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15 Best Washable Dog Pee Pads

15 Best Washable Dog Pee Pads

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Housetraining is hands down the most challenging aspect of pet ownership. You deserve all the help you can get to move things along smoothly.

One of the tools that can make the process easier and faster is a dog pee pad.

Using one will divert the attention of your puppy away from your rugs and floors when nature strikes. This saves you from cleaning the endless pee and poo and getting rid of unpleasant odor.

Pee pads come in both disposable and washable versions.

If you just need a pee pad for occasional use (like for lining the back of your car seat or your dog’s kennel, etc), then the disposal doggy pee pads could suffice.

But if you constantly need dog pads (for instance, if you have a puppy, sick or senior dog and you are often out of the house), then washable pee pads could save you money in the long term. Here is why:

Disposable pads are cheaper by unit but they are disposable, which simply implies that you will be buying a lot of them.

With washable pee pads, you will be paying more for each pad but since they are reusable and made of high-quality materials, you get much more value.

As long as you wash and maintain them, they can serve your dog for long.

In the long term, you will spend a fraction of what you could have spent buying disposable pads.

When all’s said and done, washable pee pads are obviously better value for money and are kind to the environment.

However, the challenge is getting the right one from the sea of doggie pee pads out there.

This is why we reviewed the available products and came up with15 of the best washable dog pee pads.

NOTE: Depending on how frequent your pup goes to potty, you may need to stock more than one washable pee pad—we recommend 4 to 6 or more—so that you can rotate them as you deem fit, eliminating the hassle of having to wash pee pads every so often.

Best Washable Dog Pee Pads: Our Top Picks

1. EZwhelp Reusable Pee Pad (Machine-Washable)

The first item on our list is the EZwhelp Reusable Pee Pad. It features four layers of material:

The top layer pulls the urine and effectively absorbs it while the second high-density one soaks it all in.

The third layer is waterproof and is used to prevent leaks.

Finally, the bottom layer has a polyester backing to minimize slipping.

As a multi-functional product, this pad can be utilized for a number of uses like potty training, whelping, furniture protection, and more.

It is a long-lasting, stain-resistant pad that is worth your investment.

2.  Pet Parents Washable Dog Pee Pads

Pet Parents Washable Dog Pee Pads use a WickQuick Proprietary fabric to wick the urine fast. This allows it to hold more urine compared to other alternatives in the market. 

Another thing that sets it apart is the anti-tracking technique adopted. This ensures that your fur baby doesn’t track his mess all over the house after using the bathroom.

In addition, the pad comes with sticky backing to secure it in place.

The product measures 34 x 36 inches and is ideal for dogs of all sizes.

One pack consists of two pads, one in tan and the other in gray.

3.  Rocket & Rex Washable Dog Pee Pads

The Rocket & Rex is made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and effectiveness.

No doubt, this pad is one of the toughest products in its category. Wash after wash, the quality will remain uncompromised.

With a total of four layers, the Rocket & Rex will absorb moisture quickly and keep it from making its way to your surfaces.

It works great to absorb and retain odors as well.

With a money-back guarantee, this pad is a risk-free investment that never disappoints.

4.  Humble Pet Co. Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs

Another reusable alternative, the Humble Pet Washable Pee Pads for Dogs is a real lifesaver.

It spans an area of 35 x 31 inches which is sufficient room for just about any dog.

The polyester/rayon material used to make the absorbent layer soaks plenty of liquid and minimizes odor as well.

The top layer is breathable and comfortable enough.

To protect your floors and furniture, the pad is also fitted with PVC waterproof layer that won’t let any moisture pass through.

This pad is machine-washable, easy to clean, and very durable.

It is also worth noting that this dog-friendly pad features a paw and bones pattern to make your pup feel comfortable using it for elimination purposes.

5. Careoutfit Reusable/Washable Dog Training Travel Pee Pads

Don’t throw your hard-earned cash on disposable pads when you can order the Careoutfit reusable pads. Not only will it give you a chance to be kind to the environment but it does the job quite well.

With triple stitching, your dog will have a hard time shredding this into pieces.

The barrier is made of vinyl edges to make it sturdy against repeated washing.

