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15 Best Chew Proof Dog Blankets for Heavy Chewers

15 Best Chew Proof Dog Blankets for Heavy Chewers

Is your dog chewing almost everything he encounters? Then it is certainly difficult to buy a comfy blanket or bed for him since he will eventually shred it into pieces.

After all, dogs just enjoy shredding things, which means money going down the drain if you have been purchasing regular blankets for your furry mate.

Luckily, you can still give your furry mate the comfort he deserves by purchasing a chew-proof blanket for him.

But with so many chew-proof dog blankets in the market today, choosing the perfect blanket for your lovely dog is certainly complicated.

To help you find the right blanket for your furry friend, this post will highlight some of our favorite heavy-duty dog blankets that are ideal for chew-tastic dogs as well as puppies who are teething.

The post will also walk you through everything you need to know about chew-proof dog blankets.

What Are Chew-Proof Dog Blankets

Also known as unchewable dog blankets or indestructible dog blankets, chew-proof dog blankets are designed to discourage your dogs’ chewing behavior.

Some are crafted from durable materials that dogs find impossible to chew while others are made of thin materials that are less tempting for dogs to chew, especially when compared to normal poofy and padded blankets.

Additionally, others feature a double-stitch design for extra strength.

Once your dog realizes he can’t chew on these blankets, he will finally cease his destructive chewing behavior. 

Best Chew-Proof Dog Blankets 

Although there are countless brands of chew-proof dog blankets out there, you can still pick the best if you acquaint yourself with the best options on the market.

Here is a detailed overview of our 15 best dog blanket for chewers. 

1. PetAmi Waterproof Dog Blanket 

It helps to get the most comfortable blanket for your dog, and this blanket is designed with his comfort in mind.

The 100% waterproof blanket allows your dog to rest or sleep comfortably while at the same time protecting your furniture from urine and accidental spills. It has internal linings that stop liquids and urine from seeping through.

Crafted from 100% microfiber polyester, the blanket is lightweight but highly durable. It is also versatile considering it can be used indoors outdoors (at the beach, car park, camping sites, etc), and inside the car during road trips.

The blanket is also great for both sofa and bed, enabling your furry friend to snuggle right next to you.

Key Features

  • Strong waterproof capabilities 
  • Made with plush fabric to keep your dog cozy and warm while he is sleeping or resting 
  • Great color variation to match your living space.
  • Suitable for both small and medium-sized dogs 
  • Machine washable

2. West Paw Big Sky Blanket 

West Paw has been manufacturing topnotch pet products for several decades, and this high-quality blanket attests to that fact.

The dog blanket is an excellent pick for pet owners searching for a luxurious blanket that can keep their home stylish while eliminating unwanted pet hair and dirt.

Featuring rugged but smooth faux suede coupled with a silky fabric, the blanked in an excellent throw for any chair, car or couch. 

The blanket is available in different sizes ranging from small, medium to large sizes. As such, you can pick the perfect size for covering all the spots that your furry mate prefers to lay on.

Furthermore, it is meticulously designed for dogs of all sizes and shapes.

Key Features

  • Can withstand scratching from your dog’s paws and claws, helping you protect your furniture
  • Suitable for keeping dogs warm in cool temperatures 
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Comes in a wide range of color combinations

3. Paw Legend Waterproof Blanket

Want to keep your lovely dog feeling cozy during naptime? This blanket is ultimately a great pick.

The waterproof dog blanket is not only designed to keep your furry mate warmer during the cold winter months, but it is also specially made to protect your furniture from moisture and scratches.

The reusable blanket provides a pleasantly warmer alternative to hardwood or cold tile.

Paw Legend is a great selection for pet owners who travel a lot. The washable blanket is properly crafted to keep your car’s seats protected and make your dog less anxious while you are traveling with him.

 It is sold in different sizes making it ideal for dogs who love laying on chairs, beds, and couches. It is also an awesome pick for both puppies and adult dogs.

Key Features

  • Soft, cozy and highly absorbent 
  • Versatile and waterproof 
  • Keeps couches, car seats and beds scratch-free and odor-free 
  • Can be used almost anywhere—crate, couch, car seat to the chair
  •  Ideal for dogs of different sizes 
  • Machine washable hence easy to clean and take care of

4. Mambe 100% Waterproof Blanket

The wonderfully soft dog chew-proof dog blanket boasts powerful waterproof capabilities, thanks to its 100% waterproof barrier.

