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How To Register A Dog With AKC Without Papers

How To Register A Dog With AKC Without Papers

AKC registration of puppies is a big deal among a large portion of dog owners and those aspiring to own puppies.

 If you are in the search for a puppy, you must have encountered the issue of pedigree dogs more than you care to remember.

AKC-registered dogs fetch handsome prices on the market. They can also participate in dog events organized by AKC

By showing AKC registration, it is easy to convince someone that your dog is of good quality. Her lineage can be traced with papers to back it up.

Plus, you get additional bonuses such as insurance covers, recovery services, dog magazines, and training videos.

In this guide, we will tell you how to register your dog with AKC without papers.

First Things First…Why Papers Matter

Papers are important because they provide evidence that your dog is a pure breed.

If you can trace the lineage of your dog all the way to purebred members of the AKC, you may want to get them registered as soon as possible.

A non-papered dog will have lots of limitations including but not limited to breeding.

Even if your dog has a good lineage, the lack of papers will be reason enough for him to be declined to breed with papered dogs.

Does The AKC Register Dogs Without Papers?

To register your dog with the AKC, you need papers of both parents from your breeder. The folks must be fully registered with the organization.

Even if one dog has limited or no registration by the AKC, it will not be registered.

The whole point of registration is to show that the dog is purebred and show a record of ancestry.

If the pooch doesn’t have papers showing that the parents are purebred and registered, it beats logic for the kennel club to register her.

Pedigree papers show the dog’s family tree, so you can trace back her heritage and find out if she was purebred or not. The registry papers are only available from the breeders.

Besides having papers for mom and dad, you can register your dog with the AKC if you have papers from another AKC-certified registry.

As long as the AKC can determine that the dog doesn’t have a break in her lineage and that she comes from an AKC registered stock, you can have her registered.

How to Register a Dog with AKC with No Papers

While having papers is a must for a direct AKC registration of a dog, there are other alternatives to get registered even without them.

The AKC has made provision for that through their Alternative Listing/Indefinite Listing Privilege (PAL/ILP) program.

Dogs from rescue groups, those with incomplete paperwork, and the ones registered with an ineligible organization use this route to get AKC-registered. 

The PAL program doesn’t offer full benefits of direct AKC registration but it allows participation in certain AKC events such as agility, hunt tests, coursing ability, obedience, tracking tests, and rally trails.

It can also be used for junior showmanship. As for GRCA events, the dog can participate in the Certificate of Conformation Assessment (CCA) and Working Certificate Tests (WC/WCX). 

To register your pup with the PAL program, make sure she is at least six months old and is spayed or neutered. Obviously, her parents must be unregistered but you should make sure she is purebred.

The application form can be downloaded on the AKC website. Alternatively, you can request the organization to mail the form to your mailing address.

Now attach two clear photos of the pup in full front view and fill the form then send it to the AKC with a $35 application fee.

Some of the questions you will find in the form include your role in the dog’s life, the owner of the dog, and questions about the said litter. 

Once you’ve sent in the application, you will have to wait for feedback from the AKC.

 If you are successful, your pet will receive a PAL/ILP number in place of an AKC registration number for AKC-registered puppies.

Going forward, you can participate in companion events and performance events.

How to Register a Dog with CKC without Papers

If you are looking to register a dog with CKC without papers, your best bet is to get in touch with the breeder to request a CKC Preprinted Puppy Application.

As a side note, when you buy a puppy that is advertised as eligible for CKC registration, a CKC preprinted puppy application form should be provided as evidence of eligibility. Once you have this form, you can submit it via mail or fax. 

Before you get started with your CKC registration, you need to be clear on which CKC you are looking to register your puppies at because you can either register with the Canadian Kennel Club or the Continental Kennel Club.

The Canadian Kennel Club is quite strict and will need to verify that the parents of your puppies are registered members with them before they approve your registration.

The Continental Kennel Club has a more relaxed approach and they can register your puppy even if the parents aren’t members.  

You can also order your preprinted puppy application from the Continental Kennel Club website.

You will be asked for the details of the puppy and then the captured details will be printed on the application form which will be mailed to you within 3 business days.

To register a number of puppies, you can request a litter application form which you can then mail to them.

This is typically done by the breeder but if the breeder is not the owner of the litter, the new owner is required to do the registration.

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Closing Thoughts

If your dog doesn’t have papers, it is high time you got started on the registration process.

 If you can trace his parents and they are AKC members, you can get registered with the AKC. This will allow your dog to participate in events organized by the AKC.

But even if you are not eligible for AKC, you can still get the dog registered with the CKC.

Either way, get your dog papered pronto. 

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