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8 Best Dog Ear Hair Removal Powder

8 Best Dog Ear Hair Removal Powder

Ear care is part and parcel of pet grooming. For most pet parents, this means the usual weekly cleaning of the ear and nothing more. Some forget to actually pay attention to their pup’s ear until there’s an emergency. However, there’s more to ear care than the basic cleaning routine. The ear is literally one of the most sensitive organs in a dog’s body. If not taken care of properly, infections are bound to happen. It can also release an unpleasant odor when it’s dirty.

One of the things you have to do when it comes to keeping your dog’s ear health in check is hair removal. Hair carries bacteria, causes odor, and attracts dust and dirt. You want none of these things anywhere near your dog’s ears or any other part of the body for that matter. But before you pluck your dog’s ear hair, one of the most essential supplies you should have is a dog ear hair removal powder—for many valid reasons:

  • The powder is formulated with excellent gripping properties, making plucking the ear hair easier. Generally, the wax on your dog’s ear hair makes them a bit slippery. By sprinkling a grip powder, it becomes easier to firmly hold the ear hair between your fingers, forceps or tweezers.
  • Dog ear powder can also help control odor and keep your dog’s ears dry, helping prevent infections. Remember that excess moisture in a dog’s ears can harbor bacteria, which in turn causes unpleasant smell and infection.
  • The powder ca also relieve your pup from nonstop ear itching.
  • Some ear powder brands are also designed to loosen hair for less pain and effective ear removal. This means that if you use the powder, a sharp pull will remove a larger chunk of hair from your dog’s ears at a time. So, if the plucking is done swiftly, your dog won’t be hurt at all and he may even enjoy the process!

Best Dog Ear Hair Removal Powder

To ensure that the dog ear hair plucking process is as smooth as possible, we have reviewed 8 leading hair removal powders for dogs available in the market today.  If you are searching for a good powder to help you remove the hair in your mutt’s ears, we’ve got you covered.

1. Bio-Groom Ear Fresh Dog Ear Powder

Help keep your adorable pooch’s ears in top shape with the Bio-Groom Ear Fresh Dog Ear Powder. It is designed to absorb moisture and reduce odor emanating from the ear. After taking your dog for a swim or if he’s been in the rain, this is the perfect product to use to keep the ears dry and comfortable. Thanks to the powder’s tight grip properties, you have an easy time removing unwanted hair from your fur baby’s ear canal. It comes with a funnel tip dispenser so the application becomes easy and precise. This powder is also amazing for hand stripping.  It boasts 4.6/5 stars from 474 ratings on Amazon. It really is a good buy.

2. Miracle Care Dog Ear Powder Step 1

Miracle Care Dog Ear Powder Step 1 is another fantastic product for dog ear cleaning. Its powerful formulation ensures that the ear remains dry and odor-free. It also has microbial properties and kills all bacteria in the ear. Designed to use before deep cleaning, this powder removes all the excess hair so the actual cleaning is a breeze. Apart from removing excess hair, killing bacteria, and keeping the ear dry, the powder also gets rid of waxy buildup thereby protecting your dog’s ears. It is safe for all breeds and hair types.

3. MODAO Pet Ear Powder for Dogs

The third product on our list is the MODAO Pet Ear Powder for Dogs. If your dog suffers from mites, this powerful scientific formula will deal with the problem once and for all. The ingredients also remove excess hair without causing any pain or itching to your dog. The best part about this powder is that it comes in a massive 50g bottle that is very economical and practical. The ingredients used are also safe and healthy for any dog. To use it, simply spray it in your pup’s ear and smear it all over using a cotton swab.

4. Happy Jack Ear Canker Powder

This Ear Canker Power from Happy Jack is a good treatment solution for dogs suffering from ear cankers. Its active ingredients include iodoform and zinc oxide both of which are excellent when it comes to drying the ear and healing it from cankers. After application, expect your pup to feel relief from the menace within 5 days. It is so effective even in the worst of cases. Feel free to use the powder on the interior of the ear or the exterior. It will deal with rashes, sores, and any sore feeling around the ear. To get the best results, clean the ears with ether or hydrogen peroxide prior to using the powder.

5. Gimborn R-7 Ear Powder

The Gimborn R-7 Ear Powder has the Rosin Grip and will boost your grip on excess hair on your pooch’s ear canal. This will prove to be very beneficial when plucking the little unwanted hair from the ear. The powder also keeps the area clean and odor-free. It doesn’t contain any antibiotics or cortisone that may harm your pooch. On the contrary, it helps to avert the growth of bacteria, parasites, and yeast in the canine’s ear. Use it before cleaning the ear for the best results.

6. Professional Pet Products Dog Ear Powder

Whether you are plucking your dog’s ear hair using your fingers or an instrument, you need a good grip to be effective. This ear powder from Professional Pet Products has amazing gripping qualities and will make the job worthwhile. It is a gentle white powder that causes no harm to your dog whatsoever. The formulation doesn’t stain or discolor dog hair. The package comes in a 80gm plastic bottle and will be around for a long time.

7. Gold Medal Groomers Dog Ear Powder

The Gold Medal Groomers Dog Ear Powder dries wet ears like a charm. If you like to play with your pup in wet conditions or go swimming together frequently, this is a good product for you. It doesn’t only dry ears but also inhibits the growth of microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, and viruses. With superb grip features, it also helps strengthen your grip when pulling unwanted hair from your dog’s ears. This powder is safe for all dog breeds in all their life stages.

8. Guardian Gear ProEar Professional Dog Ear Powder

The last product on this list is the Guardian Gear Professional Dog Ear Powder. It is available in two sizes: 28gms and 80gms. Choose one depending on your needs and the size of your wallet. The bottle is easy to grip and offers sufficient control whether applying by hand or using a different tool. Another advantage of this powder is that it doesn’t discolor or stain your dog’s coat.


A dog ear removal powder seems trivial and unnecessary but it really is a beneficial item to have as a pet parent. It makes ear cleaning effective and convenient for you by helping you get to remove excess hair, inhibit the growth of bacteria, keep the ear dry, and remove odors. Just remember to start with small amount of the powder. Don’t use too much…but you can always add more if necessary.

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