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Can Dogs Eat Veggie Straws?

Can Dogs Eat Veggie Straws?

Can dogs eat veggie straws? You are probably wondering if you can give your furry baby some veggie straws or maybe your dog has already consumed some off the floor. Veggie straws are crunchy snacks that we often give our kids from time to time, but are they safe for dogs to eat?

Before we answer this question, let’s try and understand the composition of these snacks first.

Composition of Veggie Straws

Despite their fancy names, these snacks have very little to do with veggies. The main ingredients of these snacks are pulverized potato and corn starches. Depending on the brand of the veggie straw, you may also find tomato paste, spinach powder, sugar, potassium chloride, turmeric, beetroot powder, sunflower oil, and canola oil among many other ingredients.

Pulverization entails turning something into dust or fine powder by grinding, crushing, or pounding. It can be done manually or with a machine.

To figure out whether veggie straws are good for your dog, let’s try to find out whether their main ingredients are safe for dogs.


Potatoes contain vitamin B6, C, iron, and magnesium. Both human beings and dogs benefit from these nutrients, so giving your dog some potatoes is never a bad thing.

However, pulverized or processed potatoes aren’t healthy for dogs or humans for that matter. Pulverized potatoes provide little to zero nutritional value and don’t have any vitamins. In fact, they contain sodium, fats, artificial flavors, and additives—none of which offer any health benefit to your dog.

Potato powder also contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Although this may give your pooch a boost of energy, it can make him gain unnecessary weight in the process.

So, while pulverized potatoes might not be toxic to your dog, they are not healthy in the long term and may cause a lot of health problems if your dog consumes a lot of it over a long time.


It is safe to give your dog corn, especially in moderation. Corn is a potent source of good carbohydrates for both humans and dogs. It is also packed with protein, vitamins, fiber, potassium, and linoleic acids. Corn also contains phytochemicals such as carotenoids, which are known to improve the immune system and reduce the risks of chronic illnesses.

However, the type of corn that you give your dog matters. Processed or pulverized corn may be salted, buttered, or contain high amounts of fats and sodium. So, by giving your dog too much of such types of corns, you may be unknowingly exposing him to obesity and other serious health issues like kidney diseases. Some dogs are also allergic to corn and related products.

So, Can Dogs Eat Veggie Straws?

The short answer is NO. Dogs may safely eat veggie straws depending on the amount they have eaten, but it is not healthy for them. The pulverized potatoes and corn that these snack straws are made of leave your dog with virtually no protein or fiber (which you should expect from potato or corn). Instead, your dog gets a whooping 60 calories of fat per serving—mostly from the oils that are used to fry the straws. Besides, veggie straws pack a lot of processed ingredients (see the composition section above), which can lead to a wide range of health issues in dogs.

Not a Terrific Dog Treat

Rest assured, your canine friend doesn’t get the same pleasure from eating veggie straws. Although he may wolf a piece down, it won’t stay long enough in his mouth to savor it. He will just salivate in anticipation for more!

What Can I Do If My Dog Accidentally Consumes Veggie Straws?

If your pup consumed veggie straws, just take away the rest if there are any pieces left and monitor him closely over the next few hours. If he shows any allergy or abnormal symptoms, take him to a local vet for a checkup.

Most importantly, always ensure that your snacks are not accessible to your dog. If you want something that he can snack, there are several alternatives you can get him. For instance, there are health dog biscuits that are formulated to help your dog with everything from skin and coat care, to joint pain relief and dental hygiene. Check this post for the best options: 10 Best Dog Biscuits to Buy For Your Pup


While your dog may be fine after taking a few pieces of veggie straws, just forget about giving him these snacks. As highlighted above, there are many demerits of giving your dog these processed junk snacks. If you decide to toss a piece to your pooch, don’t be tempted to add him more or allow him to get used to them.

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