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Best Dog Boots for Pets That Drag Their Feet

Best Dog Boots for Pets That Drag Their Feet

Dogs make quick, successive, short movements with all four paws.

When the communication between the nerves and the brain is affected, the canine may end up dragging her back paws when walking.

You can tell she’s dragging when you hear the sound of her nails scratching against the floor.

The skin on the paw will also become raw after walks or runs.

This phenomenon is caused by several things including intervertebral disk disease, degenerative myelopathy, sciatic nerve injury, lumbosacral spondylosis, and fibrocartilaginous embolic myelopathy among others.

While all dogs need shoes, those that drag their feet need them more.

They are at a higher risk of sores, wounds, and irritations because their skin rubs against the floor during locomotion. Their nails can also leave behind unsightly marks on your floor.

Booties are their only chance of protecting themselves from injuries.

Veterinarians recommend orthopedic boots or those that are specifically designed for pets that drag their feet.

Most of these boots are padded and provide extra support for the soft painful paws, giving your dog’s paws time to heal in case they were injured.

Some are also designed to wrap tightly around the dog’s legs—and not just the paws—which is important if your pup has bruised paws or a broken leg, giving him more stability when he is able to walk on that leg.

Another reason why you should consider getting your dog these shoes is to protect his paws from the winter cold.

Even dogs without knuckling issues will appreciate keeping their paws off the cold ice in the winter or hot pavements in the summer.

There are a gazillion dog shoes in the market for our furry friends with walking challenges.

How do you make sure you get nothing short of the best product in the market?

Here is a conservative list of the 5 best dog boots for pets that drag their feet.

1. Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots for  Dogs who Drag Their Paws

Many dog boot brands will promise to support a dog with mobility problems but a majority often disappoints.

The Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots are among the few good ones in the market.

As the name goes, they are made for disabled dogs.

For one, they are lightweight to make it easy for the dog to walk around in them.

Secondly, they are long enough to go all the way to the ankle joint. This keeps them contained as the dogs drag the paws.

With adjustable straps, you can easily get a snuggly and comfortable fit.

Perhaps the greatest feature is the double-sided leather pads meant to offer all-around protection for your dog.

The material used is breathable to promote the free flow of air.

Natural leather also ensures true protection from heat and cold while maintaining strength through it all.


  • Breathable and durable material
  • Double-sided padding for double protection
  • Orthopedic design to help disabled dogs
  • Protects claws and paws from damage
  • The boots stay on even when a dog drags their feet


  • The product is a little pricey than other boots

2. RC Pet Products Dog Socks

Dogs that drag their feet have a difficult time getting a grip when walking. The RC Pet Products Dog Socks are designed with such a dog in mind.

Made from anti-gel rubber, the socks are guaranteed to give your pup traction.

If you notice your pup struggling to play in the house only to end up slipping and sliding across the floor, get this product.

It will save him from the constant falling while keeping your hardwoods scratch-free.

The socks are tough and can stand up to heat, outdoor irritants, and debris quite well.

Even if your dog drags her little feet on very hot pavement, asphalt, or natural hazards, she will be adequately protected.

They have a silicone sole to ensure that they wrap around your pup’s feet snuggly.

It is made from stretchy spandex/cotton, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

What’s more, you don’t have to worry about keeping the pair of socks clean. They are machine-washable.

Plus, you get a set of four socks in one package, meaning you have a few socks to go around.

The product comes in many fun colors. If you are into fashion, you will never run out of options to make your pup stand out from the crowd.


  • Available in many sizes for all dog breed sizes
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Provides traction for a dog that drags her feet
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable


  • Not ideal for icy conditions
  • Doesn’t protect from sharp objects

3. EXPAWLORER Anti-Slip Dog Socks

Here is another pair of doggie socks for dogs that drag their feet. 

One glance at the socks and you will dismiss them as soft and gentle apparel that offer no protection to your canine friend.

However, the socks are designed to have anti-slip properties. They are fitted with a silicone gel to provide traction for your pet.

She sure needs additional footing as she has a hard time coordinating the back paws.

The socks also help you protect your expensive hardwood floors.

Dog nails can be a real menace to everything you have. The product hides the sharp doggie nails so that they don’t come out to play.

Plus, they reduce the chance of your pet friend falling and landing on your breakables.

If your dog has wounds from dragging her feet all day long, these non-slide socks will aid in wound healing for sure. This is because they create a barrier so that your dog doesn’t lick and interfere with the injury.

They are also comfortable, breathable, cute, and easy to put on and take off.

To cater to customers of different needs, the socks are available in 5 different sizes three colors (green, black, and red).


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Helps canines with arthritis
  • Offers good traction and stability to all dogs
  • Features tapes to get a secure fit.


  • Some owners have complained that the socks come off after wearing them for some time
  • Sometimes, they also turn around when the dog is on his feet.
  • Although the tapes are beneficial, they pose a health hazard for aggressive chewers.

