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Do Plott Hounds Bark a Lot?

Do Plott Hounds Bark a Lot?

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Beauty, fierce protection, loyalty, and affection… These are some of the things you get by opening your home to a Plott Hound. No doubt, this dog is a great family pet. He particularly loves being around kids and loves spending time playing with them. Bred to hunt, this breed can follow a trail over smooth and rugged terrain to retrieve prey. Despite being 40-60 lbs. of weight, trust him to grapple with the largest of animals including wolves, bears, and big cats.  Is the dog a barker? Find out below.

Is The Plott Hound Noisy?

Excessive barking can drive you up the wall, no matter how much you love your doggie. You need some quiet to get a good night’s rest, nap during the day, and watch your favorite TV program. Even if you don’t mind loud barking from your doggie, your neighbor may think otherwise.

The Plott Hound falls somewhere in the middle when it comes to barking. He is not necessarily an ardent barker like a German shepherd, Beagle, or Chihuahua but he’s not a quiet breed like the Borzoi or Italian Greyhound either.

Why Do Plott Hounds Bark?

There are plenty of reasons that can cause a Plott Hound to bark. These include the following:

1. Protection

When the Plott hounds are not in the field hunting, they’ll be happy protecting the home. When a stranger approaches the home, they will not hesitate to make noise to warn you of impending danger. They do this by way of barking loudly while running around and charging at the intruder. More often than not, they will bark at passersby, your friends who are visiting, and stray dogs. Speaking of stray dogs, Plott hounds are fiercely territorial, like most dogs. When they smell another canine coming around the compound, they will bark the loudest no matter the time of day or night.

2. Loneliness

If you have one Plott Hound at home, chances are he gets lonely when you are at work. As a pack animal, he’s used to being around other dogs round the clock. When no dog or human is around for too long, he can get very lonely. To communicate his loneliness, he will bark for hours.

3. Looking For Attention

You might have noticed that when you leave your pup at the outdoor kennel for too long, he will bark endlessly. The likely reason is that they want something. They need toys to play with. They need to run around the yard a little.  Maybe they are hungry or thirsty.

4. Fear

Despite being brave and fearless, Plott hounds can act afraid. Different canines have different fear triggers. For some, it is the rain. Others cannot stand loud noises. A further category barks when they see an item such as a vacuum cleaner.

5. Expression Of Happiness

Whether they are sad or happy, most dogs will communicate through barking. The Plott hound enjoys barking when they have happy feelings going on inside of them. When you come home in the evening, he will bark while running around and wagging his tail.

What to do?

While some barking is okay, when things get out of hand, you might want to address the issue. First, you want to find out why your fur baby loves to make a lot of noise. From that, you can forge the best way forward. If it is nothing to be worried about, simply ignore it until it goes away. Provide plenty of mental and physical stimulation to keep the dog happy and healthy. If nothing seems to work out, call a trainer to help.

Final Thoughts

Plott Hounds are sweet loyal dogs but they also love to bark. The barking emanates from any of the reasons stated above. You can either learn to live with your dog’s noisiness or do something about it. Choose wisely.

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