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12 Best Brushes for Double Coated Dogs

12 Best Brushes for Double Coated Dogs

A double-coated dog is a high-maintenance fur baby. His coat sheds heavily all year long. For him, you have no option but to invest in tools that help keep the shedding manageable. A good vacuum cleaner is necessary to ensure your house doesn’t end up being a sea of dog hair. Another beneficial piece of equipment is a good brush—the kind suited for a double-coated pup. You need one to not only manage loose hair but also keep the coat in top shape. With one, your home will always be clean while your thick-coated Fido looks and feels amazing too. But which brushes are recommended for double-coated dogs? We’ll find out shortly but before then, let’s learn a few basics…

What Is A ‘Double Coated’ Dog?

Double coated dogs are dogs with two layers of hair: the outer coat (which is usually longer and coarser) and the undercoat or inner coat (which is usually shorter, thicker, softer, and wooly). Also referred to as the guard hair, the outer coat repels dirt and moisture as well as prevents moisture from penetrating into the undercoat. It also protects your pup from other elements like snow and harmful UV rays. The inner coat protects the dog from hot and cold weather by keeping him warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The presence of a double coat is, therefore, very useful for working dogs who need proper insulation during bad weather days. Expect this kind of coat in breeds like border collies, huskies, Great Pyrenees, Labrador retrievers, Corgis, Sheepdogs, Australian shepherds, Pomeranians, German shepherds, golden retrievers, labs, and most terriers. Mixed breeds with the mentioned breeds are also likely to have double coats.

Why Double Coated Dogs Need To Be Brushed Regularly

As aforementioned, double coated dogs are high-maintenance dogs in terms of their grooming needs. They tend to shed a lot, so without regular grooming, their undercoat hairs will get caught in the outer coat, leading to uncomfortable matts and tangles.

Regular brushing not only helps regulate your pup’s body temperature but also reduce itching as it eliminates dead hair and distributes your pup’s natural oils. Most canine experts also believe that regular brushing can go a long way in strengthening the owner-dog bond. You also get a chance to understand your pup’s skin better, allowing you to spot skin conditions and parasites early enough.

Types of Brushes You Need To Groom Double Coated Dogs

Considering that a double coated dog has different types of coats or hair in his body, you should be armed with different type of brushes for the grooming activity to be hassle-free and effective. Here are the most important types of brushes that you need:

  • Wide-Toothed combs: To eliminate matts and tangles on the upper coat.
  • Grooming or Undercoat Rakes: To glide through the outer coat and gently remove loose or dead hair from the inner coat.
  • Bristle Brushes: For de-shedding your dog’s hair while boosting its shine. A bristle brush helps smoothen the hair in the direction of growth, encouraging the spread of natural oils over your pup’s coat.
  • Slicker Brushes: To remove loose hair, lowering chances of matts and tangles. They are particularly useful in areas where the hair is thicker and longer.
  • Pin Brushes: For removing looser hair from the upper coat and any form of debris trapped in the coat.

Best Brushes for Double Coated Dogs: Our Top 12 Picks

Now that you have an idea of the types of brushes that you need for your double coat canine, you need to narrow down the best options for your pooch. To make your work easier, we scoured the internet for best brushes for double-coated pooches and put together this conservative list.

Let’s dive in…

1. HappyDogz Slicker Dog Brush for Shedding Short Hair and Long Pet Hair

This Slicker grooming brush is excellent for a long-haired Fido that needs some help doing away with loose hair, tangles, and knots from his coat. The brush has gentle bristles that won’t scratch your dog but strong enough to detangle mats and tangles from the toughest of coats. Pet groomers absolutely love the ergonomic design of this product. Whether you are looking to put an end to debris, loose or tangled hair, this grooming tool will make it happen. It is available in two sizes: one for small breeds and another for bigger dogs. You also get a free eBook on dog grooming alongside your order.

2. Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush/Dematting Undercoat Rake Comb

With a twofold design, the Maxpower Grooming Brush is another good grooming brush for de-matting and detangling. The first side features 9 teeth specially designed for breaking apart tough mats while the second side has 17 teeth mainly for thinning de-shedding. When grooming, start with the first side if you have stubborn mats then finish with the thinning side. Besides detangling and de-matting, this brush also efficiently gets rid of lumps, loose hair, stuck dirt, and dander. It features a cute non-slip rubber handle that is super comfortable to hold. The teeth are fine and rounded, so you can safely brush your pup.

