What to Put Under Puppy Pee Pads (Including Placement Tips & Best Pee Pad Holders)

What to Put Under Puppy Pee Pads

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Puppies are fun to have but they are a lot of work.

For one, they are always making a mammoth mess at home. From shredding toys to chewing furniture and eliminating all over the home, you have to put up with a lot.

Potty training is another challenge on its own. Even after your little fella learns to pee on the pee pad, you’ve realized that urine and feces reach your floors.

If you have this problem, the best thing to do would be to get a pee holder to contain any spillage. This offers a base that holds the pee pad in place preventing it from sliding. And if the pee pad leaks, the holder will make sure the mess doesn’t leak to your floors.

Today, I have a detailed guide on the topic of what to put under pee pads. I will answer your FAQs and give you a review of the 5 best pee pad holders in the market.

What to Put Under Pee Pads

Pee pads are essential potty training tools for any pet parent.

Made with diaper-like materials, they absorb any liquid and hold it in preventing urine and feces from dotting your floors.

Unfortunately, pee pads alone don’t really cut it. Even with the strongest absorbent materials, sometimes urine leaks into your flooring.

A pee pad holder is what goes under the pee pad. It helps secure the pee pad in place.

While some pads have a backing that holds it firmly in place, many others don’t have it. Since they are lightweight and thin, the dog can catch the underside of the pad and flip it upside down or fold it over itself.

 If this ever happens, expect your doggie to pee on the waterproof underside thereby causing spillage of the urine.

A pee pad holder also helps keep your Fido’s paws dry. No pet parent enjoys having paw prints on their rugs and floors.

Also, if your doggie is used to peeing on the edge of the pee pad, putting something underneath will catch the spill before it ruins your floors.

There are various materials used to make pee pad holders. Most of them use hard plastic while others utilize silicone.

Both materials have their pros and cons but they do work effectively in securing the pee pad and preventing urine spillage.

You can also use a shallow tray under the pee pad or some kind of a thick mat with a waterproof bottom to trap moisture.

How Many Puppy Pads Should I Put Down?

Young puppies have the worst bladder control. No matter what you do, it seems they always make a mess.

In this stage, it is prudent to put down as many pee pads as possible. Once you’ve identified a spot in the house for potty training the pup, spread pee pads all over the entire floor.

After a couple of days, remove one or two pee pads and watch what happens. If the pup pees on the floor, it means she is yet to grasp the whole idea of using pee pads.

However, if she makes fewer mistakes, it means you are headed in the right direction.

 Keep removing one pad until one is left. Anytime she uses the bare floor, begin the process all over again until she grasps it.

How to Keep Pee Pads in Place

Some pee pads come with plastic trays or pad holders to hold them in place. You might want to get those.

You can also buy a separate puppy pad holder to use. We have a few suggestions on this list.

Essentially, you need a holder that is somewhat elevated but low-sided and can offer traction so that the pee pad is secured.

The plastic holder utilizes rubber to create non-skid bottoms while silicone ones offer enough friction on their own. 

Others are equipped with adhesive strips at the bottom to keep the pad secured in place.

How Do I Stop My Dog From Peeing On The Edge Of The Pee Pad?

No matter how well you train your adorable puppy to pee in the right spot, sometimes she insists on dumping her contents at the edge of the pad. This is very frustrating for any pet parent.

But canines don’t interpret things the way we do. According to them, the pee pad is just a piece of paper that is randomly placed on the floor with no intended purpose. 

The reason many of them pee off the pad is that they are yet to understand the whole idea of using the thing in the first place.

Puppies that have a clue of what is going on sometimes have challenges aiming right. If you got a puppy that has been introduced to pee pad training before but who pees in the wrong spot, it may be that she needs more time to get things right.

When you place the pee pad in a high-traffic area, accidents are bound to happen. For example, if the pad is placed in a busy room with toys and children, the puppy will get distracted fast.

One minute she will be squatting and trying to concentrate on eliminating while the next she will want to play with the toy flying above her. You might want to check the placement of the potty and consider changing it if it is in a high-traffic area.

Another reason your little guy cannot seem to aim right is because the pee pad is soaked. Although dogs are not clean freaks, they don’t particularly enjoy eliminating in dirty places either. Be sure to change the pee pads as often as you can to avoid accidents.

Cut your doggie some slack when they make a mess. Perhaps they couldn’t just hold it in. Puppies have small bladders. To make matters worse, they don’t learn how to control things until they are older.

If she’s less than three weeks old, hold your horse. Things will change for the better soon.

Behavioral and medical issues also cause puppies to pee in the wrong spot. If you have an older dog, perhaps they are marking their territory.

In the event that she was doing well but started misbehaving, you want to have her medically checked. UTIs are common among puppies.

In summary, you can help stop your dog from peeing on the edge of the puppy pad by being patient, using lots of praises when she does things right, making the pee pad accessible, placing it in a low-traffic area, and finally changing the pads often.

Also, have enzyme cleaners on hand for when an accident happens.

Where Is The Best Place To Put A Puppy Pad?

Where you place your pee pads matters as far as your potty training success is concerned. You want to choose a spot that has less foot traffic.

Most people prefer the bathroom because it is closed off and smaller. It makes it easy for you to confine your pup.

The bathroom is also great as it is far from the kitchen. You don’t want your pup associating elimination with the smell of food.

The laundry room is also small and closed-off just like the bathroom. If you are away most of the day, you can place the pee pads in the laundry room and add toys, water, food, and bedding.

Ensure that you line the entire floor with pee pads as mentioned earlier. Keep the puppy pad in the same spot until the pup learns how to use it.

Once the dog learns to use the puppy pad successfully, consider moving it near the door. The goal of potty training is to get your dog to eliminate outside.