4.  Ultra Paws Water-Resistant Dog Boots

The Ultra Paws Light Duty Water Resistant Dog Boots offer all-around protection for dogs with mobility issues.

Made from nylon, they are both comfortable yet resilient.

The sole is wrapped in a flexible, non-skid, grippy, and long-lasting thermoplastic fabric of up to 0.8mm thick.

It is rugged to make it skid-resistant—just what your dog needs. Whether she walks on hardwood floors, tiles, concrete, snow, or asphalt, his tiny feet will be protected all the way.

The nylon material is 100% water-resistant so you can rest assured water and snow will not reach your fur baby’s paws.

If the doggie already has sores from dragging her feet, the boots will aid in fast healing. This is because they have foam padding on the inside that protects the paws from further injuries.

Plus the fact that they are tucked away, your dog will not have access to lick the wounds.

The boots are incredibly easy to slip on. The side seams enlarge, making it easy for you to insert your dog’s paws.

They also come with Velcro straps that slide to fasten the boots on the dog’s foot.

The straps additionally cover the comfortable foam that creates padding for the foot.

As long as you get the right size for the dog, you can be sure that the boots will not come off.


  • The socks can handle all kinds of weather conditions
  • Water-resistant
  • Has foam padding for comfort and warmth
  • Light duty for convenience
  • Velcro straps ensure a tight and snuggly fit


  • It is not durable as claimed by the manufacturer
  • If you get the wrong size and fitting, your dog may suffer abrasions

5. RUFFWEAR Grip Trex Dog Boots

Love hiking with your four-legged furry friend? These cute booties from RUFFWEAR are designed to handle all terrains.

Grip Trex is especially known for its durability. You can trust them to stand up to the worst of terrains without giving up on you. In a market full of bad-quality booties, durability is a big deal.

The Vibram outsole of the booties is both resilient and rugged and offers flexibility and traction in all terrains. This means your dog can adorn the pair even inside the house if your floors are rather slippery or if you just cleaned the tiles.

The beauties are designed with a breathable mesh of tightly woven mesh.

Not only does this ensure the pet’s feet stay nice and cool but it also keeps her comfortable and keeps debris out.

The booties fit securely regardless of the shape of the dog’s limbs. They have a wide opening from where the feet go in with ease.

Once in place, the hook-and-hoop cinch closing technology will ensure a snuggle and comfortable fit for all the paws.

Finally, the manufacturer also added a reflective trim to help identify the dog in low-light conditions.


  • Comes with a set of two booties making it ideal for dogs with different paw sizes.
  • The high-quality design is great for trail running
  • Made from breathable fabric for comfort and protection
  • Machine washable


  • Can cause discomfort after prolonged use
  • Not suitable for smaller dog breeds

Bonus Buys

Here are other products that can assist your dog to regain or maintain proper placement of his paws if he has a dragging paws problem.

A. Front or Rear No-Knuckling Training Sock

As their name suggests, these are training socks that are designed for helping dogs with dragging paws issues or those that struggle with correct paw placement in front and rear legs respectively.

They are made with lightweight materials and are designed to offer additional support above and below your pup’s leg joints.

If your dog is dragging his front paws, get him a front no-knuckling sock and if he drags rear feet, get him rear no-knuckling socks.

B. Bootie Splint

For dogs that drag their feet and are also in need of hock or carpal joints stabilization, bootie splints can come in handy.

They provide the support that extends underneath a dog’s paw all the way to below the hock or carpal joint.

C. Paw Butter Balm

Soothing paw butter will help you heal your dog’s dry, cracked, or aching paws.

Opt for that’s formulated with all-natural ingredients that are not only safe for your dog but also promote his paw health.

Most Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dog Boots for Pets That Drag Their Feet

I. Grip and Traction

To make walking on slippery or smooth surfaces easier for your dog, choose booties that featured patterned soles for added traction.

II. Velcro strip

Your knuckling dog’s paws are delicate, and having a bootie that is easy to put on and take will do him a great favor.

Dog boots that come with Velcro strip not only allow for easy slip and take off but also allow you to tighten or loosen the grip based on what’s comfortable with your dog.

III. Breathability

Since your dog is going to wear his booties for considerably longer durations, he’s bound to sweat through his paws.

A good boot should not only be breathable but also has the capability of wicking away moisture.

This is a great feature if you prefer hiking with your dog in wet environments and can also go a long way in protecting him from yeast infections.

IV. Ability to stay on

Choose boots that fit well for them to stay on. Boots that are too loose or too big are likely to fall off, exposing your dog’s paws to injuries.  

Many dogs’ front paw sizes are different from their back paws, making choosing the right boot size quite daunting.

Buy from manufacturers that sell boots in pairs that allow customers to buy different sized pairs for front and back paws.

Final Thoughts

Handicapped dogs or those that drag their paws struggle to move smoothly compared to their healthy counterparts.

You can help them a great deal by getting them dog boots for pets that drag their feet.

Not only will such boots protect them from injuries but they will also aid them in better locomotion.

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