At the bottom, the same vinyl backing material makes the pad 100% leak-proof.

6. Peepeego Upgrade Non-Slip Washable Dog

This pad measures 65 x 48 inches and is spacious enough for a large senior dog with bladder issues.

It can hold up to 8 cups of urine without becoming saturated. It is also quite strong and durable.

On top, the soft polyester material will ensure that your dog doesn’t lose hair or get stuck while urinating.

The non-slip rubber backing at the bottom prevents slipping.

The pad can be placed in a number of locations such as the crate, playpen, sofa, bed, car seat, furniture, and car litter box.

7. Pet Magasin Highly Absorbent Reusable Pet Training Pads

The Pet Magasin Highly Absorbent Reusable Pet Training Pads are made of 100% polyester – the super material for excellent absorbency.

With a capacity to hold up to four cups of liquid, this pad is better than a disposable pad in more ways than one.

The layers and punched with a needle and not woven to make them comfortable and breathable.

Not only does it soak pee and retain odor but it is also completely leak-proof.

If your puppy doesn’t have access to the outdoors, is in the training phase, or taking a long trip, this pad will come in handy.

8. Kluein Pet Washable Training Pee Pads for Dogs

Whether you care about the environment or simply want to be a better steward of your resources, the Kluein Pet Washable Pad will make your dream a reality.

With a four-layer technology, trust this pad to trap dog urine without damaging your floors and surfaces.

The pad prevents tracking and guarantees fast absorption of moisture.

The material of construction– a combination of polyester, viscose, and polyurethane is soft, durable, and super absorbent.

Also, if you are into animal charity, this is the pad for you as Kluein gives 5% of its profit to animal causes.

9. KOOLTAIL Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs

Provide your dog with a comfortable place to spray his urine when you are out running errands or visiting a friend with the KOOLTAIL Washable Pee Pad.

Measuring 36 x 41 inches, this offers enough room for both puppies and large dogs.

The pad has four layers, each contributing to the efficiency of the product.

The top and bottom layers feature a polyester knitting fabric that is non-toxic and smooth to provide comfort.

The second one, a thick absorbent material is what absorbs the urine.

The waterproof third layer avoids leaks and keeps odor at bay.

One package comes with two pads so you can use them interchangeably between washes.

10. SincoPet Washable Pee Pad with Free Grooming Gloves

Protect your floors, bedding, and furniture with the SimcoPet Reusable Pee Pad.

It can hold urine for up to 20-30 times which means you can go to work without any troubling thoughts about the condition of your floors and furniture.

The four-layer technology used ensures comfort, efficiency, and leak protection.

With various sizes available, you should have an easy time picking out the right one for your pup.

The selling point of this product is the free grooming gloves that come with it. You can utilize it to collect pet hair, massage your pup, or simply pick up the pad for washing.

The gloves are fitted with Velcro straps so they can fit any size of the hand.

11. PupPee Super Absorbent, Washable Pee Pads for Dogs

Want a reusable pee pad that is not only easy on the wallet but one that looks good?

The PupPee Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs, complete with a bone-patterned top layer, is one of the best-selling products in the market today.

Made with durable materials, you bet it can last for a very long time.

The manufacturer claims that this pad can handle up to 200 washes without breaking apart.

It also comes with non-slip and super absorbent properties that can hold plenty of urine without damaging your floors.

One pack comes with two pee pads and a free training book for puppies. The book is a bonus that is absent in other pads.

In addition, you have three size options to choose from for better flexibility. 

12. Paw Legend Waterproof  &Super Absorbent Reusable Dog Pee Pads

The Paw Legend is a multi-layered washable pee pad spanning 30 x 32 inches.

It is a suitable choice for all canine ages from puppies to senior dogs with bladder issues.

The top layer is absorbent, drawing moisture fast to avoid tracking possibilities.

The second high-density layer is also great at soaking massive amounts of dog pee and controlling the odor while the waterproof barrier ensures it doesn’t leak.

One pack comes with two pads; one in brown and the other in tan.

13. EXPAWLORER Reusable Pee Pads for Dogs

Puppy training has never been easier, thanks to the power of EXPAWLORER Washable Pee Pads.

