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15 Best Dog Winter Coats with Harness Holes

15 Best Dog Winter Coats with Harness Holes

The winter weather is as tough on you as it is to your dog. Regardless of the length and thickness of your dog’s hair, when the temperatures hit the negatives, the cold will get the best of him. Dog winter coats are designed with soft, smooth, and comfortable materials aimed at keeping your dog warm. Sadly, most coats don’t come with a hole or feature that makes them practical to use with a harness or leash. However, some manufacturers have noticed this flaw and are designing winter dog jackets with harness holes that can allow you to thread your dog leash through. So, if you plan to walk your pup while he is wearing his winter jacket, such holes or portals can make it easy for you to attach a leash to your dog’s harness or collar without the hassle of taking off the jacket.

Like any other product out there, dog jackets or coats that come with holes have a few downsides. To begin with, they are susceptible to fraying and may suffer damages fast because the holes are subjected to a lot of friction from your dog’s leash. Secondly, the portals may allow water to seep through, making your dog’s fur wet.

To counter these shortcomings, choose winter coat brands that have stitched or sewn edges. Strong stitching around the edges of the holes may limit fraying, making the jacket to last for long.  Consider also going for jackets that come with zipper closures or customized flaps to make the openings smaller and ultimately prevent your dog’s fur from getting wet.  

The Best Dog Winter Coats with Harness Hole – Out top 15 picks

If you are looking for a coat that can be used in conjunction with a harness, you are in luck today. Here’s a list of 15 best dog winter coats with harness holes.

1.Kurgo Reversible Winter Jacket for Dogs

The first dog product on our list is none other than the Kurgo Pet Jacket. Pet owners love it for being super light yet very comfortable and warm. This is made possible by both the 140 GSM polytech fill and the rugged ripstop material used to design the jacket. We also absolutely love the fact that it is reversible, which means you get two coats for one order. The vest has a water-resistant outer fabric and reflective piping for visibility issues. Each side of the jacket has Velcro patches to ensure a secure but comfortable fit. Finally, the vest has a harness hole, is machine-washable, and comes in five color combinations.

2. MIGOHI Waterproof Winter Dog Coat

The MIGOHI winter jacket is both lightweight and cozy – a perfect combination for a good fleece vest. It is made with a waterproof shell to ensure that your pooch stays dry no matter the weather. The interior features a super soft under layer to really insulate him against the cold. Being reversible, you can switch between the patterned and black sides for maximum comfort and beauty. In addition, the Velcro straps ensure a tight fit around your pup’s chest and neck areas. And as you might have guessed, the jacket comes with an in-built leash hole to make it convenient and practical.

3. Gooby – Fleece Dog Jacket with Leash Ring

Gooby Fleece Vest is not only highly effective in keeping the cold at bay but looks stunning as well. The jackets feature a pull-over design and are available in 17 different colors. Pet parents who prioritize aesthetics will find this jacket very satisfactory. Made with 100% high-quality polyester, this vest is the best at keeping your puppy warm. The beauty with it is that it leaves enough room to let your dog pee or poo without any problem. One of the things we love about it that it is easy to put on your pup and the fact that it comes with an O-ring for attaching a harness or a leash. The only downside is that this jacket is not made for an aggressive dog.

4.  ThinkPet Warm Reversible Winter Dog Coat

If you are planning to go camping with your dog during winter, consider getting the ThinkPet Warm Reversible Dog Coat for your canine friend. He will appreciate the immense warmth and comfort delivered by this exceptional product. The coat’s exterior features a highly-visible brightly-colored material. It is also integrated with reflective strips to make it visible when it’s dark. To make it even more practical, the jacket is reversible. You can use the sides interchangeably as you please. The harness hole comes in handy if you need to use a leash.

5.  Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Reversible British Style Dog Jacket

The Kuoser Cozy Waterproof winter jacket is another popular choice among many pet owners. If you are on a tight budget but want a coat that will serve its purpose fully, consider trading your coins for this product. The waterproof material will protect your dog against rain, wind, and snow. The jacket is reversible with one side being solid black and other patterned in a stylish and fashionable way. It is available in seven sizes and fits dogs from 4-100 pounds.

6.  PETCEE Waterproof Soft Fleece Dog Jacket

PETCEE Waterproof Dog Jacket is designed to keep your small dog or puppy comfortable when temperatures dip. To achieve this, the vest is made with a waterproof exterior and a soft fleece material on the inside. Additionally, it also comes with a beautiful collar to keep your canine friend’s neck warm and a harness hole to make it compatible with a leash and a harness. The jacket is available in four colors and nine sizes.

7.  Hiado Dog Winter Coat with Harness Hole

This bright-red Hiado Dog Coat is yet another fantastic outfit in the winter jacket category. There are plenty of reasons for this with the main one being its unique design. The inside of the jacket is made using double-polar fleece material while the exterior is smooth textured. Together, the two materials combine to create an incredibly warm jacket that keeps your dog warm and comfortable during winter. With it, you can tag your dog along your next winter excursion trip without feeling guilty.

The exterior is also fitted with two reflective strips so that you and other people can see the dog from a distance. We also love the tiny pocket at the back of the coat. You can use it to store various items including poop bags and the like. On top of all that, the material is machine-washable. The only problem is that the coat is not water-resistant. It is not the best choice for wet conditions.

8.  Delifur Waterproof Dog Sports Jacket with Harness Hole

Delifur Waterproof Winter Coat is made with premium materials that focus on preventing your dog from freezing. The outer shell is 100% nylon and waterproof. This means it can be used in rainy conditions. The inside of the coat is lined with a super-thick black fleece material that covers the back and neck giving your dog the warmth he desperately needs when it is cold. With the adjustable band around the coat, achieving a snuggly fit will be a breeze. It is also worth mentioning that this jacket features a paw design and a leash hole at the neck region.

