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Where Is Canidae Dog Food Made?

Where Is Canidae Dog Food Made?

Canidae produces its dog food at the Ethos Pet Nutrition facility in Brownwood, Texas. They also utilize Diamond Pet Foods and American Nutrition for some of their production needs. American Nutrition, based in Ogden, Utah, is known for manufacturing pet food diets for numerous brands.

We’re proud to say we make our dry dog food and cat food in our own, state-of-the-art pet nutrition plant in Texas. Keeping things local helps us to support our community and maintain a low carbon footprint.

Ethos Pet Nutrition facility was acquired and renovated by Canidae Pet Food Corporation in 2012.

When the company started in 1996, it mainly relied on third-party facilities to make their foods.

However, the owners had a dream that one day they would produce their products.

The dream finally came to pass in 2012. Not only were they able to manufacture their own recipes but they could research and come up with new formulae and test them before distribution.

What Company Owns Canidae?

Canidae dog food is owned by Canidae Pet Food Corporation – a family-owned company based in San Luis Obispo, California.

It was founded in 1996 by John Gordon and Scott Whipple who at the time were looking for quality and wholesome recipes for their pets.

Today, the company is one among many producing a wide portfolio of foods tailored to different pet needs.

The portfolio includes everything from raw-coated kibbles, wet and dry balanced foods, as well as crunchy treats.

Under the slogan “pet food made by pet people”, Canidae claims to produce quality, healthy, organic, and holistic dog foods.

In 2005, the company started to manufacture grain-free pet foods in collaboration with Diamond Pet Foods.

In 2012, Canidae Pet Food Corporation launched a manufacturing facility in Brownwood, Texas as a way to manufacture its own products.

The facility, named Ethos Pet Nutrition, was bought from a pre-existing plant and now makes some of the foods for the company.

Most of the foods produced by Canidae are ideal for all life stages except for a few diets that are made specifically for overweight and senior dogs.

They contain sufficient proportions of high-quality meats. It is for this reason that the company gained success and maintained the curve over the years.

 The company has three product lines, namely:

  • ‘The Grain Free Product” consisting of 12 distinct types of dry dog food recipes.
  •  “Canidae Life Stages” consisting of 6 dry food options.
  • Canidae Under the Sun” which is a single-protein grain-free recipe.

Canidae also has cat and horse feeds.

Is Canidae Dog Food Sourced From China?

Canidae takes pride in the fact that its ingredient list is natural, healthy, and high-quality.

The company is committed to buying its fruits, meats, and vegetables from local producers.

However, it also sources other ingredients across the world including New Zealand, Pacific Northwest, Wyoming, and France.

The company gets these ingredients from these locations to ensure the highest quality of their pet foods.

Speaking of quality, Canidae strives to offer only the best recipes for its customers.

Its dog food formulas are made under the strict regulations of the AAFCO, FDA, and USDA.

For one, the company tests its own products to ensure it meets industrial standards at all times.

To push things further, it enlists the help of the aforementioned bodies to make sure the recipes have no harmful organisms such as Salmonella and other microorganisms.

There are no reports showing that Canidae Pet Food Company sources any of its ingredients from China.

Most of it comes from the US and other countries such as France and New Zealand.

 If you are worried about the rather less stringent regulations around pet food production in China, this information is certainly a huge relief.

Parting Thoughts

It is clear that Canidae dog food is made in the US under tight standards from different authorities.

 Additionally, a larger percentage of its ingredients are sourced from the US as well.

The company only gets a few from New Zealand and France.

That’s reassuring for many pet owners for sure.

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