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How to Make a Dog Crate Smaller for a Puppy

How to Make a Dog Crate Smaller for a Puppy

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A crate is highly beneficial if you are a brand new pet parent. It makes a puppy feel secure, makes transportation easy, and most importantly, helps with potty training. Since a crate is somewhat of a confined space, your fur baby will consider it his humble aboard. This means he will try as much as possible not to pee or poo in it. However, size plays a huge role here. If the crate is too big for the puppy, he will use one end to sleep and the other as his bathroom spot. Without further ado, here is a quick overview of how to make a dog crate smaller for a puppy.

1.Buy A Crate Divider

A crate divider is a great idea when you want to create a smaller space for your puppy without buying a new crate several times a year. This is often used with wired crates or other puppy-specific crates. As the puppy increases in size, you can move the divider to create more space.

There are several brands with quality dividers but check this post for the best options on the market today: 15 best Dog Crates with Dividers

2. Use A Homemade Cardboard Or Plywood Divider

If you can’t afford a store-bought divider or simply want to flex your DIY muscles, here’s how to make a divider at home.


  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • A pair of scissors
  • Marker
  • Large cardboard
  • 4 6-inch long cable ties of wire pieces


  • Determine the amount of space you need in the crate: First, you need to establish the amount of space that is enough for your puppy to stand and move around with ease. Mark the spot in the crate where the divider will be placed.
  • Get the dimensions of the crate: Using a tape measure, establish the crate’s dimensions. Get the width and height and give an allowance of ½ inch to fit the divider securely.
  • Mark the cardboard or plywood: Once you have the measurements, use your pencil and ruler to mark the board. Then proceed to cut the board with the pair of sharp scissors in a straight line. If using plywood, use a hacksaw to make the cuttings.
  • Attach the divider: Your divider is now ready to use. Drill or punch holes into each corner of the board and thread the cable tie or wire through the holes. Place the divider in the crate and secure it by twisting the ties or wires around the bars. You want to ensure that the sharp ends are outside the crate as they can injure your dog. If possible, cut the excess wires after attaching the divider.

3. Use A Plastic Box

A plastic box can also make a good crate partition. Just cut it up according to the measurements of your crate and place it in with the solid side facing the puppy’s area. Please note that some puppies chew the box. Keep a close eye on yours.

Puppies grow very fast. This is why buying a small crate doesn’t give you value for money. A big crate may seem too big now but with a divider, it is the best long-term investment. You can decide to buy one or make your own.