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Belgian Malinois Mixes: Top 7 Perfect Cross Breeds for Belgian Malinois Lovers

Belgian Malinois Mixes: Top 7 Perfect Cross Breeds for Belgian Malinois Lovers

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The Belgian Malinois is a pretty versatile, self-confident, and intelligent.

From working alongside the men in uniform to showing affection and protecting his owners to lending a hand during hunting, this dog is multi-faceted. Bred to be a hunter, he is a very agile, energetic, intense, and athletic dog.

Although most of these qualities are sought-after by many, some owners seem to be intimidated by the high energy and hard training needs of the breed. This is where cross-breeding of this dog with others comes in.

Breeders have created a number of designer dogs from the Belgian Malinois. Here, we have rounded 7 of the popular and perfect Belgian Malinois mixes.

1. Mali-dutchie (Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherd)

With males weighing 60-80 lbs (with a height of 22-26 inches) and females, 40-70 lbs (with a height of 21-24 inches), the Mali-dutchie is a large-sized dog breed.

His physical features vary depending on which parent genes are predominant but regardless, this mixed breed is such a beauty. The eyes are captivating and the build athletic.

He typically has a lovely short all-weather coat of different colors that tends to shed often. As a result, regular brushing is necessary to keep loose hairs at bay.

The dog is well known for its intelligence, affectionate nature, loyalty, and hyperactivity. He is certainly an awesome pet to the right owner.

2. Malinois X (German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois)


The Malinois X comes from combining the Belgian Malinois and the German shepherd.

Thanks to the physical attributes of these two breeds, the resulting mixed breed is good-natured, a fierce protector, intelligent, and affectionate to his owners.

Both dogs were bred to be workers and it is no wonder that they are both used by the disciplined forces to date. These dogs are as low maintenance as it gets and that makes them perfect human companions too.

Most Malinois X breeds weigh similar to German shepherds and stand at the same height as well.

The coat can bear different colors, lengths, and textures. The common ones include short, light-brown hair, hard and medium-brown hair, long black hair, and long dense brown/black hair.

This is a very active breed and it’s always ready to take on any assignment. He is faithful, loyal, charming, and friendly.

The only downside is that he can be extremely stubborn, thanks to his strong-willed nature. You’ve got to be firm during training to get to train him properly.

3. Belusky (Belgian Malinois and Siberian Husky)


Love both the Siberian Husky and the Belgian Malinois? You will love the Belusky even more.

Combining the strength, work ethic, energy, and beauty of his parents, this dog is an excellent pet for any home setting.

The Beslusky features a strong compact body that needs not less than 1 hour of intense physical activity every day.

When not running and walking around to expend some of its seemingly ever-present energy, this canine is fierce and protective of his owners. He loves people greatly and will go to any lengths just to put a smile on your face.

4. Malinois Greyhound (Belgian Malinois and Greyhound)

The Malinois Greyhound is a perfect crossbreed between the Belgian Malinois and Greyhound.

Unlike other dogs that are readily available among many breeders, this one is rather rare. Both parents are quite uncommon in the U.S. making the offspring rarer as well.

The breed weighs 65-75 pounds and stands at a height of 24-28 inches.

His coat colors range from brindle, red, black, fawn, mahogany, and sable.

He is spirited, brainy, dependable, friendly, and standoffish with strangers.

As a domestic pet, the Malinois Greyhound loves playing with kids and other domestic animals and running around in the yard.

5. Labrador Malinois mix

If the American Kennel Club is anything to go by, the Labrador retriever ranks 1st out of 193 breeds in the U.S. No doubt a lab always wears a sweet face and has enough love for everyone in the household.

When you mix the lab and Belgian Malinois, you will end up with a medium-large dog with about 50-80 lbs and a height of 22-26 inches. His coat hue can be tan, mahogany, black-tipped fawn, black-masked fawn, yellow, black, chocolate.

Because Labrador’s parents are moderate shedders, the offspring should shed only occasionally.

As for training and exercise, this crossbreed will require plenty of physical activity to be in top shape mentally and physically. Thankfully, both the lab and Malinois are intelligent dogs that pick up new tricks fast.

