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Beagle Feist Mix: Facts First-Time Owners Should Know

Beagle Feist Mix: Facts First-Time Owners Should Know

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Being a first-time dog owner can be scary and intimidating.

The endeavor can be equated to bringing home a brand new baby for the very first time.

You don’t know how to properly care for them because, well, you’ve never done it before.

Some dogs can make your life a living hell if you don’t know how to handle their shortcomings.

From attacking kids and other pets to destroying the house to being out of control, owning such a pet can drive you up the wall.

On the contrary, if you choose the right dog, your life will be blissful, to say the least.

Ever wondered what the Beagle Feist cross is like? If you have, we’ve got you covered.

This lovely pup sure makes a great pet. Resulting from calm, gentle, and beautiful parents, he can add so much joy to your family.

 But like all dogs, he has his shortcomings as well.

If you want to know more about this uncommon designer dog, read on. We have detailed 7 facts to know about him for first-time owners.

1. The Beagle Feist Mix Is A Hunting Powerhouse

The Beagle is one of the top hunting breeds known to man. He is a scent-hound meaning his smell is incredible.

He can follow a trail for days just to track down prey. Best believe he will get to it. This breed was mainly used to hunt small game. They still make excellent hunting companions to date.

The Feist or Treeing Feist, on the other hand, does exemplary well when it comes it comes to hunting as well. This small canine was used by farmers to hunt rabbits and rats terrorizing their farms.

 Although uncommon, this breed is native to the United States. He mainly hunts above the ground and not beneath it.

When you bring the Beagle and the Treeing Feist together, there’s no doubt that the mix will possess these amazing hunting qualities. 

He will accompany you to your hunting excursions and excel every time.

This is a big deal if you have small animals at home. The doggie can and will terrorize your squirrels, guinea pigs, mice, rabbits, and hamsters.

Apart from making their lives difficult, he may actually kill and feed on them. For homes with such animals, it is better to get another kind of family dog.

Training can help suppress your pet’s prey drive but it is less likely that it will deal with it completely.

2. Small Dog With A Ton Of Energy

If you are looking for a sweet little high-spirited dog, a Beagle Feist mix fits the description very well.

The average weight of a Beagle is 18-30 pounds. Height ranges from 13-i5 inches at the shoulder.

Feists range from 12-30 pounds in weight and 12-18 inches in height.

Both parents have muscular stocky bodies and sturdy legs.

When you breed them, you will get a small to medium-sized dog with a striking body.

As a dedicated and passionate hunter, this is no couch potato dog. He loves being out there tracking and retrieving prey.

If you have a big farm or yard, expect the dog to help out with chasing rodents. He also enjoys playing with the family, jogging through the neighborhood, and playing in the park with other creatures of his kind.

When tired, he will be happy to take a siesta but for the most part, he enjoys being active.

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3. The Perfect Dog For Children

Not all dogs are good around young kids. Some are simply too large for toddlers and preschoolers. Others are just too feisty for the little ones.

 Well, you’d be happy to know that a Beagle Feist mix is ideal for families with kids.

Treeing Fests, just like Beagles, are gentle and calm. They are considered social and friendly animals. Unless provoked, they have no problem playing with kids.

Additionally, their characters can be compared to that of a young energetic child. They are high-spirited, playful, and happy.

Your mix will delight your kids during play. The trick is to socialize him with the kids when young.

Although friendly and sociable, this mix is loud and independent sometimes. He can scare your children when he goes off the rails.

4. The Mix Is Smart Yet Stubborn

Hunting dogs are predominantly intelligent. Stalking, tracking, retrieving, and killing prey require deep brain function. 

Since this mix is a descendant of the hunting line of dogs, he is smart. He can learn new commands in record time.

 If you have ever trained a dog that scores less in the smarts department, you probably know the challenge. You have to repeat simple commands tens if not hundreds of times.

 This mix will impress you on this front. He is eager to please you and so will make effort to learn tricks.

However, if the mix has Beagle’s stubbornness, training will certainly become a challenging endeavor.

He may act disobediently just for the fun of it. He’s also an independent thinker whose life doesn’t revolve around following commands and learning obedience training. 

You need to find out what makes your doggie tick and focus your energies there during training.

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5. Vocal Dog

Vocalization doesn’t come in short supply for a Beagle Feist mix. Both sides of the family are known for being loud.

Beagles are especially notorious for barking, howling, and making all kinds of sounds. They can also yodel like the famous Basenji.

The Treeing Feist is no better. As a hunter, he has to communicate to the owner or his pack mates a lot during a hunt.

If you are hoping to get a silent dog, this one is not it. His hunting character is ingrained in his being.

Whether he’s out chasing after prey or hanging at home, he just cannot be quiet for too long.

The habit is especially worse during the first two years of his life. At this stage, he is discovering his world. What better way to show the world his discoveries than to bark and howl?

Don’t worry though, he will somewhat calm down after age 2 but don’t expect him to be fully quiet.

He will wake you up at night with constant noises. Your neighbors will complain from time to time about the noise if you live near other people.

Train the dog to communicate better but most importantly, exercise him so he can burn off excess energy and calm down.

6. Low Maintenance Pup

The Beagle Feist mix has a short double coat. Both daddy and mommy spot smooth, short, and dense coats.

Shedding is low to average. Because of this, he needs very little in the way of grooming.

As long as you keep a tight brushing schedule, you will not come in contact with a bunch of dog hairs lying around your surfaces.

Get yourself a slicker brush or a first bristle and comb your pet once or twice a week.

This will keep the coat polished, dirt-free, and neat. Unless he rolls in mud or something smelly, he doesn’t need frequent baths. Also, be sure to trim his nails and brush his teeth.

7. A Beagle Feist Mix Is An Expensive Mutt

Despite their loyal and affectionate nature, Treeing Feists are unpopular. You are lucky if you find one in your local shelter.

 Because of their rarity, this breed doesn’t come cheap. One puppy can set you back as much as $3000. This is mostly the price of pedigree dogs from reputable breeders. Others range between $500 and $3000.

Beagles are also quite costly- perhaps not as costly as Feists but they go anywhere from &500- $1000.

These factors make the mix of both dogs expensive.

Closing Thoughts

Dependable, affectionate, energetic, and loyal, a Beagle Feist cross is a terrific pet to own.

He makes a great hunting companion for people geared towards this way of life.

If you have always dreamt of owning one, now you know what to expect from him.