial plant.

Thanks to the kind efforts of the Patreon Pet Rescue Group, the puppies were given shelter and food as they waited hopefully for the return of their beloved mother.

Image Source Credit: YouTube Video

A few days later, it was reported that the puppies’ mama was back and the rescue team sought to make the long-awaited reunion a reality!

Mama dog looked like she had been to hell and back. Added to her dejected look, she had a fresh spay scar, an ear tag, and she seemed confused.

Fortunately, members of the rescue team were her knights in shining armor. They took her to the vet for a checkup, and finally took her to meet her lost puppies.

The reunion was a very touching affair. The puppies could not contain their excitement as they wagged their tails and smothered their mama.

Mama dog’s reaction was somewhat hilarious. She kept on smiling with her teeth bare; her energy was over the roof!

Image Source Credit: YouTube Video

It was even more touching when the mom immediately went back to work as she cut the reunion short and sat her puppies down to suckle. Those are the hallmarks of a truly affectionate mama dog!

Alica’s story is just one out of the millions of abandoned pets in modern-day society.

It is important to remember that not all stray pets are as lucky as Mama Dog and her four puppies.

 It would do them a great deal of good if you could contribute to pet rescue programs in your locality or go a notch higher and adopt a stray dog.

It is all about caring for our furry companions when they need it the most!

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