Unlike most of the pads on this list which feature rectangular shapes, this specific one is round-shaped.

It is reusable, which means you get to save some coins while conserving the environment.

If you have a large dog, choose the bigger pad, measuring 48 x 48 inches. Else, go for the smaller one measuring 36 x 36 inches.

It uses four layers to ensure maximum absorption and zero messes wash after wash.

14. ChewieMac Washable Training Pee Pads for Dogs

Pet odors can be quite the task to get rid of unless of course, you have the ChewieMac Washable Pee Pad.

This is a natural odor neutralizer that comes with plenty of other benefits during house training or when protecting furniture and floors from pee stains.

The polyester material used to make this pad is a real lifesaver when it comes to fighting odors and absorbing urine.

The bottom anti-slip layer is fitted to secure the pad in place. Order one pack and get two pads.

15. Best Defense Washable Training Pee Pads for Dogs

Lastly, we have the Best Defense Washable Pee Pads. These are ultra-absorbent meaning they can hold a lot of moisture and fast.

Both the quilted and absorbent layers work together to trap moisture while the waterproof layer creates a barrier to keep your floors and furniture urine-free.

What keeps the pad in place is the bottom anti-slip layer.

With measurements of 30 x 32 inches, this is a large pad with plenty of room.

You can place it virtually anywhere – the dog’s crate, sofa, your car, or under his food bowl.

With this product, you get a money-back guarantee so that’s a major plus.

Factors to Consider When Buying Washable Dog Pee Pads

Picking the right washable dog peed pad can be a daunting task given that almost any other brand in the market comes with almost the same features.

As a guide, here are some of the most important features to look out for when buying reusable pee pads for your dog.

A. Size

Your dog’s size should dictate the size of pee pads that you opt for.

Larger breeds and senior dogs (that may be contained for the better part of the day due to immobility issues) need bigger pee pads.

If you like to hang with your dog on your bed, a larger pad that covers a bigger section can also help you proof your bed better against accidental leaks.

On the other hand, if you have a small breed, consider going for smaller pads because if you get him a larger pad, he is likely to step all over his poop or pee while trying to get to cleaner sections of the pad.

B. Durability

This is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when buying washable dog peed pads.

You need a material that is strong enough to withstand multiple washes. You don’t want a material that will be shredded into bits with a single wash.

The best materials for dog pee pads are polyester and polyurethane.   

C. Absorbency

The main purpose of a pee pad is to protect your floor, furniture, bed, etc from your dog’s mess.

So, a good option should come with multiple layers of absorbent material to hold and absorb any kind of liquid from your dog so that the mess doesn’t spread.

If you choose a pad with poor absorbency, there can be leakages, making your dog mess your house and furniture.

D. Fast Drying Surface

Besides absorbency, you should go for a washable peed pad that can dry fast. This can help you eliminate the potential of urine-soaked paws messing your floors.

Look for pads that are designed with charcoal or wet-lock technology, which locks in the moisture immediately after the urine comes into contact with the pad’s surface.

E. Leakproof

Leaked urine not only messes your floor and furniture but can also seep under your floorboards and interfere with the integrity of your foundation.  

So, the bottom of the pee pads should be constructed with a completely waterproof layer to prevent urine seepage.

Certain pee pads are also designed with perimeter channels to direct the liquids into the center of the pad, eliminating the risks of leaks.

F. Capacity

The amount of urine the pee pad can hold is also an important factor to consider because it dictates how often a pad needs to be washed.

Opt for pads that can hold more cups of liquid if you won’t be able to change out the pads often.

Washing Tips

  • Wash the pads in warm water with bleach to sanitize and keep them fresh
  • Don’t wash dog peeing pads with your clothes
  • You can always ring the pads before you wash them to get rid of any liquid that’s still in them.

Final Thoughts

If you are having trouble getting your fur baby to eliminate at the right spot, he is the perfect candidate for a doggie pee pad.

The disposable version may be easier to use but it is neither economical nor friendly.

If you are looking for the best washable dog peed pads, feel free to pick one from our list.

Finally, if your dog is new to pee pads, you may need to train him a bit to help him understand what they are and how to effectively use them. Here is a guide that you can use: How to Potty Train a Puppy on Pads.

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