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10 Best Dog Attack Protection Devices

10 Best Dog Attack Protection Devices

You are on your usual walk with your Yorkie when a German shepherd comes from nowhere ready for war.

She bares her teeth at you and the dog, assumes the position of attack, and moves closer to you.

Everything tells you to run but you know that will escalate the problem.

If only you had pepper spray to distract the vicious canine and protect yourself and the dog?

If you’ve ever been in such a situation, you know the importance of arming yourself with dog deterrents.

Whether it is a spray, a handheld transmitter, or anything else, you can prevent injuries and death with the right device.

Here’s my 10 favorite dog attack protection devices that can come in handy when you are attacked by a dog.

Before we look at each protection device, it is important to have an idea of the categories that they fall in in general as well as their basic working mechanisms…

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Types of Dog Attack Protection Devices

A. Sprays

These are designed to be sprayed to the eyes of the attacking dog to cause irritation and stop any behavior that the dog may be engaging in at that time—displaying aggressive behaviors (like attack) or chewing furniture.

They come in two forms: pepper and citronella sprays.

Pepper sprays are very potent as they cause the dog to experience temporary blindness, confusion, temporary breathing, and disorientation. They are, therefore, very effective against aggressive dogs.

However, they are less humane. While dogs do recover from the effects of the pepper shots, they experience extreme irritation and discomfort at first.

On the other hand, citronella-based sprays have limited capacity. This means that you can only use them at close range.

However, they are more humane than pepper-based sprays because they don’t cause long-term damage.

While using sprays may protect you from dog attacks, they have a few downsides:

  • The act of spraying may increase some dog’s adrenaline, making them more aggressive.
  • The dog may learn that sprays are dangerous and may become more aggressive with any stranger they encounter or anybody carrying something that looks like a spray
  • Using pepper based sprays may get you in trouble with some dog owners.

B. Ultrasonic Devices

Ultrasonic deterrents are designed to produce high-frequency sounds that are more annoying to dog’s ears but easier on human ears.

Once you press them, the unruly or attacking dog will flee in an attempt to escape the high-frequency sound.

Some ultrasonic devices come with LED flashlights to protect you from dog attacks even in the dark. They are safest to carry at night, especially when you suspect the presence of aggressive dogs.

One of the unique selling points of ultrasonic devices is the fact that they are effective on dogs that are not very close, so they can help you deter other dogs when walking yours since they (devices) will not affect him.

On the flip side, they will be useless if the unruly dog is very close because the frequency will not reach their ears.

They can also be quite useless if the attacking dog has interacted with the sounds before. In such a case, the noise may not affect the dog anymore.

Additionally, it is not effective for deaf dogs as they will obviously not hear the high-pitched sounds that the devices produce.

C. Audible Sound Devices

These include horns, whistles, and any handheld device designed to produce a loud sound. The loud noises that they produce are meant to deter aggressive dogs from a far-off distance.

They may not be very effective against extremely aggressive dogs but they have been proven to be effective in distracting dogs long enough for you to get away.

D. Baton/Break Sticks

These are made of hard materials and are meant to be extended to keep aggressive dogs at bay. You need to lift them up or shove them in the face of the attacking dogs to cause them to back down and walk away.

Some dogs are afraid of being hit and will flee the moment they see that you’ve raised the baton in a threatening manner. Some dogs will also consider you as a taller force and will be afraid of challenging you.

You can also use them to pry open the attacking dog’s jaws, especially if he has bitten down on your pup.

Batons and break sticks can only be effective if you have enough time to react. Unfortunately, most dog attacks are so swift and there is not always a lot of time to react.

10 Best Dog Attack Protection Devices

1. Dog Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

The Dog Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent is intentionally on top of the list. It is designed to give off a high-frequency sound that dogs cannot stand.

When you press the button, the dog will feel scared and intimidated and run in the opposite direction.

The sound can travel up to 20 feet, so you can keep a safe between you and the dog.

Dog Dazer is made of a light, high-impact plastic that is quite durable. It also comes with a battery indicator so you will always know when it needs a recharge.

Finally, it has a belt clip to make it portable.

Unfortunately, the sound is inconsistent and may not work on some pups. It also stops giving off the sound too fast.


  • Lightweight
  • Works up to 20 feet
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a belt clip and a low-battery indicator


  • The sound is inconsistent
  • Ineffective on some dogs
  • Small children can pick the sound frequency

2. OYEFLY Handheld 3 in 1 with LED Flashlight Dog Trainer

Protect yourself and those you love with the OYEFLY Handheld Dog Trainer.

This one also emits a powerful ultrasonic sound that distracts any dog from making an attack.

Like other ultrasonic devices, the sound emitted by the device is silent to humans but very distracting and disturbing to dogs.

When a dog chases you and shows signs of wanting to attack, simply point the device in her direction and press the button.

It works up to 20 feet, so don’t be afraid to start aiming from afar off.

