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16 Best Dog Proof Couch Covers (Including Clear Options)

16 Best Dog Proof Couch Covers (Including Clear Options)

Dogs are some of the most active pets we have in our homes. They like to jump, walk and play with or on anything they come across. They also love to engage in their normal carnivorous behavior—chewing.

Unfortunately, they seldom have any idea about the value of the stuff they are playing with or gnawing on. You may come home to find the cover of your favorite and most expensive couch all in tatters, courtesy of your canine friend. If you are lucky, you will find dog prints, fur and anything the dog carried home on the couch.

You will have to give serious thought to whether you will have to bid your furry buddy goodbye or go bankrupt replacing the furniture every time your pet performs its carnivorous rituals on it.

Fortunately, it does not have to come to that. The fact that there are dog covers for couches solves the dilemma. In other words, adding a cover to the couch enables you to keep both. Nevertheless, not all couch covers are dog-proof. In addition, some dog-proof couch covers perform better than others.

What is a Dog Proof Couch Cover?

You can choose to define a couch cover any way you like. For example, you may think of it as a kind of material thrown or fitted over your couch with the aim of protecting it from wear and tear. You can also think of a couch cover as something that serves a similar function as a protective sheet.

 In the past, homeowners used them to give a fresh new look to their old couches and hiding wears and tears, thereby doing away with the need to go back to the furniture store for a replacement.

In general, the idea behind the use of couch covers is providing protection to your treasured furniture so that it is not damaged by spills, marks, and even being nibbled at by your pets. Some people fit covers to their couches in order to ensure a long life of the original material, especially when they are frequently used for sitting or sleeping on it. Couch covers are, therefore, essentially superb money savers.

It is important to remember that couch covers come in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. While some of them are ready-made, meaning that you can take them directly from the store and immediately fit them over your couches, others are custom made.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to purchase just one kind of pet couch cover. You can pick as many as you like so that you can give your couches (and in extension your home) a new look every time you want.

 In other words, you will always have a cover for every occasion. In the end, you don’t have to go through the incredibly expensive process of replacing a couch just because its color is not likely to wow your guests in different occasions.

16 Best Dog Proof Couch Covers

1.Mambe Waterproof Furniture Cover for Dogs

If you are constantly worried about your pet your coach every time it jumps in it, this is the cover to go for. One of its unique characteristics of the cover is that it made up of three layers of fabric including a water-proof material placed between micro-fleece panels that are lightweight and soft. Ultimately, you have a cover that is not only fully water-resistant but also comfortable.

2. SureFit Deluxe Pet Cover

Speak of a luxurious dog proof couch cover and you get the SureFit Deluxe Pet Cover. The couch cover feels as comfy as it looks. One thing that sets this cover apart from the rest is the anti-odor treatment. You can also machine-wash this couch cover.

The only drawback is that while it is designed to cover the entire couch, it may not fit every couch properly. And if you are unlucky, you may end up with hanging ends if your couch is too small for it.

3. Le Benton Sofa Pet Cover

If you are after a cover that will just look like the original with the added protection, you can never go wrong with Le Benton. Apart from the fact that it covers the entire couch no matter the size, it comes with a total of three different fabrics, including polyester, cotton, and spandex. The latter ensures ease of slipping over and off the couch.

Another benefit of the cover is the ability to ensure that there is no exposure of any part of the couch. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about dog fur or any other mess.

To get the most out of this cover, however, you will have to ensure that you don’t mix it with other clothing during washing.

4. AUJOY Stretch Pet Sofa Cover

One of the best covers that work marvelously in the protection of couches from spills, the AUJOY cover is made of a combination of spandex and polyester. It is easy to stretch over the couch while at the same time providing full protection against wetness. It also prevents damage to your sofa by pets through scratching or stepping or staining. Nevertheless, the cover is not fully waterproof. Still, it will work wonders in preventing the penetration of liquid into the couch.

5. Easy-Going Sofa r Reversible Dog Cover

The cover has almost all the qualities a pet-loving homeowner would look for. Besides allowing you to take the elegance of your couch to a higher level, it is made of fabric strong enough to resist water penetration. When you make a purchase, you will also receive a couple of foam pipes and elastic straps to enable you to prevent sliding of the cover.

Unlike some covers, nevertheless, it leaves some parts of the couch exposed. The good news is that the uncovered parts are the least vulnerable to damage or gnawing by your dog.