Besides being super comfortable, it is also suitable for protecting the furniture from stains and accidental spills caused by pets.

Made in the US, the blanket boasts great quality and elegance. 

The lightweight yet luxuriously designed blanket is a favorite option for most pet owners for a myriad of good reasons. First, it is easy to clean and it is designed for a wide array of furniture ranging from chairs to sofas. Most importantly, it is durable and resilient.

Key Features

  • Perfectly protects upholstery and bedding 
  • It is chew-proof, so it can resist licking, drooling and incontinent dogs
  • Luxuriously soft and cozy 
  • Remains intact even after multiple laundering 
  • 2-color reversible and super easy to clean

5. PetAmi Sherpa Dog Blanket 

If you cherish the idea of pampering your furry friend with a cozy blanket, this plush soft dog blanket is an awesome choice for you.

Crafted from plush, soft fabric, the blanket features a cozy Sherpa lining that guarantees your furry buddy a comfortable sleep every day.

Like other PetAmi pet blankets, this blanket features a reversible Sherpa lining and premium flannel fleece for extra warmth and comfort.

It is perfect for the sofa or bed, meaning your furry companion can blissfully nap next to you while ensuring your bedding and furniture remain fur-free and clean.

The thick blanket offers a plush layer for pets of all sizes. More importantly, the blanket offers amazing floor protection to keep your carpets and floor protected from stains. 

Key Features

  • Offers great comfort and warmth for your dog to nap and lounge peacefully
  •  Suitable for large and medium-sized dogs
  • Available in multiple colors as well as three different sizes 
  • Machine washable hence making it extremely easy to clean
  • Super comfortable 
  • Boasts superior quality considering that it is a product of one of the globally recognized pet product manufacturers

6. LovingBlanket  Leak Proof, 3 layer blanket for dogs

Searching for an indestructible dog blanket with unmatched quality? Then the LovingBlanket Leak Proof, 3 layer blanket for dogs is a worthy choice for you.

The waterproof and chew-proof dog blanket has countless uses. From protecting bedding, car interiors, to furniture, the blanket is specially designed to protect virtually any surface from liquids such as puke, pee, and body fluids.

The 2-color reversible blanket is soft and cozy. Its polar fleece stays cool during the summer months while staying warm during the winter months. 

It derives its outstanding quality from high-quality fabrics which it is made of. Again, the waterproof blanket comes in plenty of colors, enabling you to choose a color that perfectly matches and complements the rest of your home’s décor.

Key Features

  • Amazingly comfortable
  •  It comes with a reusable zipper travel pouch for storage while you are traveling with your pet
  • Great for pets of different sizes and ages 
  • Absolutely 100% waterproof 
  • Backed by a money-back guarantee 
  • Excellent for both outdoor and indoor use

7. PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket 

If you want an ultra-soft and cozy blanket for your dog irrespective of his size, this chew-proof dog blanket is a great pick.

Designed from premium materials and featuring a superior construction, the blanket gives your dog an unmatched sense of security.

It further protects furniture from clawing, scratching, and unwanted pet hair. 

Key Features

  • Features a dual-sided design and plush fibers to resist shedding and pilling
  • Functional and super comfy 
  • Amazingly high quality 
  • Impressive color options that blend perfectly with any home’s décor
  • Machine washable hence easy to take care of
  • Has a 12-months guarantee

8. ALLISANDRO 350 GSM-Super Soft 

The super-soft blanket is ideal for all dog breeds ranging from French bulldogs, poodles, Corgi, Bull Terriers to Scottish Terriers. It offers a comfortable and warm sleeping surface for pets.

 It derives its superior quality from the high-quality flannel fleece materials that it is crafted of.

It is designed to save your expensive furniture from scratching, unwanted pet hair, chewing, and clawing.

It has powerful water-absorbent capabilities that help keep your pets dry and clean.

Key Features

  • Crafted from high quality and super soft flannel fleece materials, which ensures your loyal furry friend gets the best sleep and rest each day.
  • Can be easily rolled up or folded, making it suitable for outdoors and travel
  • Spacious enough for large pets 
  • Attractive design  and comes in multiple color variation 
  • Durable and shed resistant 

9. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed 

Want to keep your lovely dog warm in style? These quality chew-proof dog blankets enable you to do precisely that.