3. BV Dog Grooming Comb/Brush

Here’s another double-sided design canine brush that makes the grooming session a rewarding experience for you. The BV Dog Brush is especially best for a long-haired pooch. One side boasts nylon bristles used to get rid of things like lose hair and dirt. The second side has a number of pin brushes that gently rub against your pup’s skin causing it to release its natural oils and give off a shiny appearance. It is designed to find its way to the undercoat to eliminate unwanted hair and dander. Its handle is agronomical and very comfy to clasp and control. The brush can be used on all coat types and canine breeds. It even has a cute eyelet to help with storage.

4. SoLID Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Make grooming sessions pleasurable and relaxed for your pet with this outstanding slicker brush from SoLID. The bristles are intentionally bent to permit the brush to get deep to the dog’s undercoat. The brush is soft yet very effective at taking out loose hair, dust, and dander. By the push of one button, the bristles will extend in readiness to work. The tool’s silicone handle is human-friendly and non-slip. Controlling your hand during brushing is pretty easy. With each slide, the brush will gently rub on your pet’s skin enhancing blood circulation and triggering it to release natural oils. The result is an adorable, shiny coat.

5. HOP Home of Paws Double Sided Dog Grooming Brush

HOP Home of Paws Dog Brush eradicates undercoat, detangles mats, and decreases shedding. This one is more of a traditional piece of equipment rather than a slicker brush. However, it still delivers way more than many available slicker brushes out there. Its pins are fine and soft. Apart from getting rid of loose hair, the brush massages your dog’s coat and gets his blood flowing. This product is reasonably priced in the market yet highly effective. With it, you get value for your money.

6. PawsPamper Undercoat Rake for Dogs

This rake brush boasts a distinctive style that is able to enter deep into a dense coat and remove mat and hair located near the skin. The stainless steel blades have rounded tips that avert the possibility of injury during the grooming exercise. With a total of 20 blades, this tool does away with loose hair, knots, dirt, mat, and other undesirables from your pet’s coat. It is safe and suitable for all breeds and fur lengths/textures. If you are looking for a good brush for grooming your thick-coated fur baby, this one fits the description.

7. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

Pet Grooming Brush from Pet Neat is a robust and well-made construction that is built to last for a long time. The blades are made of stainless steel for precision, durability, and sturdiness purposes. It features an unmatched ergonomic design that makes grooming convenient. The handle is fun to grip and offers enough friction to prevent slipping during grooming. It is also comfortable on the wrist. You will hardly feel any strain on your wrist during or after using the tool. With all these amazing features, getting the loose hair and mat takes less than fifteen minutes to complete. The manufacturer is thoughtful enough to include a free Dog Care eBook in the package.

8. Pet Craft Supply Self Cleaning Slicker/Grooming Brush for Dogs

The Slicker Pet Grooming Brush is an inexpensive yet worthy grooming brush among many pet parents. It is loved by dog owners with long-haired dog since it can make its way down to the undercoat to deal with the matting and dirt trapped in there. Thanks to its gentle bristles, this brush does its job without hurting your adorable pooch. Its blades are made from stainless steel – one of the sturdiest and long-lasting materials known to man. The handle is non-grip and comfy like most products on this list. It serves to prevent the wrist from straining too much or slipping. Whether your dog has sensitive or normal skin, the brush will not aggravate his skin in any manner.

9. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is another brilliant tool for a pet parent with a thick-coated Fido. It is a best-seller on Amazon and other stores for all the right reasons. Its main selling point is the efficacy at which it removes mat, tangles, and dander from both the under and outer coat. Its bristles are fine and slightly bent. The angle allows it to go deep into the undercoat without aggravating the skin. The tool also comes with a user-friendly and comfortable grip that neither slips nor strains your hand. It is a universal tool that is suitable for all canine breeds and coat textures/lengths. To use it, simply turn on the self-cleaning option which will retract the bristles. Hold it over a dustbin and watch it do magic.

