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Do Dalmatians Bark a Lot?

Do Dalmatians Bark a Lot?

Distinguished for his liver-spotted coat, the Dalmatian is a truly eye-catching and unique breed. The beauty of his coat coupled with his well-built physique makes him an instant show stopper everywhere he goes. Beauty aside, the breed is non-aggressive and outgoing. This makes him a great family pet. He doesn’t discriminate between owners and strangers. As long as you are kind to him, he will return the favor.

If you live in an apartment, having a dog that makes a lot of noise can be a subject of concern. You don’t want to have trouble with your neighbors. Even without other neighbors around, a noisy dog can be so annoying. From waking your family up in the middle of the night or making it hard to watch your favorite TV show, there’s nothing fun about living with a canine that barks a lot.

Dalmatian Barking Tendencies

Dalmatian scores 3 out of 5 as far as barking is concerned. It is therefore safe to say that this breed is an occasional barker. He’s somewhere in the middle—not the most annoying of barker and not the quietest of dogs either. There are plenty of reasons your Dal barks. These include the following.

  • Boredom: Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety tend to bark as an outlet for the anxiety. Dalmatians are pack animals. If they are left on their own for too long, they tend to get sad and bored. The result is often excessive barking and destructive chewing.Dalmatians are great for households that have someone for most of the hours of the day.
  • Excitement: When you open the door, offer a treat, or take the dog to the dog park, your Dalmatian will bark just out of excitement. This is often accompanied by tail wagging and frequent leaping.
  • Protection: Like other dogs, the Dalmatian is a very protective and territorial breed. During mealtimes, he will bark just to indicate he has no plans of sharing his food with anyone else. If other dogs come by, he will also make noise for the same reason.
  • Attention Seeking:  When a Dalmatian wants something (treats, play toys, food, water, or human company), he will communicate with his vocal cords. If you don’t understand what he’s trying to say, the dog can bark for hours on end.
  • Fear: A strange sound, the sight of an intimidating person or animal or physical fights in the house can stimulate fear in a Dalmatian causing him to make noise.

How To Stop The Behavior

A Dalmatian’s bark can drive you up the wall. If you are a first-time owner, you will find yourself considering dropping off the canine in the nearest shelter. Fortunately, there are things you can do to alleviate the problem.

  • Tire The Dog: A Dalmatian is a very active breed. Without 2-3 daily walks, he will get bored and start barking endlessly. To stop that from happening, you might want to exercise the dog sufficiently. Organize to have the dog taken to the dog park or let loose to run around the park to expend some energy.
  • Offer Mental Stimulation: In addition to physical exercise, be sure to provide tons of toys geared specifically for mental stimulation. Choose those that hide treats in them which only come out if the dog solves a puzzle.
  • Ignore:  If you notice that your pet barks to get your attention, do all you can to focus on him. If it doesn’t work, simply ignore him. Hopefully, he will take the cue and move on.
  • Ask A Professional To Help:  If all fails, get in touch with a behavioral trainer to help.

Are Dalmatians Noisy?

Yes and no. It depends on the individual dog among other factors. For example, a dog that is left alone at home all day is bound to bark more than the one that has company all the time. Additionally, if the dog has enough food, water, and toys, he will bark less compared to the one who needs something from the list. A pet parent that makes sure their pet is exercised daily will have a quieter canine buddy than one that doesn’t.

What Sounds Do Dalmatians Make?

To say that a Dalmatian only barks when he wants to communicate would be a big lie. These dogs make plenty of other sounds including whining, purring, grunting, growling, sighing, and groaning. Sometimes they appear as though they are singing a number. Between being excited, commanding attention, and being territorial, this breed often finds himself using his vocal cords in ways that are unusual for other dogs.

Parting Thoughts

Dalmatians are thought to be very noisy. However, these dogs happen to score way less compared to others in the noise meter. The next time your Dal drives you nuts with his wails, just remember someone is going through worse.

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