6. Ameritex Reversible Pet Sofa Cover

The cover is designed to not only give excellent protection for your couch but also to firmly stay in place while doing so courtesy of the dog paw styling. It works in every kind of couch—from cloth to leather cover. It also goes a long way in enhancing the elegance of your couch as well as the room. Besides a five-layer makeup, it also comes with side pockets for putting in your remote control. What’s more, it is odor-resistant and will keep your couch and room smelling heavenly always. Nonetheless, it may not cover your entire couch.

7. Turquoize Waterproof Dog Couch

This is another great cover that will keep your couch protected from dog messes including dirt, stains, and fur. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it will maintain the elegance of your couch while ensuring that it will stay with you for a long time. While it is waterproof, it is not water-resistant. In other words, it will not prevent water from soaking through it. Instead, it soaks up the water and any other kind of liquid, preventing it from trickling down to the floor. It is also easy to clean.

You should, however, be careful when cleaning it especially since the back part—which is anti-water—may be damaged. You should also make sure that you take the right measurements before making a purchase if you don’t want to end up with a cover that does not fit your couch.

8. Argstar Reversible Couch Cover

Designed for top protection against pet pee, stains, spills and prints, and scratches, the cover also comes with high comfort levels, thanks to the gentleness of its micro-fabric. The Argstar cover is available in five sizes. Accordingly, you should first determine the size of your couch before ordering it.  Additionally, the fact that it is reversible allows you to give your couch varying looks with just a single cover.

9. Rose Home Stretch Pet Couch Covers

There are different sizes of the couch cover brand including the three cushion package. The brand is one of the pet couch covers that stay in place. They are all strapless and will easily fit into place without any chance of sliding, thanks to its elastic bottom.

Another benefit you stand to gain when you purchase this cover is the fact that it covers the entire couch. In fact, it is not easy to notice that the cover is a slip-over at a first glance. In addition, it serves the other standard functions of a dog-proof couch cover, including protection from water, spills, stains and pet hair without sacrificing comfort. To cap it all, the cover is as easy to clean as it is to slip over your couch.  

However, you will have to pay more for it than you would when purchasing other couch cover brands.

10. Floppy Ears Stay in Place Dog Couch Protector

If you are looking for a cover that will take you the shortest time possible to put on your couch, the Floppy Ears is the best bet. It is made of seamless fabric that is soft and comfortable while at the same time durable and tough. The polyester fabric makes it ideal for protecting your couch against dirt, dog fur, stains, and accidental spills. It is different from other covers in the sense that it drapes over your couch in place of tight-fitting. It also does not wrinkle easily.

However, if you need a pet sofa cover that will stay in place, it may not be the best option. There is the probability that it will slip over and will need constant re-adjustment.

11. OstepDecor Pet Couch Cover

The cover goes beyond the obvious function of protecting your couch against damage. It is a winner in adding a pleasant appearance to your living room courtesy of its appealing tones. Still, it does an excellent job of protecting your valuable furniture against dust, spills and dog fur. Unlike many other covers, you get it by piece, meaning that you will buy every part separately. Another added advantage is the fact that you don’t have to struggle cleaning it.

The only major drawback is that it is not waterproof, so you have to get rid of any spills quickly.

Best Clear Couch Dog Covers

It is without any doubt that you invested time, effort, and money in choosing and buying the perfect couch brand—all the more reason for you to protect it from wear and tear, and damage by your dog.  Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice the style or appearance of your couch in the process. There are various clear couch cover designs that will provide full protection against water, fur, spills, and scratches from your pet.

While they are cheap and easy to install, their transparent nature allows you to retain the style and color of your couch. Without further ado, here are the top clear covers that have proved incredible in protecting different types of couches from dirt, dog hair, clawing and even the vagaries of weather.

1.LAMINET Deluxe Crystal-Clear Couch Protector

Made of strong plastic, the cover is at the top of its league in protecting different kinds of furniture from wear and tear as well as scratches by pets, accidental spills, dirt, hair, stains and any kind of mess that may be brought by the pet. Unlike ordinary plastic, the cover is reinforced enough to withstand dog and cat nails. It is also easy to wash. In fact, you do not have to remove it. You just need to wipe the mess away and it will look as good as new.

The only downside to it is that it is not made for hot weather and you cannot machine-wash it.

2. RHF Plastic Pet Couch Cover

One of the greatest benefits of the Rose Home Fashion cover is that you can easily throw it over your couch as soon as you get it from the store. While it allows you to retain the color and design of your couch, it provides super protection for your couch, courtesy of its heavy-duty makeup. The cover is also reversible, allowing you to use either side of it. In the end, you are guaranteed of high durability. Like with most other clear couch covers, all you need to clean it is a rug. Nevertheless, like other plastic covers, it is not the right choice for hot seasons.

