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7 Husky Mixes That Don’t Shed

7 Husky Mixes That Don’t Shed

Siberian Huskies are one of the most popular pets in American homes today.

They are energetic, good around people of all ages, and score high in the looks department (blue eyes, dense coat, and a good stature).

Sure, they can be stubborn and high maintenance when it comes to exercise but they make for excellent pets around the home.

Husky mixes bring the best of two worlds into one dog which is why some pet owners prefer going that route.

For one, the pure Husky breed bears a heavy winter coat which means a lot of shedding. A crossbreed, on the other hand, can solve the problem once and for all.

However, not all husky mixes have minimal shedding. Some have their parent’s coats and will shed heavily round the clock.

So, is there a husky mix that doesn’t shed? Yes, here are the top 7:

1. Goberian

First off, we have the cross between the Siberian Husky and Golden Retriever, also known as the Goberian.

She’s a medium to a large-sized dog weighing 40-80 pounds and grows to a height of 20-24 inches tall.

This breed has the qualities of both her parents and is one of the smartest, energetic, and friendly dogs in the world.

She is known for many things, one of which is her good temperament and love for people. If you are looking for a pooch to be a part of your family, this dog definitely fits the bill.

The Goberian comes with a double dense coat that often makes many think that she’s a high shedder.

However, this breed actually sheds very little and doesn’t require a lot in the way of maintenance.

The only thing she needs from you is to let her meet her high exercise demands.

An hour a day of physical activity alongside lots of play at home will make her happy.

2. Siberian Indian Dog

The Siberian Indian Dog is a hybrid of the Native American Indian Dog and Siberian Husky.

Both parents are highly intelligent people-pleasers that would do anything to make you smile.

The mixed-breed inherits some of these characteristics and is one of the great companions for man.

As long as you let her run around the yard or go on long walks with her, you will be rewarded with a great four-legged buddy.

The Siberian Indian Dog may have a dense coat but as it turns out, she sheds very little.

This is good news for people with allergies. Her thick coat will only shed once a year. When she does, be sure to brush her weekly.

Else, occasional grooming is only essential to keep the coat robust and shiny.

3. Belusky

The medium-sized dog Belusky whose parents include the Belgian Malinois and Siberian Husky also qualifies as a low shedder.

To say that this dog doesn’t shed completely would be a complete lie. However, compared to other husky mixes, the Belusky sheds moderately throughout the year.

To keep your house hair-free, be sure to brush him weekly. Pump it up during the shedding seasons to control the hair loss.

4. Huskita

The Huskita is a mix between the Husky and the Akita. These dogs come with a number of traits from either parent including a curly bushy tail, sturdy legs, and a stout stature.

The muzzle is short and the jaw strong. They are known to be loyal to their owners and are great family dogs as they get along with both people and other animals.

Their rough coats require minimal grooming. Basically, they don’t shed a lot—only twice a year.

With weekly brushing and combing, you will easily keep the shedding at bay.

5. Siberian Pinscher

When you mix the Husky and Doberman Pinscher, you end up with a strong and agile dog that goes by the name Siberian Pinscher.

Whether you want a family pet, a therapy dog, or a sled dog, this pooch will make your dreams come true.

She’s medium-built, intelligent, has great endurance, and runs very fast.

The Siberian Pinscher sheds average and thus need minimal maintenance.

All you have to do is brush his coat a few times a month to keep the loose hairs from falling on your couches and surfaces.

She will definitely shed more during spring and will need weekly brushing then.

6. Dalmatian Husky

Love both the Dalmatian and Husky dog breeds and want to have a dog with the best of both worlds? You are the ideal candidate for the insanely cute and affectionate Dalmatian Husky.

As you might already know, both parents are big dogs. No doubt, their offspring is similarly big.

As for the color, expect a spotted puppy or one with one solid color.

Besides being charming and beautiful, this mix doesn’t shed as much. You are especially in luck if you end up with a puppy with a short coat as a result of her Dalmatian parent.

Either way, you will need to brush her often to really keep the mess out of your home.

7. Siberian Boston

The Siberian Boston is the last dog on this list with minimal shedding.

Frankly, shedding is highly dependent on genes. If you are lucky, your pup will have a Boston Terrier’s coat which requires very little when it comes to grooming.

In this case, you will only need to brush him a few times a month to control the shedding.

Otherwise, if she ends up with her Husky of a parent’s dense coat, be prepared for heavy shedding twice a year (mostly during spring and fall).

But again, nothing a vacuum cleaner and frequent brushing will not take care of.

A Husky Mix that doesn’t shed: Final Thoughts

The Siberian Husky possesses great traits in the looks and mental departments among other areas.

Pet lovers would love to bring them home and have them be a part of the family.

Unfortunately, their dense coats shed way too much all year round. This is why Husky mixes are now popular than ever before.

Although some of the mixed breeds are still heavy shedders, there are a number of them that don’t shed as much.

Now you know which ones to choose if you can’t afford a husky mix that sheds too much.

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