Command the dog to stop and then keep pressing for a few more seconds or until the doggie stops charging at you.

This dog deterrent is lightweight and portable. It can comfortably fit in any pocket, making it ideal for joggers, runners, cyclists, and walkers.


  • Portable
  • Has strong and mild settings for use in different occurrences
  • Affordable compared to other products in the market
  • Works instantly
  • Safe and humane for canines


  • Doesn’t work on certain dogs

3. Kuntrona Pitbull Break Stick

If a Pitbull or a K9 dog tries to attack you, the Kuntrona Pitbull Break Stick can help save the day.

This is a nylon stick is designed to open the jaws of the attacking dog and get it to stop biting you or another person.

Pitties can lock their jaws on you without letting go no matter what. This break stick is among the few things that can separate the jaws and release the victim hopefully in one piece.

The product has a soft coating that protects the dog’s mouth from injury. That adds to its safety around dogs.


  • Safe method of handling a bite-and-hold situation
  • Can be slipped under a belt for easy transportation
  • Effective dog deterrent


  • Breaks apart easily
  • Too big for small dogs

4.  Halt II Dog Repellent Spray

The Halt II Dog Repellent Spray Repellent uses capsaicin which makes it a true pepper spray.

It will throw your dog into confusion and have her rubbing her eyes rather than chasing you down.

The chemical used is naturally occurring which means it will only deliver temporary hurt to your dog. This gives you enough time to get to safety.

 Halt II Dog Repellent shoots up to a distance of 10 feet. While other products go for more than this distance, it is still good enough.

As long as you aim for the eyes or any other part of the face, the capsaicin will work its magic.

 In case you are wondering, the concentration of capsaicin is only 1%. This is safe for any pooch.

The product has been in use since 1966. You can trust its effectiveness, safety, and quality.

Add that to the fact that it is made in the US and you know why the spray made it to our list.

One package comes in a 1.5 oz. canister and will last you a pretty long time.


  • Effective
  • Has been around for 55 years
  • Made from capsaicin
  • Sprays up to 10 feet


  • It may not work on some dogs

5. The Company of Animals Pet Corrector

This dog repellent takes a unique angle to protect you from dog attacks. Unlike other products that use pepper and sound frequencies to deter aggressive dogs, this one uses air.

The design of the product mimics an air horn. When you press it, it will release a harmless stream of air that removes the dog’s focus from hurting you.

The stream of air resembles the hisses that nature produces and serves as a warning from predators.

When your dog hears the sounds, her immediate instinct would be to stop what she’s doing and flee.

Many pet owners love the fact that this dog repellent is harmless to dogs. It doesn’t release scary sounds or pepper that hurts the dog’s eyes.


  • Doesn’t hurt a dog
  • Can be used to correct bad behaviors
  • Works immediately
  • One canister can be used up to 50 times and works immediately.


  • Expensive

6.  ZAP Hike N Strike Walking Stick

The ZAP Hike N Strike Walking Stick doubles up as an effective collapsible hiking stick and a dog protection tool.

As you navigate rough terrain, the stick will offer support and stability.

Also, if a strange dog attacks you from the blues, you can strike them with the stick.

With 950,000 volts of power, you bet the stick will knock the canine down and bring her to her knees.

The loss of muscle control as well as the feeling of being disoriented will stop them from pursuing their path of aggression.

 The stick measures 56 inches at maximum. At the end of it, you have the stun gun which elongates it further to give you the advantage of distance over your adversary.

The package comes with three lithium batteries, an extra end cap, a wrist cap, and a removable reflective band.

It is the best tool for backpackers, hikers, and walkers.


  • Can be used as a hiking stick and a dog deterrent
  • Stun gun releases massive knockdown power to cripple any dog
  • Comes with a LED flashlight
  • The stick has a total length of 56 inches
  • Features a soft, secure, non-slip rubber grip
  • Can collect the attacker’s DNA for identification purposes


  • Not the safest tool as it can hurt a dog.
  • Expensive


Want to stop a vicious dog in her tracks or manage bad canine behaviors? The Safety-Sport Dog Horn will make your wish a reality.

It emits a super loud sound that will distract any dog that shows aggression enough to stop chasing after you or barking excessively.

The tool can also break up a fight that ensues between two dogs.

Once you press the button, it will emit the sound and stop the dog from charging at you.


  • Effective and reliable
  • Can be used for discipline and safety
  • Works instantly
  • Easy to carry


  • Doesn’t work for some pups

8.  SABRE Pepper Based Dog Attack Deterrent/Spray Dog Spray

The SABRE Dog Spray is one of the best-selling deterrent sprays in the market right now.

With a 12-foot range of steam, trust this pepper spray to protect you against dog attacks.

It delivers 14 one-second bursts of product in a strong power pattern even over a distance of 12 feet. This ensures that the dog doesn’t come any closer to you, your dog, or other family members.

