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BioThane Dog Collars

5 Best BioThane Dog Collars

Whether you own a super active canine or a laid-back lazy fur baby at home, he needs an excellent collar. The most important thing is your dog’s safety and ultimately your peace...
search and rescue dog harness

10 Best Search and Rescue Dog Harnesses

If you have a search and rescue (SAR) dog that works for a living, he needs the right gear that lets him dispense his duties with ease, safety, and convenience. A search...
Best Dog Ear Hair Removal Powder

8 Best Dog Ear Hair Removal Powder

Ear care is part and parcel of pet grooming. For most pet parents, this means the usual weekly cleaning of the ear and nothing more. Some forget to actually pay attention to...
Tactical Dog Harness with Pouches

12 Tactical Dog Harnesses with Pouches

Tactical dog harnesses are super beneficial during dog ownership. Your dog doesn’t have to be a service dog to sport one. If you enjoy going hiking with him, you should definitely get...
Dog Nail Clippers with Light

10 Best Dog Nail Clippers with Light

Part of pet parenting is making sure that your Fido’s nails are always trimmed. There’s nothing impressive about a dog with long nails. On the contrary, it is actually a terrible health...

5 Best Automatic Wet Food Dog Feeders

While wet food can be a bit messier for your pup to eat, if he loves the taste, it is worth it—and for many valid reasons.  Whether canned, frozen, or fresh, quality...
Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeder and Waterer

10 Best Self-Dispensing Gravity Pet Feeders and Waterers

Whether you are home or away, you need to ensure your adorable canine buddy gets his food and water when on time. You could hire a sitter to do the job for...
Best Crate Toys for Dogs

15 Best Crate Toys for Dogs

Whether you are crate training your puppy or trying to keep him contained for one reason or the other, you need to ensure he stays safe and happy the entire time. When...
WiFi Dog Feeder

12 Best WiFi Dog Feeders: Keep Your Hound Fed on Time

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility. And with today’s hectic schedules, it is very easy to forget feeding your pet on time, especially when you are stuck in traffic, running...
Jumping Activation Ball for Dogs

8 Best Jumping Activation Ball for Dogs (Plus Why Your Dog Needs One)

All canines need physical and mental stimulation to be healthy. If they don’t get enough of it, boredom, stress, and anxiety are inevitable. Ultimately, your dog will seek...

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