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Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

Do Dogs Have Adam’s Apples?

If you are a dog owner, you are likely wondering whether your furry friend has Adam’s apples.

As an ardent dog lover, I can assure you that all dogs have it. Professionals commonly refer to Adam’s Apples in dogs as the Larynx.

If you’ve ever heard somebody claim that dogs do not have Adam’s apples but refer to a lump that sits in the front of the neck as the Larynx, you should not worry. That’s the Adam’s apple!

But it is important to note that little lumps can be found in different locations in your dog’s body.

This means that not every lump that you feel in the neck of your dog is Adam’s apple. A few of them can be fatty tumors.

How to Locate It

For you to locate your dog’s Adam’s apple with ease, you should use your forefinger and your thumb to feel the airway. Move towards the front of the neck, but below the chin.

Once you feel the large firm cartilage in the middle of your dog’s neck, you need to stop. This is the Adam’s apple.

 Don’t move your hand along the trachea. Again, use mild pressure to ensure your dog will neither show any sign of discomfort nor cough.

Why You Don’t Usually Notice It


The fact that many have never noticed Adam’s apple in their dogs only means that it is small in size.

Both men and women also have it but you hardly notice it in women for the same reason.

But in the case of dogs, there is another good reason: fur covers it.


Overall, dogs have Adam’s Apples just like human beings.

Since the anatomy of the trachea of a dog is simple, you do not have to be an expert to feel it.

In case you have any difficulties though, you are welcome to seek professional assistance.

For more information about your dog’s anatomy, check this post: 20 Basic Dog Anatomy Facts for Beginners

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