All in all, this is a wonderful dog to have as a pet or guard dog.

6. Belgian Malinois and Australian shepherd

When you combine the strong herding background of the Australian shepherd and the protection background of a Belgian Malinois, the result is a great family pet for a dog.

The Aussie is a sweet pooch while Malinois comes with a strong personality that needs a strong pack leader to submit to. This mixed breed needs early socialization to blend well with other pets and kids.

Thanks to his short-haired coat, he sheds moderately and requires occasional brushing.

On the flip side, his get-up-and-go spirit is over the roof. You will have to accord him plenty of extended walks to keep his energy down.

Training him can be quite the task as he can be dogged. However, with a strong handler and positive reinforcement, the training should be successful.

7. Belgian Malinois Doberman mix

Doberman mixes are not common but if you look hard enough, you will come across a few.

The Belgian Malinois Doberman Pinscher mix is another beautiful cross breed with an even better temperament.

The parents have athletic builds and short-haired coats; so naturally, the offspring will have these physical characteristics. If he’s lucky to have a Doberman’s sleek coat, he will be such a nice-looking dog.

He is clever, energetic, and fun to hang out with. Being an independent dog, he is fine with his own company for long periods of time.

If you are on the market for a medium-sized, high-energy, and charming Belgian Malinois mix, this canine will not disappoint you.

Finding and Raising a Belgian Malinois Mix

If you are planning to welcome any of the above Belgian Malinois mixes to your home, here are a few expert tips that you may need to keep in mind to have a smoother experience:

  • To ensure that you get a puppy without health issues, we suggest that you purchase a Belgian Malinois cross-breed from a reputable breeder—who cares about dogs’ health and interests in general. Consider insisting to see genuine health clearances for the puppy’s parents because offsprings do have the potential to inherit some health issues from their parents.
  • Belgian Malinois dogs have a great deal of energy and need plenty of exercise. So, before you commit to raising a Belgian Malinois cross, ensure that you have enough room and time to provide him. That said, these dogs may not fare well in small living spaces like apartments.
  • Besides, Belgian Malinois are very intense dogs that love taking part in most family activities. So, a Belgian Malinois cross may not be a good choice of dog if you work for long hours or travel often, leaving your pup at home.
  • Dog temperaments are influenced by a wide range of factors—from training, heredity to socialization. To be sure about the temperament of the puppy you are about to purchase, consider meeting his parents, siblings or other relatives—ensure that they are confident and friendly characters. If a dog’s parents or relatives are happy and loving, then there are high chances that your new puppy will be the same.
  • Like any other dog out there, your Belgian Malinois mix needs early socialization. Consider exposing him to different people, sounds, sights, and experiences when he is still young. Inviting visitors to your home regularly, leisure strolls with your dog to meet your neighbors, and taking the puppy to busy parks and stores that allow dogs will also go a long way in polishing your pup’s social skills. Generally, early socialization will ensure that your Belgian Malinois crossbreed grows up to be a well-behaved and well-rounded dog.

Final Thoughts

There you have it—7 perfect mixes for Belgian Malinois lovers.

The bottom line is: these canines can make wonderful pets if they are given the appropriate training and care. Most (if not all) of them only require plenty of physical activity, hugs, and early socialization/training.

So, with firm, consistent training coupled with plenty of exercise and mental activity, all the Belgian Malinois mixes we’ve included on our list will be loving and loyal for life.  

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Disclaimer: does not endorse irresponsible breeding. Most of the details we share about mixed or hybrid dogs on this blog are based on the information given by owners. We haven’t verified every detail about the cross-breeds but we trust that the owners are truthfully sharing their experiences with these amazing hybrid canines.

It is important to note that some owners may only share the positive sides of their mixes and fail to reveal all the downsides of owning the breed. But this doesn’t mean that mixed breeds are disastrous creatures that must have downsides. Mixed breeds make great family dogs and some are even far healthier than their parents. However, some mixed breeds may have a few issues, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a reputable breeder with dogs’ interests at heart. Bottom line: before you welcome any dog to your home, take your time to understand all the pros and cons of raising one—whether it is mixed or purebred.

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