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What’s It Like to Own a Husky Basenji Mix?

What’s It Like to Own a Husky Basenji Mix?

Owning a dog, regardless of whether it is the first time or the 10th, should be approached with caution. Granted, all dog breeds have the ability to turn into great pets.

However, wouldn’t it be nice to get a dog that suits your needs and those of your family?

Surely, you don’t want a pooch that is too active for your laidback lifestyle? Or one that doesn’t agree well with kids if you have one or two at home.

Today, we will take a look at the husky basenji mix.

Both parent breeds are lovely, affectionate, beautiful dogs but they come with different personalities.

What happens when you blend them into one? What should you expect from the mix?

Here’s the entire scoop for you.

The Husky Dog

Husky Mixes That Don't Shed

First things first, let’s take a look at some background information on both the husky and the basenji.

One thing comes to mind when you mention the husky: dog sled racing. This breed is often used to pull sleds across snow and ice. The Chukchi people of Siberia, Russia used the dogs to transport them from one place to another.

Huskies have super-thick coats and long fur that grows even on their paw pads to protect the feet from the harsh weather.

They are also famous for their cute blue eyes which are thought to have come about as a shield against UV rays.

A husky is a medium-sized to large dog. The average weight is 35-60 pounds and the height at the shoulder is 20-23 inches. Males fall in the range of 55-60 pounds while females are lighter at 35-50 pounds.

This breed appears to be a massive dog because of the thick coat but it is actually medium-sized.

Possible coat colors include black, pure white, black and white, gray, and red and white.


Also called ‘The African barkless Dog”, the basenji is a beautiful slender dog that originated from Africa.

The AKC describes the breed as ‘elegant and graceful”. Everything about the basenji fits in those two words.

From the curled tail, erect ears, and independent demeanor, Basenjis are a beauty to behold. They act like cats around the house – always maintaining a high level of cleanliness and possessing independent streaks.

Basenjis are small sighthounds measuring 22-24 pounds and standing at a height of 16-17 inches at the shoulder.

They have an amazing sense of smell and eyes making them great hunting buddies.

For a long time, their main role was to accompany hunters to the jungle to hunt. Some of these qualities live on to date.

Even without the ability to bark, this breed communicates via a range of sounds described as yodeling, chortling, crowing, groaning, whining, growling, howling, and grunting.

What’s The Basenji Husky Mix Like?

Now that you have an idea of what the husky and basenji breeds are, you must be wondering what bringing the two would produce.

Here is a detailed guide on owning one.

1. Personality

Both the husky and basenji are charming dog breeds. Like all dogs, they love human company to the core.

Even after being working dogs for centuries or millennia, the husky is now a sweet domesticated breed. She still enjoys being put to work but she is happy to also just enjoy being a pet. The breed is gentle and playful with both people and dogs.

The basenji, on the other hand, is affectionate with the family but very aloof around strangers. If socialized early, she will earn to exist with other pets. Otherwise, she likes to be the only dog at home and will get into arguments with other dogs.

Your mix can go either way but there’s no doubt she’s going to be a wonderful family dog.

2. Exercise Requirements

If you like an active doggie, a husky basenji mix is ideal for you.

After being bred to do strenuous activities for so long, the huskies got used to being on their feet most of the day. Even now, they thrive very well with plenty of daily walks, regular runs, and hikes.

The basenji may not have such high energy requirements but the breed still needs her daily dose of physical activity. She loves agility and running lure exercises as well as a good run or romp every day.

Don’t be too fast to let her off the leash as she is agile and swift. Catching her will prove to be a real nightmare for you.

3. Maintenance

A husky basenji mix is likely to have the smooth coat of the basenji. In this case, you are guaranteed a low-shedding doggie.

Sure, you will have loose hairs from time to time but that’s nothing compared to having a husky coat.

With weekly brushing and bathing once a month, your pooch will always be in tip-top shape.

If, for any reason, the mix takes after the husky side, expect a high-shedding canine buddy.

In addition to the heavy shedding twice a year to prepare for the changing weather, the breed will also shed throughout the year.

You will need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner to get rid of the hair.

Also, brush the dog’s coat on a daily basis and detangle the fur after playing in the mud.

4. Intelligence and Training

The Siberian husky and basenji score averagely in the smarts department, like the parents.

When it comes to grasping new commands, you don’t have to repeat I00 times before you are successful.

Unfortunately, she is very stubborn. She gets that from her folks.

Both breeds are known for being strong-willed and headstrong. Unless you are firm and assertive, you will not get through to the dog.

Maintain positive reinforcement throughout the training session. Also, ensure the dog is well-exercised before training to tire her out and maintain focus.

5. Escape Artist

If you are a first-time owner, you might want to rethink owning a Siberian husky mix as she can be a master in escaping.

Both daddy and mommy are renowned for their skills in making a way out of anything. Even if you cage them, they will try to figure out a way to escape. They are excellent diggers and will find a reason to burrow the ground and escape.

When you let them run around the yard, don’t be shocked if they jump over the fence or go under it to explore the area beyond.

Training should be able to curb the behavior.

6. Strong Prey Drive

Here’s another sad reality of owning a husky basenji mix.

Both the basenji and husky cannot resist the temptation to hunt. Don’t panic when you come home to a dead mouse, snake, or your adorable kitty.

Without training, this doggie will see everything small as prey. These include your cats, hamsters, rats, birds, you name it.

Early socialization and consistent training are your sure bets to solving this issue.

Expose the doggie to people and pets as soon as you can. This way, she will learn to live with them without hurting them.

7. Health Concerns

The cross between the husky and basenji is relatively healthy. As long as you get a puppy with a health clearance and one from a reliable breeder, she should be okay.

Ask the breeder about any health concerns you should anticipate. The puppy should undergo thorough medical checks to test everything out.

Also, ensure the dog is healthy all-round. Feed her the right foods, exercise her regularly, and offer mental stimulation to excite her brain.

Some of the issues that are common to huskies and Basenjis include corneal dystrophy, joint dysplasia, and patellar luxation.

Closing Thoughts

Looking for an affectionate, beautiful, cuddly, and playful husky mix? Consider the cross between the basenji and the Siberian husky.

No doubt, this doggie will melt your heart with her looks, wit, cuddles, and work ethic.

Just be aware that she comes with challenges of her own and work on a strategy to work around those.

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