3. 84″ Clear Vinyl Furniture Protector

Vinyl is as great as plastic in keeping dog messes away from the furniture. The cover is especially a hit in providing full waterproofing as well as keeping dog fur away from your couch. The different sizes allow you to choose a perfect fit for your seat. Apart from long-lasting protection, one of its most remarkable attributes is staying in place even when your dog plays on the seat. It comes with a seamed-edge design and gives you the smoothness and comfort of top-notch couch covers. It is also easy to install and clean with the only shortcoming being unsuitability in hot weather.

4. Clear Vinyl Chair/Recliner Protector

Your dog will find your recliner as comfortable as the couch. If you don’t want to come home and find it all in a mess, cover it with a clear vinyl furniture protector. There is always the right size for your recliner courtesy of its detailed specifications. The availability of different sizes allows you to pick a cover that will fit your chair just as if it was made for it. Unlike other types of covers, the clear vinyl will enable you to retain the style and color of your recliner while providing extra protection against stains, scratches, and fur as well as wear and tear from regular use.

5. Plastic Recliner Armchair Cover for Pets

While it has been manufactured with cat claws and pee in mind, the cover will do a perfect job with dogs too. It is designed to discourage and prevent pets from messing your recliner chair. The strong clear plastic material is not only resistant to water and other spills but also fur when your pet jumps on it. The fact that it covers the entire recliner chair assures you that no part of it will be damaged. In addition, it is as easy to remove as it is to install. Therefore, you do not have to keep it in place when there are guests in the house. You can take it off at a moment’s notice.

Why do you need a Dog-proof Couch Cover?

There is a lot more to be gained from owning a dog-proof couch cover, including:

Keeping Your Furniture Cleaner

The most important benefit of dog-proof couch covers is the protection of your most valuable piece of furniture from damage by your pets’ bathroom accidents, drooling mouths, and dirty paws. Remember that it is an inherent tendency for dogs to play.

When they jump onto the couch, anything can happen. Thanks to the cover, you don’t need to hold your breath every time your pet expresses its intention to amble over to the couch. You can rest assured that whatever mischief it is up to, your couch will remain intact.

Dog fur on the couch is another headache for pet owners.  No matter how hard or long you brush the couch, the fur will just not go. Even then, some couch materials are just not made for brushing and you are likely to leave scratches when you do.

Luckily, you can solve the problem by slipping a cover on the couch. While it is easy to rub off the fur from them, they also come with the added advantage of cost-friendly replacement when damaged.

Protecting Your Couch from Shredding and Chewing

Many homeowners have found themselves dismayed to the point of seriously considering doing away with their pets when they come home to find their favorite couch in shreds.

It won’t matter whether you invested all your year’s saving to purchase the couch of your dreams or you bought it just yesterday; your dog will still want to claw on it. Worse still, it will not feel anything close to guilt about it. You will have to carry the burden of replacement alone.

To avoid such a miserable situation, it is judicious to cover the couch with a material that is specially designed to withstand the clawing and chewing. The good news is that most of the couch covers come at a reasonable price compared to the total cost of replacement.

Additional Comfort

You may not know, but some couch covers are designed in such a way that they provide much more comfort to your pet than the original cover material. They are made of fabrics that will provide utmost luxury not only to you, your family and your guests but also to your dog when taking a nap or just relaxing after a long day of playing or hiking.

Covering Up Worn Out Areas

At some point in time, a section or an area of your expensive couch is going to get damaged by your pet, kids, or other factors. A couch cover will not only protect such areas from additional damage but will also do a nice cover-up job, saving you from the hassle of having to buy a new couch.

Added Aesthetic Appeal

While there are some dog couch covers that are unsightly, many brands are absolutely gorgeous. Granted, if you choose an option that matches your home décor, you are definitely going to catch the attention of your visitors.

Stain-Resistant and Easy To Clean

Most dog-proof couch covers are stain-resistant and easy to clean. A shredded couch in your living room will not look exactly inviting, neither will a stained one. Remember that most of the original materials on the couch are not designed to be cleaned often. In fact, almost all of them are easy to stain. Again, the colors make the stains more noticeable.

Fortunately, manufacturers have come up with covers that can keep the stains off your couch. They are not only stain-resistant but also easy to clean. Some of them just need a simple wiping with a damp cloth and the stains become a thing of the past. Furthermore, the ease of cleaning makes it even seamless to get rid of the odor.

