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10 Iconic Dog Cartoons From The 80s That Made A Mark In Our Hearts

10 Iconic Dog Cartoons From The 80s That Made A Mark In Our Hearts

The 80s were interesting times of neon colors, vibrant culture, and charming cartoons.

Among the many animated characters that would show up on our screens, some of the best were doggies.

From mystery-loving teams to crime-fighting duos, here are 10 dog cartoons from the 80s that became household names and still cause waves in the annals of animated history to date.

1. Pound Puppies

Pound Puppies is an animated series produced by Hannah-Barbera Productions between September 1986 and December 1987. 

The characters were huggable stuffed dogs that you could “adopt” like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

They captured our hearts and offered the joy that comes with the adoption of four-legged animals.

With their endearing eyes and floppy ears, Pound Puppies taught us what love and friendship truly mean, one adoption at a time.

2. Spuds MacKenzie

 If you were a child in the late 80s, you probably remember one of the most fascinating American pop culture phenomenons: the good old Spuds MacKenzie.

This was a bull terrier that grew to become the mascot for Bud Light beer back in the day.

The doggie was essentially a wealthy, super-cool bull terrier that was nothing short of a party animal.

With his fun demeanor and passion for throwing wild parties, Spuds was synonymous with dog entertainment.

He symbolized the spirit of the era where friendships were boundless and parties were wild. 

3. Poochie and Santa’s Little Helper from The Simpsons

1989’s Simpsons introduced dog fans to two adorable pooches – Poochie and Santa’s Little Helper.

Poochie had an ‘attitude’ while Santa’s Little Helper, a pet greyhound in the Simpson family is loyal, comical, and had a unique personality.

4. Brandon in It’s Punky Brewster

If you grew up in the 80s, you likely remember the heartwarming friendship between Punky Brewster and her amazing and loyal friend, Brandon.

The two buddies participated in myriad adventures together teaching all kinds of lessons on companionship, loyalty, and the power of genuine unconditional love.

Punky Brewster’s devotion and antics endeared him to fans making him a beloved character in animated television history.

5. Blitz from Cops N Robbers

Officer Bowser (whose real name was Rex Pointer) was a former Chicago P.D. K-9 Unit member in the animated series Cops N Robbers.

He was no ordinary officer as he loved animals, especially dogs.

As such, he got himself a four-legged buddy called Blitz and together, the duo fought crime in Empire City.

They patrolled the streets keeping law and order in check.

Officer Browser and Blitz embodied bravery, teamwork, and a sense of justice.

Their daily adventures were deeply entertaining and inspiring – especially on the importance of keeping the law.

6. Scooby-Doo

This one needs no introduction. It is a classic among the old and the new.

How can you not love watching a cute Great Dane alongside his teenage friends solving mysteries?

The cartoon’s catchphrase “Scooby-Doo-Doo, where are you?” still echoes in our living rooms today – triggering adventure for kids.

7. Dyno-Mutt Dog Wonder

Dyno Mutt – the hero dog teamed up with Blue Falcon – yet another human superhero in a crime-fighting duo.

Their daily adventures were filled with action and humor, showcasing the significance of friendship and teamwork.

Blue Falcon’s human wit is complemented by Dyno’s canine intuition, proving that diverse abilities are crucial for an unbeatable team.

8. Hong Kong Phooey

This kung-fu fighting dog also blew our minds with his different career paths.

Hong Kong Phooey, essentially fought crime by day and worked as a janitor when the sun was high in the sky.

His courageous yet goody attitude made him a household name in the animated dog world.

How can one forget his martial arts skills and trusty cat sidekick moves?

Hong Kong Phooey was released in the 70s but its rerun episodes graced our screen in the early 80s as well. This goes to show that the series was endearing among many fans.

9. Underdog

This superhero dog captivated audiences through his ability to save the day by speaking in rhyme.

No doubt, this canine, with his witty rhymes and risky rescues entertained us while teaching us important life lessons.

He showed that even in difficult situations, there’s always a way that leads to victory.

Underdog’s heroism lives one serving as a constant reminder that being a hero isn’t a matter of stature but courage instead.

 10. Snoopy from Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show

The iconic pooch, Snoopy was the creation of Charles M. Schultz for Peanuts comic strip in 1983.

The doggie, a white beagle, appeared on TV in the show The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show.

Snoopy is famous for making non-verbal noises. He communicated through howling and moaning.

He was also cheeky, lazy, caring, and loyal, especially to his human owner and friend, Charlie Brown.

Who Are Your Favorite 80s Cartoon Dogs?

As we go down memory lane, these dog cartoons from the 80s remind us of great life lessons.

Through the adventures of our beloved dog characters, we get inspired to be brave, keep good friends, and remain loyal to those we love no matter what.

So, regardless of your favorite cartoon dog, one thing remains certain as we reminisce about these iconic 80s cartoons featuring famous dogs: dogs play a crucial and endearing role in our lives.

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