After you jump this hoop, move the pad further outside and train the puppy to walk to it when she feels like urinating or defecating.

Over the course of a few weeks (or days if you are lucky), the pup will learn to use the bathroom without the help of the pee pad.

 5 Best Pee Pad Holders

Like a plethora of other dog products, the market abounds with pee pad holders. Each has features that promise to make potty training easy for you. However, not all of them are worth your money.

Here, I have reviewed 5 of the best products in the market right now. I came up with this list after sparing a few hours to look at the best-seller lists, past user reviews, social media buzz, and editorial mentions of the best pee pad holders. I have only included products with the best features, quality, convenience, and ease of use.

Best Pee Pad Holder with Walls

1. Dog Charge Dog Potty Tray with Protection Wall

This indoor dog potty tray from DogCharge is a three-unit product consisting of the net, pad, and tray. The net helps to absorb urine through its holes, so it doesn’t wet your doggie’s paws.

It also has high walls on all corners with the backside having a datable wall. For male dogs who enjoy lifting their legs to empty their bladders, the wall will prevent from the mess reaching your floors.

This product is made from strong and sturdy materials alongside a non-skid base to keep the pad in place.

You can secure the soft net at the top using pillars to provide a stable stand for your doggie. Everything is easy to attach, clean, and detach.

Plus, with the cute design of the product, you can place it pretty much anywhere in your home.


  • Comes in many bright colors
  • The design is unique and beautiful
  • It is fitted with a detachable wall perfect for leg lifters
  • Sturdy construction


  • Some dogs don’t fancy the idea of stepping on the net

Best Pee Pad Holder with Grate

2. Blyss Pets Klean Indoor Dog Pee Pad Holder Tray

The Blyss Pets Klean Pee Pad Holder Trayis a special pee pad out there. It is designed with a sturdy grate at the top that lets urine penetrate to the tray below it.

 So at the top, you have the grate, in the middle the pad, and at the bottom the plastic tray. When Fido urinates at the top, the contents will immediately flow from the grate to the pee pad. This way, her paws will remain dry.

The design also helps discourage your pet from scratching or tearing the pee pad underneath the grate.

This pee pad holder measures 21.5 x 16.5 x 1.25 inches, which is enough for the standard pee pad.

The grate attaches and snaps to the tray so you don’t have to worry about your dog’s paws getting a hold of the pee pads.

The holder stands at a height of 1.25 inches and makes it easy for weak or small dogs to access the pee pad. It is a solid construction that is very easy to clean too.


  • The grate on top helps urine flow through the holes easily and quickly
  • Keeps your dog’s paws moisture-free and protects them from shredding the pads


  • The rubber feet don’t attach to the pee holder well
  • The grate is rather difficult to clean

3. HIPIPET Puppy Pee Pad Holder

Here’s another awesome pee pad holder with a grate.

The HIPIPET Puppy Pee Pad Holder is your best friend when it comes to potty training.

With the pee pad stuck between the grate and the tray, you are guaranteed a puppy with clean and dry paws. Ultimately that translates to dry and fresh floors and carpets as well.

This product takes things to the top by adding a small raised pillar in the middle. The main job of the pillar is to direct the dog on where to pee.

If you have a dog that loves to pee on the edge of the pee pad, this little feature will come in handy.

The holder also has raised edges that prevent spills and keep everything in balance.

 It is low in size to make it easy to use particularly for weak, small, or senior pups.


  • Has a raised plastic pillar in the middle to help a pup know where to pee
  • Made with quality durable plastic
  • Comes with a wall cover to prevent your dog from lifting her legs and spraying your floors


  • The wall cover is great but when a dog pees there, the urine finds its way to the floor
  • Only ideal for small dogs

Best Pee Pad Holder for Large Dogs

4. OUT! Dog Pee Pad Holder

If you have a large canine buddy at home, you need an equally large pee pad and holder for her.

The OUT! Dog Pee Pad Holder is made for pee pads of 21 x 21 inches and larger.

With raised edges, the holder will make sure that no spills reach your floors and carpets.

The plastic holder locks the pee pads in place via side grips and sliding latches. These are sturdy enough to make sure that the pads stay where they are supposed to.

Setting it up is easy; just unlock the sliding latches and corner grips, place the pads in the holder and tuck the corners into the clamps then lock the latches and the grips.


  • Has both sliding latches and corner grips to keep the pee pads in place
  • Folds in and out for portability and storage reasons
  • Easy to use
  • Inexpensive


  • Urine sometimes leaks through the fold located in the middle of the tray if you don’t get the right size
  • If you have an aggressive dog, she can rip the pad from the holder

5. Pet Prime Pet Pee Pad Holder

Last but not least, the 24 x 24 inches Pet Pee Pad Holder is a simple yet effective product in the market. It is a plastic construction with secured latches to secure puppy pads in place.

It is very easy to use. All you have to do is unlock the holder, place your pads in place and lock the latches.

Speaking of the latches, these are double-closures to make sure that the pee pads are secure in place. It also keeps them from sliding or being torn by the dog.

The bottom is non-slip to offer friction and keep the pad in place.

As the name suggests, this pee pad holder is ideal for a 24 x 24-inch pee pad.

It is made from durable plastic making it very easy to clean.

The best part about it is that it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Feel free to return it and ask for a refund within 30 days of buying it.


  • Comes with a double-lock latch system to keep a puppy pad in place
  • Looks elegant
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Too large for 24 x 24 pads
  • Some pet owners claim that the product is not level

Closing Thoughts

Pee pads are essential products for indoor potty use. If you live on the 30th floor and don’t have the luxury of taking your pup out to pee, they will prove to be very beneficial.

Along with them, you need pee pad holders under the pee pads to keep things in place and prevent messes from spilling to your floors.

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