What to Look for in Good Couch Covers for Dogs

There are many different types of dog-proof couch covers out there. Going by the fact that you may only need one for your couch, it is understandable if you find yourself torn between choices. However, making the right pick may prove much easier if you have some considerations in mind.

  • Color and Style: You will inevitably be attracted by a particular style, color or tone of dog-proof couch cover.  Nevertheless, don’t be too taken in to forget the reason behind going for a couch cover in the first place. In other words, colors and styles are important especially when you want to revamp your couch but you still must have in mind the qualities that make a couch cover worth its name and your money.
  • Material:  The material will go a long way in determining the best couch covers for dogs. You not only need a cover that is resilient enough to withstand the scratching by your pet but also resistant to water, spills as well as wear and tear. In addition, the material must be easy to clean and dry. It should also allow easy brushing away of dog fur. Some of the best materials include microfiber, suede, polyester, velvet, plastic, and vinyl.
  • Size: The ability of the cover to fit on your couch is worth great consideration. You may need to take the measurement of your furniture before making a purchase to ensure that you get an exact fit. Still, some covers come with straps enabling it to hold onto the couch in spite of movements. All in all, look for capabilities or features that can prevent the cover from slipping off.
  • Maintenance: Remember that the cover will be taking much of the staining from spills and other liquid messes. Therefore, you will have to wash it frequently. So, it is important to pick a cover that you can be easily washed. Nevertheless, too much washing will eventually cut the lifespan of the cover. If you get a reversible cover, therefore, you will be in better luck since you don’t have to clean it as often as you would a single-sided alternative. At the same time, you have the chance to purchase two cover designs and colors at the price of one.

The Best Fabric for Dog-proof Couch Covers

Few couch covers have a fabric that possesses all the qualities of excellent dog-proof fabric. Well, you may find them if you perfect your search.

Apart from the strength of withstanding scratching and chewing attempts by your dog, the best couch covers for dogs must have the capacity to prevent seepage of water and other liquids through to the couch. In addition, it must be easy to clean and get rid of the stains and dirt that will often find its way on it.

The best couch cover will also have a mixture of different fabrics serving varying functions. Polyester and cotton, for instance, are great in absorbing dampness. They are also easy to clean. The inclusion of spandex into the mix ensures that the cover can be stretched over the couch, achieving a tight fit.

If you are after full waterproofing, however, you should consider plastic or vinyl couch covers. While they are strong and you only need to wipe off the dust or mess from them, they give zero chance to water absorption. However, the liquids may trickle down to the floor. Furthermore, you will have to find an alternative during the hot season.

Dog-proof Couch Cover Styling Tips

It is not always easy to come up with the right style for your dog-proof couch cover. Many pet owners tend to realize (albeit when it is late) that they picked the wrong color or fabric for their cover as soon as the dog jumps on them. While you may have your own taste of style, it is important to consider a few points before arriving at a decision.

  • Remember that you are purchasing the cover because you have a dog around. In that case, it might pay to think about the dog and its behavior. Consider, for example, the color of your dog’s fur and decide whether you should buy a cover that has a similar color. It will go a long way in disguising the fur shed on it by your pet.
  • Keep in mind that dogs like to move and out of the house. Therefore, they might be constantly bringing in a bit of the outside elements in the form of dirt, dew, and whatever else they pick. If your dog is a wanderer, bright colors such as white are a no-no. The couch would look much messier than it really is.
  • Likewise, dogs love to scratch. However, some dogs find more fun in it than others and they make it a habit. If your furry friend is an adept scratcher, you should consider the toughest couch cover fabric in the market. If you go for a weak option, you may find yourself becoming a regular customer at the local cover or even couch store.
  •  Finally, some dogs have the habit of peeing on anything no matter the value attached to it by the owner. Since your pet is not likely to ask you for permission before he performs his bathroom rituals on the couch, better be prepared for it with a water-proof cover. Remember that you don’t have to sacrifice the original style of your couch. All you need is a clear cover that will make it possible to clearly see through it.
  • With the right design of the cover, all that remains is draping it over your couch. To do a perfect job, you will need to ensure that no part of the cover is left hanging. There are such items as straps and foam pipes that come with many covers. Their absence is no cause for alarm though. Your own devices will work just as perfectly. Just make sure that they are heavy and smooth enough to hold the cover in place. Pay special attention to the space between the arm and the seat. Additionally, make sure that you tuck down the fabric between the back and the arm to ensure a tight fit.

