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12 Best Goggles for Pugs

12 Best Goggles for Pugs

Contrary to common belief, dogs need goggles just as much as humans do—perhaps even more. Bright sunlight can injure their vision and worse, cause eye problems in the long term. Short-haired breeds such as pugs, Boston terrier, and French bulldogs are particularly susceptible to eye injuries. This is because their eyes bulge out and can easily come in contact with objects. If you are planning to take a trip to the coast, go on a long trip, or hike with your pug, consider using goggles on him. We have done the homework for you and came up with the list of the leading ones in the market right now.

Best Goggles for Pugs-Our Top 12 Picks

1. QUMY Waterproof Dog Goggles/Eye Wear

The number one product on our list is the QUMY Dog Goggles. There are many reasons why this pair of sunglasses is great for your pug. For one, it is easy on the wallet without compromising on quality. Whether you are looking for protection from UV rays, water, debris, or wind, QUMY will not let you down. The pair comes with a ton of attractive features such as a foldable cushioned frame, elastic head and chin straps, and shatterproof lenses. Since it supports dogs weighing up to 15 lbs., it is certainly the perfect fit for your pug. Finally, these goggles are 100% waterproof and come in a number of colors all at a low price point.

2. Enjoying Dog Goggles – Waterproof /Windproof /UV Protection for Small Dog

Enjoying Dog Goggles has deep eyecups making them suitable for dogs with protruding eyes like pugs. With a frame that is not only adjustable but is also lined with foam, they are some of the most comfortable sunglasses available. The straps are elastic, so you should have no problem getting a secure fit. These Dogs Goggles offer 100%UV, debris, wind, and water protection.

3. Namsan Stylish & Fun Dog UV Goggles Sunglasses

Namsan UV Goggles are designed with a small dog in mind. Both the head and chin straps are adjustable and elastic. This ensures that they fit just about any toy breed with relative ease. As the name suggests, these sunglasses are stylish. If you want a product that is not only comfortable and effective but looks good on your pug, consider trading your cash for this one.

4. Kailian Waterproof/Anti-Ultraviolet Dog Goggles

Give your pug a chance to enjoy the outdoors uninterrupted with these dog goggles from Kailian. They look adorable on just about any dog. Whether you want to explore the beach or go on a camping trip, your dog will look fashionable all the way. When it comes to practicability, these shades don’t disappoint either. The construction is solid and sturdy. Apart from UV protection, this pair will keep water, wind, and debris away from your pug’s eyes. You have three color options to choose from with Kaillian Dog Goggles. 

5.  Vevins Foldable Dog Goggles

Vevins Dog Sunglasses are also some of the best-selling products in their category. The pair is made for small to medium dogs such as pug, Chihuahuas, and Shih Tzus. The lens effectively blocks out 100% of the sun’s rays, allowing your canine buddy to enjoy basking outside without any harm. With adjustable straps, a flexible nose bridge and foam padding, it is also big on comfort. The other thing worth mentioning is the air vents located on the side that minimizes the formation of water vapor.

6.  COCOPET New Version Waterproof Cool Dog Goggles

A quick look at online reviews for COCOPET NEW Version Dog Goggles will reveal that pet owners love these shades immensely. Many dog owners claim that it fits very well on their small dogs. In addition to the adjustable head and chin straps, this pair of sunglasses features a clear guide for putting it on your pup. Another great feature is that it has small deep lens cups compared to many of its counterparts in the market. It is, therefore, suitable for a dog with big eyes. COCOPET is also stylish, shatterproof, and come with anti-fog lenses.

7.  Enjoying Adjustable Band Small Dog Sunglasses

If you love the initial version of dog goggles by Enjoying, you will absolutely be blown away by their upgraded one as well. The frame is padded to increase comfort and the hard lens lined with a sun-proof coating material for better protection. That’s not all; these shades also feature a new shape that fits small dogs better. They also have an adjustable head and chin band to guarantee a snuggle fit for every size of a small dog. No doubt, this is the perfect goggle for a pug.

8.  PETLESO Eye Protection Dog Goggles

If you intend to drive your pug around town, the PETLESO Dog Goggles should be on top of your list of essentials. This set is stable and tight enough to keep wind, UV rays, and debris away from his eyes. The lens used is interchangeable so you can utilize it for different settings. Plus, the black sleek color of the shades will make your pooch look fashionable and stylish.

9.  Doggles – ILS Dog Goggles with Light Smoke Lens

One of the things to look for when buying goggles for pugs is the shape of the lens. You need one that leaves a little room under the dog’s eyes so that your Fido doesn’t feel restricted. The main selling point of Doggles ILS is that they come with a deep lens cup. When you put them on your pug, he will enjoy immense comfort. Additionally, the lenses can be interchanged for different uses (UV protection, anti-fog, and shatterproof). Please note that the anti-fog lens is sold separately. You will absolutely love the fact that this product can be easily bent for portability reasons. It is available in three different colors.

10. GabeFish Heart Shaped Dogs Sunglasses

GabeFish Pets Dogs Sunglasses come with all the great features of a good pair of eye protection shades. Even if the sun is shining brighter than ever before, the lens will offer 100% protection. Since it also has anti-fog and shatterproof properties, it also protects against wind, debris, and water. The frame also has a cushion to ensure a cozy fit. It also folds well making it easy to carry.

11. Doggles Dog Goggles/Glasses

Doggles Original came before Doggles ILS. Although the latter has a few additional features, the former is also quite awesome. The smoke-colored lenses will ensure that no single ray of the sun reaches your dog’s eyes. They are also shatterproof and anti-fog to keep wind, debris, and water away. These glasses come with adjustable straps and side air vents to make your pooch comfortable and sweat-free. With three sizes to choose from, getting the best one for you pug will be a walk in the park.

12. SUCCESS Foldable and Adjustable Dog Goggles for Small Dogs

To wind things up, we have the fun and stylish SUCCESS Dog Goggles. No doubt these will make your dog appear cool and fashionable. With a CE certificate, you bet this pair of shades offers genuine100% UV protection. They utilize anti-fog lenses to also protect your dog against wind and debris. We absolutely love the fact that the frame is padded and the straps adjustable. The material of construction—polycarbonate—also ensures durability and sturdiness.

Goggles for Pugs: Final Thoughts

A pug is a little, affectionate bundle of joy that deserves the very best that life has to offer. When you hit the outdoors during summer, don’t underscore the importance of eye protection for him. Grab a product that fits his needs the most and put it on him before stepping out.

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