10. Nomad Store Dog Deshedding/Dematting rake/Brush

One of the best grooming rakes in the dog market, the Nomad Store Dematting Dog rake boasts double row metal needles aimed at pulling mat and loose hair from a double-coated pooch. The stainless steel pins are very gentle and won’t graze or aggravate his skin at all. On the contrary, they will get on the undercoat and remove stubborn tangles, dirt, and mat. The rake reduces shedding by 90% over a relatively short period of time which is a huge difference from the average brush or comb which only reduces it by about 30%. You can use it for any type of furry animal and coat type.

11. Ordermore Double Row Rake for Short & Long Hair Dogs

It doesn’t matter if your four-legged buddy enjoys grooming sessions or not. They are beneficial for his health and quality of life. This amazing dog rake from Ordermore is a perfect accessory to have at home. It saves you a ton of money by eliminating the need for an expert groomer for your pup. The rake gets rid of anything that is unwanted from your dog’s dense coat including dander, knots, tangles, loose hair, and mat. The end result is a hair-free, smooth, and glossy coat. This rake is high-quality—better than most products out there. It has both fixes and double row pins to make sure that all the hair and dirt are taken out. The handle is user-friendly and comfortable to use. Finally, it is ideal for all breeds and hair types.

12. Friends Forever 2 in 1 Pet Grooming Combo

Friends Forever Grooming Combo is a set of 2 extraordinary double-sided grooming brushes. If you are searching for a genuine all-purpose tool, this one fits the bill. The package comes with 1 bristle brush/pin brush and 1 de-shedding/de-matting brush both with a comfortable easy-to-grip silicone handle. Like a number of leading grooming brushes in the market, this one penetrated into the coat to rid it of anything that shouldn’t be there. Whether you want to remove unwanted loose hair, detangle knots, get rid of dirt particles, or simply brush your mutt’s coat, you can make it happen using this multi-purpose brush. The side with 9 wide teeth is best for taking out tangles and persistent mats while the other one with 17 teeth is best appropriate for thinning and de-shedding.

Important Tips to Remember When Using Brushes for Double Coated Dogs

  • While you need to brush your dog daily or every other day during shedding periods, you may only need to brush him once a week in the months between sheds.
  • Whatever part of the body you are brushing, be as gentle as possible. Being too aggressive may harm your dog’s skin. Aggressive brushing may also make your pup uncooperative and untrusting in future.
  •  While you can brush in any direction you deem fit—forward or backward—one secret of loosening and removing dead hair easily is to brush backward against the lay the hair then brush it back into place.
  • Strive to use soft brushes when brushing sensitive areas and areas without a lot of air to avoid causing unnecessary injuries to your pup.
  • If you spot any ticks of fleas when brushing your dog’s coat, be sure to treat and remove them ASAP.
  • Ensure that you clean your brushes after each grooming season. One easy way of removing hair from a brush is to slip a comb into the bristles (especially near the base) and lifting the hair out.
  • Besides brushing, always remember to give your double coated pup a good de-shed shampoo to maintain his coat, keep them warm, and allow them to breath.
  • Brushing areas that have become matted can be uncomfortable for your dog if you are not meticulous with the grooming process.  Begin by freeing up end of matted areas first to reduce discomfort or painful pulling of the skin. If you notice the hair is starting to loosen up, begin brushing gently until the section is mattt-free.

Should You Shave A Double Coated Dog?

No. Shaving your dog’s double coat is never a good idea. As aforementioned, a double coat not only protects your dog from harsh weather elements like snow and UV rays from the sun but also provides insulation during unfavorable weather conditions. Shaving it off puts your canine friend at risk of heat stroke or sunburn and leaves him feeling hotter in summer and colder in the winter than when he had the coat. You should understand that your dog’s double coat has a purpose and he will always feel comfortable and ready for the weather when the coat is intact. The only circumstances when saving a dog’s double coat may be necessary is when he is being prepared for surgery, when the shaving is believed to aid skin disease treatment, and when removing matted hair.


A double-coated dog is like a beautiful ball of fur. You can’t resist the urge to pet him. However, he also comes with sky-high grooming needs. If you want one, you have to accord him what his coat deserves, one of which is getting him a quality brush for his coat. This list is definitely a good place to start when shopping for one.

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