The blanket relies on the dog’s body heat to enable it to create a comfortable and warmer sleep surface.

It is also available in four size options, namely small, medium, large and jumbo.

It is ideal for travel, for it is lightweight, extremely portable and foldable. 

Key Features

  • Superbly designed to give your dog a warmer treat
  • Contours to your dog’s body to offer ultimate support
  •  Highly versatile and features luxurious, plush sleep surface 
  • Can be customized to fit any chair, couch or pet’s bed
  •  Amazingly durable 
  • Easy to clean

10. RZA Pet Blanket 

Designed from high-quality polyester, this blanket is durable, washable, lightweight and free from toxic.

It features a coral velvet design that is crafted with fine texture. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to carry and store.

Being machine washable, the blanket has a low maintenance cost. It has incredible absorbent capabilities, enabling it to absorb any water that comes into contact with it. 

Key Features

  • Have fantastic water-absorbent capabilities to keep your dog dry and clean throughout.
  • Ultra-soft giving your lovely dog a supreme feeling whenever he is laying on it.
  • Durable and comes in colorful design 
  • Are free from harmful chemicals that endanger the life of your dog 
  • Machine washable hence easy hence to maintain

11. PAWZ Road Dog Blanket 

Our list of blankets for dogs that chew wouldn’t be complete without highlighting this amazing blanket from PAWZ.

This 100% double-sided and ultra-soft velveteen dog blanket is wonderfully designed to provide your dog with soothing warmth all year-round.

Besides enveloping your lovely dog in luxury while he is napping, this luxurious blanket also helps keep your cart seats, furniture, and other surfaces well-protected.

The high-quality blanket isn’t easy to shred because it is made from premium materials.

The blanket is quite cute, thanks to its reversible design that feature a white Sherpa and bright color. 

Key Features

  • Spacious enough to allow your dog to move around easily and also change his position whenever he pleases. 
  • Soft and cuddly 
  • Super comfortable and comes in a stylish design 
  • Machine washable 

12. Friends Forever Deluxe 

The premium plush blanket is made from 100 % original crystal velvet, thus providing your dog with maximum comfort. It boasts superior quality since it is derived from high-quality crystal velvet.

The reversible 2-sided blanket is machine washable thus easy to care for. It is completely shred-resistant and built with long-term durability in mind.

It is great for the car seat, pet beds, and couch, or literally where your dog prefers to lounge on.

The indestructible blanket fits dogs of all sizes, ranging from large, and medium to small dogs.

Key Features

  • Offers a stylish way of keeping your dog comfortable and warm, while keeping your car seats, couches and furniture protected.
  • Highly durable and if your dog manages to ruin it, there won’t be stuffing to clean up
  • Machine washable hence easy to clean 
  • Stylish in-seam design, making it perfect for dogs who like to chew things around them
  • It comes in double-sided tone eliminating the need for frequent washing.

13. DII Bone Dry Microfiber 

The cozy blanket is ideal for all dogs and cats. The blanket is made from 100% Polyester microfiber and it features a refine stitching meant to increase its durability.

Besides being comfortable, this blanket helps prevent pet scratches on your furniture.

The subtle texture and neutral colors of this blanket make it a great décor piece for your home.

While it is machine washable, it can be cleaned easily with a wet sponge or cloth.

Key Features

  • Super comfortable and holds up perfectly well
  • Easy to carry when needed hence perfect for the kennel, crate or cage.
  • Outstanding quality considering that it made by one of the world’s top manufacturers of quality pet products
  • Great bedding for all pets 

14. Laura Ashley Reversible 

If you intend to treat your dog to ultimate comfort, then this reversible blanket is the perfect bet.

The soft plush blanket is designed to warm up to your dog’s body temperature, giving him a soothing experience.

It is quite easy to maintain since all you need to do is just have to toss the blanket in your washing machine whenever you want to clean it.

The blanket can be used on the couch, bed or car seat. The soft throw dog blanket protects your furniture from paw prints, pet hair, and scratch marks. 


  • Soft and perfectly-crafted 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry 
  • Ultra-soft and comfy 
  • Easy maintenance 

15. AAK KYC 3

The last entry in our list of the best dog blanket for chewers is this soft and beautiful dog blanket from AAK KYC 3.

