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6 Best No Marking Sprays for Dogs

6 Best No Marking Sprays for Dogs

Urine marking, which is essentially a territorial behavior, can be a frustrating habit for dog parents. Although it is normal behavior, it can be a little baffling for a dog to urine mark indoors. Thankfully, there steps that can be taken to change this habit. In most cases, consistent training and spaying or neutering can help address the issue. However, if you are simply looking for a quick way to help your canine companion learn that marking on your furniture or carpet is unacceptable, then no marking spray for dogs will suffice.

In this post, we’ll highlight the best 6 options and a few tips about urine marking behavior in dogs. Let’s begin with the best 6 sprays:

1.  Nature’s Miracle No More Marking Stain and Odor Remover

One of the best ways of ensuring that your dog doesn’t mark or have accidents on the spot he had visited in the past is to thoroughly clean the area to eliminate urine stain and odor. This is where this no marking spray by Nature’s Miracle stands out from the crowd. The spray works to eliminate existing stains and odors from the marked or ‘accident area’, leaving behind cinnamon and lemongrass scents which prevent your dog from remarking the area. It is effective on carpets, clothing, kennels, fabric, and pet carriers. It comes in a small 24 oz spray bottle and a larger 128 fl oz pour bottle to allow you to choose what works best (depending on the nature of the stain you plan to get rid of or how precise you want to apply the dog repellent). Finally, it is completely safe around pets and home in general, especially if you use it as recommended by the manufacturer.

2. Pet Organics No-Go Housebreaking Aid Spray for Dogs

Pet Organics No-Go Housebreaking Aid Dog Spray is another authoritative spray that can help your dog stop his urine marking tendencies. Spray on beds, chairs, waste cans, sofas, rugs, and any other spot you don’t want your pup to re-mark and he will be deterred from those areas. It has a slight fresh fragrance, so it won’t bother you much if you are sensitive to scents/perfumes. For better results, spray No-Go Housebreaking Aid after you’ve cleaned the soiled or marked area.

3.  PetSafe SSSCAT Motion Activated Spray Dog Deterrent

Another excellent spray that can help you correct your dog’s urine marking habit is this automated pet deterrent by PetSafe SSSCAT. It features a fully adjustable nozzle with a motion detector to sense when your dog approaches and emit an odorless and harmless spray, discouraging him from entering the off-limit areas. Besides being safe for your pooch, the spray doesn’t stain surfaces and is environmental-friendly. It is also replaceable, which implies that all you need to do when your supply runs out is to purchase an SSSCAT can. Most importantly, it is very easy to use as all you need to do is place it near furniture, on your countertops, next to trash cans, and any other space your dog likes to do his marking theatrics.

4.  Lambert Kay Dog Repellent Pump Spray

This is another upcoming repellant spray that is worth a shot. Developed by Lambert Kay, this spray will help correct your dog’s marking habit by keeping him away from flower beds, furniture, shrubs, garbage cans, and any other forbidden area—indoors and outdoors. It is very strong and will repel your dog for 24 hours, if you use it daily and as instructed by the manufacturer. For better results, combine it with consistent training.

5. Harbor’s Dog Training and Repellent Aid for Dogs

With ingredients such as peppermint, orange, and lemon, the Harbor’s Dog Repellent Training Spray is a natural, safe, and effective product. The citrus extracts give it a scent that is awful for your dog but makes your house smell heavenly. After repeated use, the scent creates a no marking or no gone zone area for your canine friend. Not only is the product safe for your dog but you can use it on your furniture, countertops, or walls without any issues at all. Made in the USA, the product is 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free. Be sure to use three times daily during the first week and after apply as much as your needs require.

6.  Bodhi Dog Not Here! Repellent & Training Corrector for Dogs

The final dog marking deterrent on our list that we believe will come in handy in training your dog to avoid re-marking or re-soling the same spot twice is the Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray. All you need to do is to thoroughly clean the soiled area, let it dry, apply the spray and allow the product to do its work. It doesn’t contain harsh chemicals, making it safe for your dog and the environment. Like other repellents for dogs we have reviewed so far, combine Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray with a housebreaking training plan for better results.

Disclaimer:  Nearly all these pee spray for dogs have a few not-so-great reviews. This simply means that they may not work for all dogs. In other words, they are pretty hit or miss products, so combining them with potty training is recommended for better results. Still, for quick solutions, these sprays are absolutely worth trying. They might just be all you need to stop your dog’s urine marking behavior.

Why Do Dogs Urine Mark?

Generally, marking in dogs is usually triggered by things they perceive to be threats to their territories. Here are some of the top reasons why dogs urine mark:

  • To Establish Dominance: Dogs also establish dominance by leaving their smell for other dogs to sniff. For instance, if a dog smells the scent of another dog or animal in his environment, he will try to cover up the area with his scent (through urine marking). 
  • Anxiety: Some dogs urine mark when they become anxious. And anxiety in dogs can be caused by a wide range of factors, including the presence of new objects, luggage or furniture, arrival or departure of a person into or from home or conflict with people or other animals.
  • Social Triggers: Some dogs may urinate when they are in the presence of other dogs, when they visit homes that have been urine-marked by other dogs before, or when they aroused in social situations.
  • Unfamiliar objects and people in his environment: New objects—furniture, carpeting, or a guest, etc—may also trigger a dog to urine-mark, particularly if they carry the scent of other animals. 
  • Being Reproductively Intact: Dogs that are not spayed or neutered tend to urine mark more than their spayed or neutered counterparts because of hormonal changes.

Controlling Urine Marking behavior in dogs: Top Do’s and Don’ts

  • At times, your dog may continue with his marking behavior even after using the above sprays. In such cases, consider cleaning the soiled area thoroughly to eliminate urine odor. Using Enzyme Cleaners is one of the best methods of completely getting rid of pet urine as it entails deploying good bacteria to break down the proteins in urine.
  • Make previously soiled spots inaccessible or less attractive to your dog. Alternatively, change the significance of these areas by playing, feeding, or treating your dog in these areas or direct them to other areas using tools like fake hydrants for dogs.

  • Encourage your home’s new occupants to make friends with your dog by feeding, grooming, or playing with him.
  • Restrict your pup’s access to doors and windows to prevent them from being agitated by other dogs or animals.
  • If you suspect that the behavior is due to anxiety, consider getting him anti-anxiety medication. Tall to your vet first whether such medications are appropriate for your dog.
  • Don’t be tempted to punish your dog for his marking behaviors. He may not be able to connect between the action and your disapproval. You may take an action (like loud clapping) when you catch him in the act to discourage him from continuing.
  • Don’t take your dog to the ‘marked ‘area and rub his nose on his urine. He may not connect the punishment with the mistake he did a few hours ago. Doing so will just leave your dog confused and instill fear.

Final Thoughts

A good anti-marking spray for dogs is pretty difficult to find. However, the ones we have listed on this post are worth giving try as they enjoy great reviews and have proven to work for many dog owners. Most importantly, combine the sprays with a housebreaking training plan and leverage some of the tips we’ve highlighted for optimum results.

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