Dubbed “maximum strength’ by the manufacturer, this dog spray deterrent utilizes 1.0% major capsaicinoids. This is the maximum allowable limit by the environmental protection agency (EPA).

The spray is super-strong yet humane for your doggie and gentle to the environment.

One canister is filled with 0.75 oz of product and will last you a long time, especially because it is not used daily.

The canister is fitted with a key attachment whose function is to make it convenient to use.

When a dog is charging at you with top aggression, time is everything. A bottle that offers convenience will go a long way in preventing dog injuries.

The bottle also comes with a safety lock that inhibits accidental discharge so you don’t waste the spray.


  • It is lightweight and convenient
  • Shoots far
  • Works effectively on the most vicious dogs


  • Some owners on Amazon claim that the product doesn’t really shoot that far.

9. MelkTemn Dog Bite Training Set

This professional dog bite training set from MelkTemm comes with a bite arm and a whip.

The arm creates a strong barrier between you and the dog.

 Inside the sleeve is a thick layer of foam which the dog bites into. The outer jute layer, on the other hand, protects you further but also cleans the dog’s teeth.

During training, the bite sleeve can also be used as a form of entertainment or to relieve canine stress.

It is also worth mentioning that the sleeve has a wooden anti-slip handle to maximize control.

The beauty of the sleeve is that it can be worn on either hand.

If you are interested in teaching your dog about behavior management, the dog training stick will come in handy.


  • Comes with a bite sleeve and a dog whip
  • Bite arm uses tough materials for construction
  • Multifunctional tool. Can be used during dog training and to protect oneself from dog attacks


  • Knowing how to use it takes time
  • Cannot withstand repeated chewing
  • Loose-fitting

10. Sound Defense K9 Warning Device

On the last spot, we have the Sound Defense K9 Warning Device.

The handheld dog deterrent is a great product for walkers, cyclists, and runners across the world.

As the name goes, it deters an aggressive dog by emitting a high-frequency sound that dogs find very repulsive.

The sound is designed to be intimidating, alarming, and overwhelming for your doggie. It will deter the aggressive dog but won’t harm her in any way.

The product works for up to 25 feet which is quite impressive. The fact that it doesn’t use chemicals and is devoid of blowbacks and overspray makes it safe for both humans and dogs.


  • Works up to 25 feet
  • Doesn’t have chemicals, overspray, or blowbacks
  • Safe for dogs


  • Some owners claim that the device doesn’t work. Instead, it angers some dogs further
  • The device is loud

What to Do If Dog Protection Devices Fail or If You Don’t Have Any Devices

Dog Attack Protection Devices

What do you do if the above-highlighted protection devices fail to protect you from an unruly dog or you are attacked by a dog and you don’t have any protection device?

Well, we recommend that you play it safe and smart…here are top tips you can leverage:

I. Avoid Staring the dog in the eyes

Canines often look away when they are backing down. You can also use this trick to show an aggressive dog that you don’t want to challenge him.

II. Stay Calm

Don’t attempt to run because you can’t outrun a dog. Instead, stay calm as you think of the next step to take to keep yourself safe. ‘

If possible, be confident, stand tall, and move slowly. You should portray yourself as confident and secure.

III. Get out of the dog’s territory

Think of a space you can move to slowly and safely—a fence, doorway, tree, or any place you can climb.

 Even if there is no physical barrier between you and an aggressive dog, being on higher ground will give you a lot of advantages.

IV. Aim a Kick (for small Breeds)

If the attacking dog is a small breed like Chihuahua and nothing else seems to work for you, kicking towards the dog may give you enough time to get out of his territory.

Don’t try this with larger breeds because you’ll simply be making the situation worse.

V. Throw Treats

Many dogs will stop being aggressive at you the moment you chuck chicken or their favorite treats at them.

This trick is recommended if you are dealing with a neighbor’s dog because it can go a long way in improving your future relationship with the dog.

VI. Make it harder for the dog to land a bite

There are several tricks you can apply here:

  • Cover the dog’s head with a sweatshirt or a piece of fabric
  • Throw rocks at the dog
  • Put a stick, coat, book, box, piece of furniture, purse, cardboard, or anything else you find between you and the dog

All these will distract the dog or remove his ability to see, giving you an opportunity to move away from the dog’s territory.

VII. Curl into A ball

In case the dog knocks and you find yourself on the ground, consider rolling yourself up into a ball and use your hands to protect your neck and head.

Ensure that your chin is also tucked into your neck to protect your throat.

Your neck, throat, head, and abdomen are more important than your hands if you are caught up in an aggressive dog attack or vicious mauling. You should always try to keep them safe until help arrives.

Closing Thoughts

Dog protection devices are a must-have for people that have a high chance of interacting with strange dogs.

Canine bites can hurt you so badly or worse – kill you or another member of your family.

Why risk when you can get yourself one or more of the tools listed here?

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