The blanket is derived from 100% ultra-fleece, and it is meticulously built to keep your dog comfy all summer and warm in winter.

It features a cute paw print, which gives your pet a sense of style. The blanket is excellent for puppies, kitties, and other smaller pets.

It is particularly excellent for small dog breeds such as French bulldogs, Chihuahua, and terriers.

It is available in several color variations, which implies that you can pick a blanket with a color that perfectly complements your home’s décor. 

Key Features

  • It offers an excellent fuzzy layer to help keep your pets warm on cold days
  • Retains its original shape even after several months of washing 
  • Super comfortable for small and medium-size pets
  •  Super stylish and easy to clean

Chew Proof Dog Blankets Guide 

Why Do Dogs Chew Blankets?

It is pretty normal for dogs to chew on blankets. However, chewing becomes an issue when it becomes destructive. For instance, if your dog destructively chews on every blanket you purchase for him, then you have to address his chewing behavior.

Here are some of the top reasons why a dog may chew on his blanket:

  • Hunger: Dogs on calorie-restricted diets can chew blankets while attempting to get additional nutritional sources. They easily mistake their blankets for food. Your furry companion can also chew his blanket if it smells like food and he is hungry.
  • Anxiety: Anxiety can make your dog chew on his blanket and other objects in a bid to relive stress. Other signs of anxiety in dogs include whining, pacing, barking, urination, defecation, and restlessness.
  • Teething: When puppies start teething—at around six months—they can start chewing on their blankets alongside other objects to relieve the pain that comes with teething.
  • Irritation: Dogs can chew on things when irritated. For instance, if you leave the house, your furry companion may get irritated and start chewing on his blanket.
  • Boredom: Dog’s are curious and clever animals and when they get bored, they may begin chewing things (including blankets) to keep them busy or in an attempt to find a problem to solve.
  • Rippers and shredders: Some dog breeds, especially those with high prey drive may enjoy shredding or ripping their blankets because it somehow satisfies their desire to attack a prey.

At What Age Do Dogs Stop Chewing?

Most dogs stop chewing when they are 3 to 6 months old. During this stage, they are teething and the discomfort that results from teething can prompt them to chew.

However, older puppies can stop chewing when they are 6 to 1 year old.

But some dog breeds are terrific chewers and they can chew throughout their lives. For instance, sporting and hunting breeds are ever exposed to chewing and are unlikely to stop chewing.

Learn more here: When Do Puppies Stop Chewing Everything?

How Do I Stop My Dog From Chewing Blankets?

While dogs are natural chewers and they can chew on anything including their blankets, there are simple approaches dog owners can take to stop their furry friends from destructive chewing.

Without further ado, here are things you can do to stop your dog from chewing on his blankets.

  • Train Him: You can train your dog to stop chewing on his blankets and other inappropriate things. For instance, use signals such as making a loud noise whenever you catch him chewing on his blankets. The idea is to let him know he is doing something wrong. Once he has stopped chewing, reward him or give him a small treat for showing a desirable behavior.
  • Exercise Him Regularly: Exercise can help relieve anxiety and aggression in your dog. Exercise him frequently to arrest his destructive chewing behavior.
  • Use a Chew Deterrent: Chew deterrents taste awful, but they aren’t designed to harm dogs but rather to leave an unpleasant taste on everything they are sprayed on. Spraying your dog’s blankets with a chew deterrent can easily stop his constant chewing on the blankets. Nevertheless, you will have to spray his blankets with the deterrent regularly to keep the deterrent effective. 
  • Changing His Environment: When your dog is exposed to stressful situations, he might resort to destructive chewing on his blankets. Change his environment and make it less stressful and comfortable to stop his chewing behavior. 
  • Buy him Chew Toys: Invest in a few chew toys and rotate them regularly to keep him interested. Chews that are stuffed with treats like peanut butter can keep your dog busy even if there is no one he can play with. Here is a good list of the best chew toys for adult dogs and puppies.  
  • Take him to a vet for a check-up: Compulsive chewing could be due to nutritional deficiency, dental issues, or anxiety disorder. In case your dog is suffering from these problems, your vet is the best person to contact for more advice.

Why Should You Buy Chew Proof Dog Blankets? 

