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Is Black Mouth Cur Beagle Mix Right For You?

Is Black Mouth Cur Beagle Mix Right For You?

The unique blend of varied canine traits in mixed dog breeds is pushing many dog lovers to take the cross-breed route.

Granted, purebred dogs have their benefits but they are rather predictable and common.

For instance, when shopping for a German shepherd, you can tell how he will look, act, and behave. She may have her own personality but she will not deviate from her breed roots.

Oppositely, mixed breeds are unpredictable, rare, and interesting. They combine the best of two worlds in one dog.

A Black Mouth Cur Beagle mix is not your common cross breed but she is getting the buzz of late.

There are many reasons for it and we will highlight all of them below. If you are interested in getting this cute doggie, you are in for the ride of your life.

 She will fill your life with tons of joy that you’ll wonder how your life would be without her.

 But like all other dogs, she comes with her own share of challenges. We go over the good and the bad of owning one.

What Does The Black Mouth Cur Beagle Look Like?

As the name goes, this cross is gotten by crossing the Black Mouth Cur (BMC) and the Beagle.

Both dog breeds are somewhat popular but the Beagle is more prevalent of the two.

The BMC is a purebred dog hailing from Southeastern USA where she was bred to work around the home and protect the family.

One look at this breed and you’d think it is another version of a Rhodesian ridgeback or a Vizsla.

She has the signature black color covering its muzzle and lips no wonder the “black mouth” name.

The breed is known for its hardworking, playful, friendly, and willful personality.

Her weight and height range from 35-60 pounds and 18-24 inches respectively.

Her coat is short and comes in many colors including chocolate, black, yellow, red, fawn, brindle, and liver.

She may also spot white patches around her nose, under her chin, on her chest, neck, chest, and the tip of her tail.

The Beagle is a slightly smaller dog than the Black Mouth Cur. She weighs anywhere from 18-30 pounds and measures 13-15 inches in height.

With a friendly and calm attitude, she is among the top popular breeds in America.

One of the most striking features of the Beagle is her floppy ears and domed skull. Her coat is smooth and dense and is available in tan, black, and white colors.

A Black mouth cur Beagle mix will have a combination of the above traits. It is hard to predict what exactly passes down to the offspring.

However, expect a dog with a smooth coat of one or many colors mentioned in the parent colors.

 She may take on Beagle’s smaller frame or BMC’s slightly larger and stockier frame. You just have to wait and see what your dog will look like.

The Good of Owning the Black Mouth Beagle Mix

Let’s kick off with some of the pros of having a Black Mouth Beagle mix.

 If you have an idea of what both parent breeds are like, you know this is going to be a long list.

1. Good with Kids

One of the most amazing qualities of the Beagle Black Mouth Cur is that the breed is perfect for families with kids.

 Both sides of the family are gentle dogs with an immense tolerance for child’s play. They are playful and love having fun with the family including small kids.

 A mix between both will not be any different. She will make a good companion for your kids.

Of course, you may want to get her socialized early to make the bond even stronger.

2. Low Grooming Needs

As mentioned before, both the BMC and the Beagle have short coats. This means they don’t shed as much as their long-haired counterparts. Besides, their coats don’t attract mats and tangles easily.

 With a weekly brushing schedule, you should be able to keep dog hair off your couches, surfaces, and fabrics.

Get a brush with soft thistles to give your doggie a neat polished look always.

 Apart from brushing your mixed breed weekly, you only need to do what you’d do for other dogs – clean her teeth, trim her nails, and clean her ears.

3. Great for New Dog Owners

If you have never owned a dog before, the choice of dog to bring home is a pretty big deal.

 Some breeds are simply too much to handle for novice owners. Well, you’d be happy to know that the Blackmouth cur Beagle mix is great as a first dog.

 She is incredibly friendly, easy to handle, easy to groom, and loves human company.

As long as she gets her daily dose of physical and mental stimulation, she will have an even temperament.

4. Affectionate

All dogs have an affectionate side but the Beagle Black Mouth Cur mix just scores higher up the list.

The Beagle is especially known for loving human company more than many dogs. She enjoys snuggling with the family, playing Frisbee with them, going on hikes, and following her owners around the house.

The BMC is also a sweet dog that loves nothing more than spending time with those she loves.

 If you are looking for a pooch that has a lot of love to give to the family, look no further than this Cur Beagle mix.

5. Intelligent

Intelligent dogs are great to have because they learn commands fast and always know what is expected of them at all times.

The Black Mouth cur is an extremely smart dog. As a working dog, he has no option but to display great intelligence. She thrives well with positive and precise training.

Beagles are also smart in their own right. They are not your smartest dog breeds but as scent hounds, they score well in that department as well.

The mix between the two breeds is bound to be an intelligent doggie.


Now to the downsides of owning a Black Mouth Cur Beagle mix…

1. Barking

Dogs communicate through barking but some take it to the next level.

The Beagle Cur mix is one of them. This is no quiet mutt. He barks in the middle of the night, at dawn, when an aircraft flies above the house, you name it.

If you are not into a loud dog, stay away from this one.

2. Stubborn

Both the Beagle and the BMC are great but they tend to have a stubborn streak as well.

Perhaps it’s because they are intelligent and know it. Sure, not all dogs from these two breeds are headstrong but it is not uncommon to find a few who want to have their way.

Consistent and early training will help eliminate the problem.

3. Aggression

While the Beagle is barely an aggressive dog breed, the Black Mouth Cur is famous for having this trait. She is especially unfriendly and aggressive towards strangers.

Don’t expect her to make friends with those that don’t belong to the family.

He also has a high prey drive and can be territorial around the house.

Parting Thoughts

There it is – the pros and cons of owning a Black Mouth Cur Beagle mix.

Hopefully, by now you already know if this is the dog for you or not.

The truth is that the Black Mouth Cur Beagle cross is a fantastic family dog with a lot to offer.

If you can work through the challenges, go ahead and get one.

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