9. Kyeese Dog Windproof Jacket for winter (with Leash Hole)

If you are in search for a trendy, reversible, and super effective winter jacket for your pup, Kyeese Dog Jacket is certainly worth considering. It comes with all the attractive features of a good fleece vet for a small dog. For starters, it is made with a high-quality material that becomes reflective at night or under a flashlight. Secondly, the inside of the coat has a thick and soft fleece to ensure plenty of warmth to your dog. Both the neck and chest have Velcro straps used to secure a tight fit and make it easy to put the coat on and remove it. Plus, it is reversible meaning you get two vests for the price of one.

10. SCENEREAL Reversible Dog Winter Jacket

With a simple yet unique design, the SCENEREAL Dog Winter Jacket deserves a spot on our list. Whether you are chilling at home on a cold day or taking a camping trip with your dog, this jacket will keep him warm throughout the day. The exterior is made with premium polyester and lined with terylene cotton on the inside before filling it with polyester filling. This perfect combination is guaranteed to insulate your dog and keep him sufficiently warm during winter.

With the Velcro closures, you should have an easy time putting it on your pup and getting it off. It is also reversible with both sides offering plenty of warmth and comfort. SCENEREAL is available in five different sizes. The company’s chart will help you determine the right size for your dog.

11. Metallic Fashion Pet Parka Coat

Another great coat to buy to keep your pup warm in cold weather is the Metallic Fashion Parka Coat. The soft fleece of the inner part of the vest is cozy while the outer polyester material is good at keeping the cold at bay. With a removable fur hood, this coat is not only very functional but stylish as well. Finally, the entire fabric is breathable which is a plus for your furry friend.

12. JoyDaog 2 Layers Winter Dog Jacket

JoyDaog has a 100% polyester exterior shell and warm fleece padding on the interior. Regardless of the extent of the cold, this unique jacket is designed to keep your dog as warm as possible. The jacket also has Velcro straps, making it impressively easy to use. You can adjust them according to the size of your fur baby. To increase visibility at night, the coat has a reflective feature on the neck.

13. Mogoko Reversible Dog Winter Jacket

Water-resistance and unbeatable warmth are two of the most important things to look for in a good dog winter jacket. This is why Mogoko Reflective coat is one of the best dog winter apparel out there. It is made with polyester nylon on the outside, filled with polytech, and lined with quilted material. This makes it super comfortable, warm, durable, and easy to clean. It also has reflective seams to help make your dog visible and a leash hole to attach to a leash.

14. Vecomfy Reversible Waterproof Dog Coats for Winter

Vecomfy Reversible Dog Coat is made with polyester and cotton fabric and lined with additional cotton. It will only ensure your dog is warm but comfortable as well, thanks to the abundance of cotton. When the chill is unbearable, increase the coat’s coverage using the provided hoodie. This coat is certainly stylish, durable, and lightweight.

15.  Kismaple Dog Winter Coat with Harness Hole

Last but not least, the Kismaple Dog Winter Coat is a good outfit to have during the chilly weather. Your dog will be kept warm and comfortable by the thick cotton velvet on the inside and the polyester fabric on the outside. The jacket covers the entire back area and extends all the way to the neck to really fight against the cold. It is very easy to put on the jacket and achieve a great fit, thanks to the elastic bands that come with it. Other great features about this coat are its reflective stripes and the availability of two leash holes on the neck.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying Dog Winter Coats with Harness Holes

The best dog winter coat coats with harness holes have several other important features. Here are some of the most important to consider when buying these types of dog coats:


The right winter coat should fit your dog and stay secure on his body without being pulled off by wind or dragged on the ground. At the same time, it should be as comfortable as possible to your pooch. To choose the right size, you should know your dog’s height, length, and chest size. The best way to figure all these is to allow your dog to stand and physically take the measurements. Measure his height, length, the circumference of his neck and girth as well as the length between his collar and the base of his tail.


Like any other dog clothing, for your dog winter coat to serve him for long, avoid products that are constructed with low-quality fabrics. The coat’s exterior should be made with durable materials like polyester and nylon.


Like other dog jackets, dog winter coats with leash holes come in a wide range of designs. To ensure that your pup remains warm and feel more comfortable when wearing his coat, here are the most important design elements you should consider:

  • Reversible: Reversibility allows you to have two patterns or colors in the same dog coat.
  • Waterproof: A waterproof jacket not only keeps your dog dry during winter but can also be handy if your dog loves to play in the rain or splash in puddles.
  • Warm: A good coat should be designed with inner fleece linings to keep your dog warmer.
  • Machine-washable: To make the coat easy to clean.
  • Thickness: While coats with more layers tend to be warmer, the added weight could restrict your dog’s movement. Keep your dog’s weight in mind when going for thicker coats.
  • Hood: Hooded winter coats are fashionable and can protect your dog’s head and neck from the winter cold. However, they may restrict your dog’s vision when they fall over his face.
  • Reflective strips: These are beneficial for people who walk their dogs in the evening. The strips make your dog visible to motorists and may help locate him easily after dark.
  • Functionality: Opt for coats with leg openings to allow your dog to walk or play freely without any restriction.
  • Safety: Avoid winter coats with dangling threads as they can tangle your dog or chock him when he swallows them.

The Bottom line

Looking for a winter jacket for your pooch can be quite a task. There’s so much to put into consideration. Well, if you are stuck, this list is a good place to begin.

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