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15 Dogs that Don’t Smell or Shed

15 Dogs that Don’t Smell or Shed

Doggy smell can be quite a lot to deal with. The odor makes it a tad unpleasant to have physical contact with your four-legged friend. Petting, snuggling, hugging, playing with the dog becomes somewhat of a struggle. The likelihood of the smell transferring to your house (couch, bedding, rugs, you name it) is quite high as well.

While all dogs smell, there are those that do well than others. Then there are canines that shed heavy and those that go the opposite direction. If you are an apartment dweller, getting a dog that doesn’t shed or smell is hitting the jackpot. If you are interested, here’s a list of dogs that don’t smell or shed.

1. Poodles

Whether you own a toy poodle, standard poodle, or the larger version, this breed is both hypoallergenic and scores low in the odor department. This is the reason poodles are one of the most popular dogs in the United States and the world over. Apart from getting these two advantages, poodles are also easy to train. Plus, they look really adorable especially the fluffy types.

2. Miniature Schnauzer

This rough, double-coated canine is a great companion, lap dog, and intelligent friend. His expression may be serious and intimidating but his character is quite the opposite. He loves playing games with his owner, running around the house, and just being silly. Despite having a rough coat, a miniature schnauzer sheds very little. As long as you groom him on a regular basis, you’ll have a clean house all year long. The best part is that he doesn’t even release any unpleasant smells.

3. Basenji

The third breed that has a low odor and sheds minimally is the African barkless dog: the Basenji. No doubt, this charming dog is a good friend to have if you don’t want the hassle of cleaning after him. His coat is smooth and polished. Besides shedding very little, you’ll have very little grooming to do as this pooch has been known to groom himself. Unattractive smells from his mouth, ears, or the rest of the body are unheard of. To top it all, a Basenji doesn’t know how to bark. Owning one means saying yes to peace and tranquility. What a package!

4. Dachshund

The Dachshunds is one of the most cheerful and playful dog breeds out there. He is always exploring his environment to find the next big thing to play with or chase around. As an ideal indoor pet, this breed is a moderate shedder. Don’t expect him to leave massive amounts of hair on your floors or rugs. He also doesn’t have a bad odor either which is excellent news for people who are sensitive to smells. The only downside to owning one is that he is a passionate digger.

5. Maltese

A Maltese is known for his beautiful white and silky coat that flows down to the floor. You’ll have to work hard to keep your hands off of this beauty. His cheerful, playful, and loving nature doesn’t help things either. For a long time, this breed has been associated with the royal families. With all the good that comes from owning one, can you blame the popularity of the Maltese? For one, they don’t shed much even with all that fluffiness. Of course, you have to brush the coat regularly to keep the few hairs that fall at bay. This dog also doesn’t have nasty smells. 

6. Whippet

If you can handle the super high exercise requirements of a whippet, you’ll have a good odorless companion at home. Perhaps it’s the fact that this breed doesn’t have droopy ears or too many hairs on his skin. This is good news for any owner that finds doggy smell irksome. Speaking of the whippet coat, this one sheds very little as it is thin and smooth. A little grooming every week will make sure all loose hairs don’t end up in your couch or bed.

7. Shih Tzu

Most dog breeds have fur on their coats. However, there are a few that have actual hair instead of fur. The Shih Tzu falls in the latter category. Although he sheds daily, you’ll rarely find the hair all over the place. The double coat helps to trap the loose hairs which can then be brushed during grooming. This toy breed doesn’t have an annoying smell making him great for apartment living. Feel free to let him lay or sleep in your bed if you choose to.

8. Bichon Frise

This pint-sized pup looks like a real teddy bear. Homeowners often choose the Bichon Frise mainly for his looks and his wonderful personality. His white fluffy coat is always begging you to touch him. Fortunately, the hairs on the coat don’t fall as many might expect. Sure, this dog sheds but not heavily. To keep the coat looking healthy and cute, just keep a solid grooming schedule. In addition, this breed doesn’t smell making him perfect for indoor living.

9. Havanese

Like the Bichon Frise, the Havanese is another playful and happy lap dog. This breed loves and thrives where the human company is abundant. He enjoys snuggling in your lap, playing games outside, and just sitting by your side. What’s more, he is an average shedder and smells good for the most part. The only challenge is keeping his thick coat looking great. It takes plenty of grooming to keep it from being matted and unsightly.

10. Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is not as famous as many dogs on this list but it is nonetheless a good indoor pet. People who love huge dogs with delightful characters make great owners of this breed. Sure, he has a long-haired coat but doesn’t shed very much. The hairs are trapped in the coat so they don’t end up in your house. Further, the Bearded collie doesn’t have a bad smell.

11. Labradoodle

This mixed breed draws the incredible genes of both the Labrador retriever and the Poodle. The result is a fantastic breed that will blow your mind with his charm, positive character, and low grooming needs. The whole idea of creating this breed was to give hypoallergenic people a chance at owning a sweet companion. No doubt the Labradoodle doesn’t shed or smell. If you are into crossbreeds and want one that ticks both boxes, this breed fits the description.

12. Beagle

Here’s another perfect dog to own if you want to keep a clean and fresh space with minimal effort all year long. Unless he occasionally rolls in a stinky mess out there, expect a Beagle to be odorless. He comes with a dense double coat with short hair. Shedding is moderate but you’ll barely find any hair around because of its length. Simply groom your pooch once a week to get rid of any loose hairs and restore the polished look of the coat.

13. Yorkshire Terrier

Don’t enjoy having to clean piles of dog hair off your sofas and bedding? A Yorkie will make that dream come true. Ask anyone who owns this breed and they will tell you he sheds very little. The truth of the matter is that this breed does shed albeit less compared to other dogs. What makes people think he is a non-shedder is the fact that the hairs remain in the coat rather than falling off to the floor. The hair is fine and has a tendency of attaching itself to the coat. As you brush it out, the hairs will transfer to the brush. As a perfect lap dog, the Yorkie rarely emits any bad smell from his body. When he does, he could be having an infection or has gotten the odor during play.

14. Boston Terrier

Brindle Boston Terrier

Also known as the American Gentleman, the Boston terrier is an affectionate and gentle companion. If accorded sufficient exercise needs, this breed is one of the most playful, loyal, and pleasant dogs out there. Apart from having no odor, the Boston Terrier sheds minimally. If you keep your grooming schedule as you should, you will find little to no hair around your home. You might want to keep checking his ears for infection often as this can cause him to have a bad smell.

15. Kerry Blue Terrier

This breed is not as popular as other members of the terrier family. He was basically a quintessential working dog with roots in Ireland. Now, the Kerry blue terrier is a cherished pet with a brave and fierce expression. The coat is dense and wavy giving the impression of a heavy shedder. However, shedding is minimal. This breed also has a fresh natural smell. The only challenge of owning one is maintaining the coat. Most owners prefer to hire a professional groomer to take care of the coat.

Final Thoughts

Owning a dog that doesn’t shed or smell is not a bad idea. Why not have a canine friend that fills your life with so much joy without filling your house with smells and loose hairs? Anyone from this list will keep your house clean and smelling fresh.

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