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12 Best Dog Treats for Furbo

12 Best Dog Treats for Furbo

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As a loving pet parent that you are, it is your innermost desire to be by your fur baby’s side like clockwork. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. You have to go out there to make sure he has food and a roof over his head. Thankfully, technology has made it possible to be close to our furry friends despite the distance. A dog camera with a treat dispenser gives you a chance to keep tabs on your pet without being there physically.

While there are countless dog cameras that double up as treat dispensers in the market, very few match the functionality and practicability of Furbo Dog Camera. This gadget comes with all the features a good dog camera should have. With a tap, you can watch your pet right from your phone’s screen, say hi to him, and even offer then a treat for being a good boy. And if you sign up for a premium account, you can save your pup’s video footage, take selfies of him, set barking alerts, and even keep an eye on people who interact with your dog.

Interestingly, the camera feeder can also be set to take pictures of your pet automatically whenever he gazes into the camera. This is an amazing feature considering that you can train your dog to gaze into the camera whenever the signal light turns blue—one of the few colors dogs can see. How cool?   

Furbo Dog Treats

Despite all the amazing features, Furbo dog camera has one downside: it doesn’t work with all the dog treats that you will find in a local store. You have to choose the treats you pair with the feeder to make the most out of the versatile features that Furbo offers. So, which treats can you use with Furbo? The best treats for your Furbo are treats that are:

  • Smaller than the Dispenser Opening: between 0.5 and 1 inch in diameter
  • Dry and Firm: Not prone to stickiness, too wet, or too crumbly
  • Round: Avoid any shape that can get stuck on the dispenser opening or get ruined by bei8ng dispensed. Longer treats like bone-shaped options are not recommended even if they are less than 0.5 inches because dispensing them may still be less smooth compared to round options.

Best treats for Furbo: Our Top 12 Picks

 If you are wondering which treats can fit into your Furbo dog camera, here is a quick review of the best 12 in the market right now:

1. Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Training Dog Treats is the first compatible product with the Furbo camera technology. When you are away from home, these tender mini bites will keep your dog company. They are prepared from real organic chicken and you bet the flavor is dog-friendly. They are tender, healthy, and very nutritious. The best part? One treat is only three calories. No matter how many your pup eats, being overweight is highly unlikely. Anytime your dog behaves well, tap the Furbo app via your phone or tablet and a treat or two will be released for your dog. You can then sit back and watch him go crazy over it.

2. Crazy Dog Train-Me! Reward Dog Treats

Secondly, we have these Furbodog treats from Crazy Dog Train-Me! Made with delicious bacon that dogs adore, these treats are like heaven for just about any dog. During training, the small-sized bites will motivate your dog to perform and maintain focus. Like the first entry, this product is impressively healthy. It is low in fat and calories—the perfect combination for training treats.  If you own a Furbo camera, you’d be happy to know that the treats can be added to the dispenser. This package comes in a 16 Oz container but you select other options if you desire.

3. Wellness Natural Grain-Free Puppy Treats

When looking for the perfect Furbo dog treats, you must choose the ones that utilize only natural ingredients. It is equally in your best interest to consider the flavor of the treat. If it is bland, your pup might not enjoy them much. This is why the Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats deserves the third spot on our list. These little bites are made with healthy vegetables and fruits such as organic sweet potatoes and blueberries. There are no harmful substances such as artificial flavors, colors, grains, and meat by-products. To enhance the flavor, the treats feature a meaty flavor that all pups love. Finally, they are available in different textures from chewy to crunchy. Choose the appropriate type based on your needs.

4. Blue Buffalo Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

These chicken dog treats from Blue Buffalo are also fantastic for your Furbo camera. They are available in a perfect bite size that will fit in the camera just right. In your absence, your fur baby will have a time of his life and you will see all the action from your phone or tablet. These treats beat a number of other brands for being packed with flavor. You have the option of choosing chicken, meat, salmon, or turkey as the first ingredients. They also contain the acclaimed DHA—one of the premier protein sources shown to help with cognitive development as well as Omega 3 and fatty acids to enhance the health of your Fido’s coat and skin.

5. Full Moon Organic Training Treats for Dogs

Treats are one way of telling your snuggle buddy how much you adore them. Despite being at work, you can put your Furbo treat dispenser to work after filling it with these Full Moon Organic Human Grade best treats for Furbo. Prepared with organic chicken and a number of other human-grade ingredients, your pup will fall in love with the flavor. One bite-full treat is only three calories, so you can rest easy knowing you won’t end up with an obese pup after your trip.