How to Find the Right Size of Dog-proof Couch Cover

Couch covers come in different sizes. If you are not careful, you may end up with a beautiful cover that is of no use at all simply because it is too small to fit on your couch. On the other hand, it might too big for the couch and while you can install it all the same, it will look awkward and out of place.

Thankfully, some manufacturers provide the size specifications of the couch covers they produce. There are, for instance, covers for three-cushioned sofas and recliner chairs.

If you want to find the best dog couch cover that fits perfectly, first measure your couch and set out to search for a cover that has similar measurements.  Some of the parts you should measure include the arms, the back, and the base. In addition, determine the general height of the sofa. Don’t forget that some covers are made with specific couch design in mind.

Quick Tips for Taking Care of your Dog-proof Couch Covers

  • Couch covers are meant to suffer the scratching, pawing, spills, stains and fur deposit that would have gone to the couch. Nevertheless, they also wear and tear in the end. How much care you give them will determine how soon you back to the store for replacements.
  • Couch covers are made from different types of materials. Therefore, the kind of care you give to each will differ. Cloth covers, for example, absorb liquids, thereby preventing them from reaching the couch. On the other hand, clear covers work by inhibiting entry. With the latter, the liquids will tend to trickle down.
  • You will need to wash fabric covers frequently as well as wipe spills as soon as they happen. It is important to consult the washing instructions on the cover. Most of the covers are easy to wash separately and with cold water and home detergents. Still, others will be damaged when they are machine-washed or bleached.
  • All you need to clean clear covers is a cloth to wipe of the stains, dust and dry the wetness on them. There are explicit instructions against attempting to clean most of them with water. Since most of the clear covers are made of plastic and vinyl, you cannot wash them by the use of a machine or hot water.
  • To ensure a long life of your covers, ensure that your dog is free of dirt and mud or any debris. It is simple. Just keep a paw washer by the door and ensure that you wash your pets’ paws as soon as they come in from their outside escapades.  You can also keep your pet occupied with other activities other than playing on the couch. For instance, you can take your canine friend for a walk and play outside so that by the time you back in, all it would want is to take a nap, saving the cover from the clawing and scratching of an energetic pet.

1.Can You Put A Slipcover Sofa Covers Pet Protection On A Leather Sofa?

Leather is one of the best and expensive materials for sofas. It breathes elegance and sophistication into the room. However, pets love to scratch and claw at leather. If you are a pet parent, a slipcover sofa cover will save you a lot of misery and money.  Just make sure that it is waterproof.

2. Are Couch Pet Couch Covers Universal?

There are pet couch covers that can look and work great on any couch as long as they are similar in size. Remember, however, that a three-cushion cover would look out of place on a two cushion couch. At the same time, you would have to work hard to fit a two-cushion cover on a three couch without tearing it, irrespective of how elastic it is. It is also important to note that there are different designs and styles of couches.

3. How Do I Find A dog-proof Couch Cover That Perfectly Fit My Couch?

There is always a cover that will perfectly fit your couch. Fortunately, finding it is no big hassle. Most manufacturers give specifications of the covers they put on the market. Nonetheless, you have to go through the simple process of measuring your couch. In particular, ensure that you have the height, back, arms and the base measurements.

4. How Do I Keep The Dog-Proof Couch Cover in Place?

Owing to their design, some covers stay in place.  Others will often slip off the couch. The trick is to purchase a cover that comes with such additions as straps and foam pipes. Others have an elastic base that will hold everything tight. Still, you can come up with your own ways of holding the cover down. They include tucking the cover deeply and tightly into the crevices. You can use household items such as a pipe or a rug to hold tight the cover.

5.  What Color Is Best For Dog-Proof Couch Covers?

There is no universal color for dog-proof couch covers. The idea behind getting one is the prevention of damage to your couch by your pet. In that case, you are talking about dirt and a lot of messes. Therefore, you would want to pick a color that does not give much of the tale of the dog’s activities on the couch. Bright colors would not prove exactly suitable. If you can’t go with dark colors, try the color of your dog. If it does nothing else, it will act as a camouflage for the fur your pet leaves on the couch.

Final Thoughts

Just because you are a dog parent doesn’t mean that you cannot invest in an expensive couch or enjoy a stylish sofa in your home. By using any of the mentioned dog proof couch covers, you can seamlessly protect your furniture from shredding, spills, fur, and other external elements that may be brought by your pooch. Although some options are not waterproof, they will still protect your couch and add an amazing design element to your overall home décor.

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