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7 Portuguese Water Dog Mixes You’ll Want to Own/Adopt

7 Portuguese Water Dog Mixes You’ll Want to Own/Adopt

The Portuguese water dog, also called Portieor Cao De Agua, is a famous dog. You couldn’t forget about him if you wanted to. After all, the memories of U.S.’s First Dogs Bo Obama and Sunny Obama are still fresh in the mind. The whole world got to interact with this breed and learn about his amazing qualities by watching Bo and Sunny alongside their human family. A Portuguese water dog mix combines the good of the breed with those of another breed. The result is a wonderful dog with a great temperament.

Wondering which Portie mixes to own or adopt? Here are 7 leading ones to consider.

1. Portuguese Water Dog and Poodle

First up, we have the curly-haired Portuguese Water Dog Poodle which happens to be the most common in the market. The reason is perhaps because the Portie and the Poodle are closely related. The two have been like siblings for millennia. When you breed them together, you end up with a medium-sized breed of about 35-70 lb. Shoulder height ranges from 17-24 inches.

Since both parents have dense, curly coats, the offspring will look similar. This makes him quite high-maintenance. If you get one, be prepared to brush them every day or a few times a week. Having a vacuum cleaner also makes it easy to keep your surfaces hair-free at all times. This mix is also high-energy and thrives best if given not less than one hour of activity per day. The more the better.

As for his temperament, the Portie Poodle is nothing but an affectionate, lively, and adorable ball of fur. He loves spending time with his human family doing all sorts of things. Like one side of his family, he loves being in the water more than anything. He should get along with kids and animals if trained and socialized early.

2. Portuguese Water Dog and Golden retriever

The Portuguese Water Dog Golden retriever mix is yet another charming breed to adopt or own. Right off the bat, you can tell that this mix will be quite the companion. He combines the easy-going, loving, trustworthy, and kind character of the Golden and the water dog’s docile, intelligent, and obedient temperament. The resulting cross is nothing short of amazing.

The mix is a medium-sized or large breed depending on which genes dominate. If he leans on the Portie side, he will weigh35-60 pounds and stand at a height of 20-22 inches at the shoulder. Else, if he follows his Golden retriever roots, expect a big dog of about 60-80 pounds with a height of 22-24 inches at the shoulder. He could also lie somewhere in between. His coat is dense as both parents are rather long-haired. The texture of the fur has a number of possibilities including curly, shiny, wavy, straight, or silky. Thankfully, even with all that fur on their bodies, the two breeds are moderate shedders, a quality that will be carried over to the litter.

3. Portuguese Water Dog and Labrador retriever

Almost every family in the United States owns a Labrador retriever. This breed is prized for being cheerful, friendly, affectionate, playful, and very social. You will have to work so hard to make him angry and even then, he is less likely to get aggressive. Kids love playing with him because he is gentle and patient around them. Now, imagine a Lab mix with the amazing qualities of the water dog and you know you hit a jackpot if you got your hands on one.

The Portuguese water dog and Labrador retriever mix is an intelligent dog breed. After all, both parents score very high in the smarts department. Teaching him new tricks will be a walk in the park for you if you know how to be a true pack leader. Besides picking up on commands fast, this mix is also trainable. He is obedient, eager to learn, and submissive.

When it comes to playing with your kids, he will not hold back. From playing Frisbee and catch to running around the yard to swimming, don’t expect him to back down. Your days will be filled with so much fun with him at home. As long as you make sure he goes on his daily walks, has enough to eat, and maintains a well-groomed coat always, this mix will make a great addition to your family.

4. Portuguese Water Dog and Soft-Wheaten terrier

Both the Portuguese water dog and the Soft-Wheaten terrier look alike in size and shape. When you mix them up, you get a medium-sized dog of about 35-55 pounds with a height of 18-22 inches. The coat is curly and can be wheaten, brown, white, or black. While the breed is hypoallergenic and a low shedder, he requires a lot of grooming to maintain the integrity of the coat. This mix looks unsightly if he’s not properly groomed. As for the temperament, expect this mix to be brave, docile, intelligent, and obedient like the water dog and faithful, affectionate, spirited, and playful as the Soft-Coated Wheaten terrier.

5. Portuguese Water Dog and Border Collie

If you love both the Border collie and the Cao De Agua, why not get a mix of the two and get the best of both worlds? This is, no doubt, a mix you will grow to love and cherish for the rest of your life. As a deeply affectionate dog, he has lots of love for all. Expect him to be all over you when you get home in the evening. Hugs and cuddles never come short with this one.

Whether he takes after the water dog or the Border collie, this hybrid is great with kids of all sizes if socialized early. They also love being around other dogs. Cats? Not so much. The poor felines will be on the receiving end of endless chases around the house. Both daddy and mommy have strong prey drives, so it makes sense for the offspring to view the cat as prey.

6. Portuguese Water Dog and Goldendoodle

Here’s yet another water dog that is worth every penny in your wallet. Measuring anywhere from 35-60 pounds and a height of 16-26 inches, this dog is a medium-sized canine. The coat is single and wavy or medium length and curly depending on the genes. Speaking of the coat, the color possibilities are endless. These include golden, black and white, cream, yellow, brown, black, or red. Looks aside, this mix is affectionate, cheerful, curious, alert, energetic, gentle, outgoing, protective, playful, and simply delightful.

7. Portuguese Water Dog and Bernese Mountain Dog

Last but least, the Portuguese water dog and Bernese mountain dog cross is also worth your consideration. Both of his folks are working dogs that thrive doing something rather than sitting around. Be prepared to meet his high-energy requirements. This is a medium-sized or large breed with a curly or dense coat. Intelligence is impressively high which makes him excel in training. This mix is also faithful, docile, brave, loyal, impetuous, and affectionate. His grooming needs are also moderate. He only needs plenty of daily walks and grooming to be happy and content.

Portuguese Water Dog Price: How Much Does The Mix Cost?

The Portie is among the most expensive breeds in the United States. Thanks to his sweet disposition and beauty, he’s rising in popularity quite fast. You can also say that after watching Bo and Sunny in the White House for a number of years, the demand on the breed shot up. Whichever the case, one Portuguese water dog puppy costs anywhere between $1500-2,500. A Portie mix will cost about the same. Of course, the cost goes up if you want a registered, trained, socialized, and vet-tested pup. If you choose to adopt, the cost will be considerably low.

Is Portuguese water dog Mix Right for You?

If you are ready for a docile, friendly, obedient, and affectionate dog, a water dog mix is definitely right for you. No matter your family’s setting, he will fit right in. Everyone in the family will enjoy tons of cuddles, hugs, and company from him for as long as he lives. In return, you have to make sure he expends his energy on a daily basis by going on walks, swimming in the lake or pool, going hiking, and jogging as much as possible. His wavy or curly dense coat also needs a lot of grooming to keep it neat and clean. If you can commit to these things, then this mix is definitely right for you.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – 7 great Portuguese water dog mixes. It is clear from the guide above that all Portie mixes are great canine companions. Simply pick one depending on your preferences, financial muscle, and needs.

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