6. NUTRO Mini Bites Training Treats for Dogs

You have the Furbo camera technology, but what is the ideal treat to use with it? How about the NUTRO Mini Bites Training Treats? The two are compatible and make a great team. Whether you are training your canine buddy or simply want to reward him from time to time without being physically present to do so, the treats will actualize your dreams. The flavor in question is real roasted chicken. Both you and your pup will lick your fingers after just one bite. The treats are prepared in the USA with natural ingredients, trace nutrients, and minerals that support health in so many ways.

7. Pet Botanics Training Reward Treats

Whether you own a Doberman or a Chihuahua, treat him to bites right from the comfort of your office. The Pet Botanics Training Rewards appropriately fit the Furbo dispenser like charm. They are also bite-sized to fit into your fur baby’s mouth. With plenty of flavor ranging from pork liver and chicken, best believe these are some of the tastiest treats in the market. They are also tender, moist, and packed with plenty of nutrition including minerals and vitamins.

8. Merrick Power Bites Dog Treats

Merrick Power Bites Dog treats also go hand in hand with the Furbo camera technology. Simply fill the dispenser with the delicious bites and reward your dog for good behavior—all at the comfort of your office or vacation spot. The treat packs a delectable punch consisting of proteins, fresh vegetables, and fruits. The most amazing thing is that the ingredients are sourced from local growers and have no toxic products. The treats are also gluten-free and grain-free—perfect for sensitive pups.

9. Lil’ Bitz Hickory Smoked Beef Treats for Dogs

Smoked beef has always been a favorite flavor in the canine world. That is why dog chews made with this great flavor sell like hot cake. The Lil’ Bitz Smoked Beef Training Treats are just the most ideal Furbo dog treats. Besides fitting into the Furbo dispenser, this dog goodness is healthy and nutritious. It contains no grains whatsoever –no soy, wheat, rice, or corn. If you own a dog with a sensitive tummy, choosing grain-free treats for him is the bare minimum requirement.

In case he doesn’t like the smoked beef flavor (which is highly unlikely), substitute that for salmon or flame-roasted chicken. Despite being on taste, this snack is low in calories – a great healthy alternative for a midday snack. Last but not least, with the NASC quality seal, you are guaranteed a safe and quality product.

10. BIXBI Pocket Dog Training Treats

The BIXBi Pocket Trainers is the tenth entry on this list of best treats for Furbo. No doubt these are easy on the dispenser and will ensure your dog is happy and healthy even in your absence. The main flavor here is chicken which is simply irresistible for a majority of pups. The bite-sized treats are small enough and are ideal for virtually all dog breeds. They are delightfully low in calories, so you can stop worrying about weight gain and long-training sessions.

11. Zuke’s Superfood Dog Treats

While a protein-rich dog snack is great for your sweet dog, sometimes he needs one with anti-oxidants as well. If you are in the market for a berry-filled Furbo dog treats, the Zuke’s Superfood Blend fits the profile. The main stars of the show include all types of berries including raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and even beets. Talk about the goodness of the land! These pack a ton of nutritious goodness to boost the overall health of your pooch. The delicious bites are made in the USA and utilize wholesome, high-quality ingredients. You won’t find wheat, soy, artificial colors, corn, and flavors in the treats.

12. Cloud Star Tricky Dog Training Treats

With a mere three calories for a single bite, these Furbo dog treats by Cloud Star offer a healthy snack alternative for your Fido. Whether he is in the middle of training or just hanging out at home, the treats will motivate him to behave well. This product uses no artificial flavors and colors – just dog-safe and natural ingredients. The salmon just so happens to be the meat ingredient utilized in the recipe. It is not only tasty but also low-calorie compared to other meats in the industry. Every treat is chewy, delicious, and free from grains such as corn, soy, and wheat.


That’s it with the list of 12 amazing Furbo dog treats. If you have this special dog camera technology and are looking for a perfect treat for your pup, try any from this list. There are myriads of other options in the market but after researching, we found these 12 to be worth every penny. Remember:

  • The capacity of Furbo’s treat reservoir is about half-cup, so this camera feeder will only work best as an auto-feeder for smaller dog breeds.
  • Like any new doggie appliance, consider supervising your dog while using Furbo until you are comfortable with feeding him when you are away.
  • Your dog’s dietary needs are unique, so always consult with your vet to help you figure out the right quality and size of treats to give him.