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10 Guard Dogs That Are Good with Cats

10 Guard Dogs That Are Good with Cats

Cats and dogs have a rather complicated relationship. Some dogs are very accommodating of cats even willing to play for hours on end with them.

Others consider cats as prey to be terrorized and scared off on sight.

Another category of canines don’t really resent cats but aren’t interested in socializing with them.

Unfortunately, most guard dogs fall in the second or last category.

The good news is that there are a few guard dog breeds that mix well with their feline counterparts.

If you are planning to have both pets in your home at one time, you might want to know which dogs will get along with cats.

Here, we have rounded a list of guard dogs that don’t have a problem making friends with cats.


Boxers may have intimidating looks but they are some of the most cat-friendly dog breeds in the dog world.

They are gentle, sweet, and loyal to all members of the family.

To them, cats are playmates that can give them plenty of company.

Boxers are always open for a game of chase with a feline at any stage.

However, kittens understandably stay away from them because of their size and looks but adult cats feel comfortable around them.

As a guard dog, a boxer has the instincts of viewing other animals as prey.

Without proper training and socialization, your dog may get into the habit of chasing cats around for the fun of it.

2. Golden Retriever

Loyalty, size, obedience, and intelligence make Golden Retrievers good guard dogs.

They don’t necessarily possess natural guard dog abilities but if you train them properly, they can fiercely protect your family from threats.

Additionally, these breeds love being around cats.

Being cool, calm, and collected, Golden Retrievers come off as fun friends to hang out with.

They are also very affectionate to everyone without discriminating against other animals.

They have an easy time trusting everyone including cats.

Add this to the fact that these dogs enjoy running and playing outdoors and you’ll have more reasons to believe that Golden Retrievers are wonderful cat companions.

3. German Shepherd

Out of all guard dogs known to man, German Shepherds are perhaps top on the list.

If you want a dog that will give an intruder a hard time, this dog will do that and more.

To make the deal even sweeter, these canines can peacefully co-exist with cats.

Although they can threaten felines if they want to, German Shepherds often choose not to if properly trained. This can be attributed to their obedience and ease of trainability.

These dogs simply do what they are told to do.

If you want them to treat cats as members of the family, a German Shepherd will be inclined to follow your orders.

4. Shetland Sheepdog

The Sheltie is another great guard dog that is accommodative of cats and other animals.

Historically bred as a herder, this dog is highly attentive and trainable. It is also very affectionate and intelligent.

When left alone with a cat, a Sheltie is likely to watch over the cat as a herder would.

If your kitty is sociable, it will enjoy the companionship and protection of this dog.

As usual, proper training and socializing are vital before leaving any dog and cat unattended.

5. Maltese

With a size similar to a toy poodle, the Maltese is actually smaller than some cats. It is a gentle and affectionate dog with a carefree attitude.

Most often, this dog breed can get by lying on the couch ignoring everyone else around including a cat.

Unless a cat messes up his thick coat of hair, this dog is comfortable napping and lying around all day.

While he is affectionate towards its family, a Maltese doesn’t like the company of strangers the least bit.

If a human or animal intruder comes too close to home, best believe this dog will alert you about it.

Even with diminutive size and a cute face, a Maltese can transform into a bold and feisty creature in the face of imminent danger.

6. Boston Terrier

If you are looking for a small guard dog to protect your apartment or small space, a Boston Terrier is a great option.

This dog may not be big and scary-looking but he can put up a fight if he notices any suspicious activity around your home.

His incredible territorial abilities and a strong muscular body are enough to qualify him as a good watchdog.

When it comes to cats, Boston Terriers prefer to steer clear of their path altogether.

They are polite in nature and find it hard to provoke any member of the family, human or feline unless of course threatened.

7. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland, or Newfie, enjoys socializing with kids and other animals.

Although large in size and stature, these dogs are gentle and affectionate.

Newfies have low energy levels and don’t fancy getting in trouble if it is unnecessary.

On the contrary, when it comes to protecting loved ones, Newfies won’t hesitate to throw their weight and strength around.

Their sheer size alone is intimidating enough. Additionally, Newfies were bred as working dogs strong enough to pull fishing nets and haul food from the woods.

If need be, this breed can execute these qualities to prove his loyalty and obedience to its owner.

8. Bulldog

Bulldogs are popularly referred to as “nanny dogs” because of their deep-seated instinct to love and watch over children.

No doubt you can leave your toddler with this dog and he will do a good job of taking care of him/her.

Bulldogs really do care for people and other animals, cats included.

They are patient, incredibly loyal, and super intelligent. Their easy-going and friendly attitude makes them great cat companions.

With regard to being guard dogs, ell, let’ just say no one in their right mind can dare intrude a house guarded by a bulldog.

These dogs don’t back down from a fight. They were originally bred to fight other animals mainly bulls.

With powerful jaws and unmatched strength, a bulldog can take down any intruder and keep him there until help arrives.

9. Mini Aussie

Australian Shepherds, in general, are brave natural herders.

When in the company of other animals, they gravitate towards leadership and guidance.

Mini Aussies are wonderful easy-going dogs that get along with children and pets of all sizes.

Naturally, these canines don’t exhibit any aggressive behavior towards other animals and will comfortably live with a cat.

With that being said, socialization is a must if you are to develop a great companion.

A mini Aussie essentially barks at the sign of impending danger.

Luckily, you can train them to stop if the barking becomes a nuisance.

10. Rottweiler

To many people, the Rottweiler is one of the most aggressive breeds to have.

While this is true for the most part, a properly trained Rottie is quite the opposite.

As a smart and intelligent dog, he can be trained to be a great guard dog.

They are great with families including small children and other pets.

They especially get along with cats well if they are properly introduced and raised together.

Again, it all boils down to training and socialization.

Final Thoughts

Getting guard dogs that are good with cats is like hitting a jackpot. You almost get two dogs for the price of one.

If you love both guard dogs and cats, why no bring them together?

Obviously, this will require some work to train your pooch but sooner or later, peace and happiness will flood your home forever.

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