Other than discouraging destructive chewing among dogs, there are many reasons why dog owners should opt to purchase unchewable dog blankets, including:

  • They Are More Durable: Since these blankets are made from high-quality materials to make them indestructible, they are more durable than regular blankets.
  • They Can Withstand Harsh Weather Conditions: Unlike regular blankets, chew-proof blankets can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Purchasing these blankets is, therefore, a guarantee that your furry friend will get a conducive and comfortable environment for sleeping.
  • Perfect for Huge Dogs: Regular blankets can only accommodate average-sized dogs since most of them aren’t designed to support large dogs. But chew-proof dog blankets are perfect for both small and large dogs because they are built to provide extra strength.
  • Easy to clean: The majority of dog blankets for chewers are perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, thanks to the high-quality materials that they are crafted from. Although there are lots of drawbacks that come with using dog blankets on the outdoors, such as overexposure to dirt, chew-proof blankets are easy to clean. All you need to clean these blankets is a detergent and brush.

What to Look For In a Good Chew-Proof Dog Blanket 

  • Material: While picking blankets for dogs that chew, always go for a blanket that is crafted from high-quality material. The material should feature extra reinforcement to ensure it is sturdier than the regular dog blankets. The material should also be comfortable, durable and easy to clean.
  • Is It Abrasion Resistant?  A blanket is considered to be a dog proof blanket if it is abrasion-resistant. This ensures that the dog can’t tamper with it irrespective of how hard he tries to shred it.
  • Size: The blanket should be large enough to accommodate your dog. It should also be spacious enough to enable the dog to lay on it comfortably other than struggling to fit on it. 
  • Thickness: Do you plan to use the blanket indoors or outdoors? If it is just for your pooch’s comfort indoors, then a thin blanket is just OK. However, if you plan to use the blanket outdoors as padding for warmth, opt for a thicker blanket.
  • Water Resistance: While most dog proof blankets are water-proof, be sure to check this feature because spills and messes do occur, especially with puppies.

How to Take Care of Chew-Proof Dog Blankets 

To get the most out of your dog blankets for heavy chewers, you need to take good care of it. Here are some tips that you can leverage:

  • Wash your dog’s blanket regularly to rid it of odors, dust and pet hair 
  • Wash the blanket using mild detergents that can’t compromise on the blanket’s abrasion-resistance capabilities 
  • Keep the blanket in its storage bag when it is not in use to minimize its exposure to potential damages
  • Clean the stains immediately you notice them
  • For machine-washable dog blankets, ensure the blankets fit properly in the washing machine for them to be washed properly.


What is the right size of a dog blanket for your specific pet dog? 

Ideally, the perfect size of the blanket will be determined by the dog himself. If your specific pet dog is large, for instance, then you will have to choose a large blanket to accommodate him fully.

No matter the size of the blanket you pick for your dog, it should be spacious to allow him to turn easily and also give him adequate space to rest comfortably.

The best way to figure out the best blanket size for your dog is to measure him when he is asleep and add a few extra inches.

Which dog breeds need chew-proof dog blankets?

While all dogs are natural chewers from birth, some breeds are more susceptible to chewing than others.

Some of the dog breeds that need indestructible dog blankets include German shepherds, Shetland sheepdogs, Australian shepherds, and huskies. 

Is an electric blanket safe for a dog?

While an electric blanket can effectively keep a dog warmer, it is unsafe for a dog. First off, the electric blanket can’t be left unattended.

Secondly, the dog barely notices when the blanket gets too hot hence putting him at risk of getting burned. 

How do I tell that my dog is feeling cold?

  • If he is trembling or shivering 
  • If he is hunching his back while walking outdoors
  • If he is keeping his tail tucked close to his body 
  • If his ears feel cold, especially around the edges 


Whereas you might not successfully bring your dog’s destructive chewing behavior to an end, you can always purchase a chew-proof blanket for him to ensure he continues enjoying the comfort of snagging on a blanket.

When shopping for an indestructible dog blanket for him, ensure the blanket is properly designed to withstand his constant bites.

Additionally, choose your blanket from a variety of popular chew-proof brands to increase the odds of selecting a high-quality blanket. 

Lastly, don’t forget to factor in things like size, material, thickness, water-resistance, and whether it is easy to clean.

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