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5 Best Spring Pole Stands for Dogs

5 Best Spring Pole Stands for Dogs

Pitbulls, American bulldogs, and other terrier dogs have long been trained using spring poles. These breeds have very strong prey drives. They have a natural tendency to want to grip and tear things apart. Pitbulls, in particular, were bred to fight bulls. So, chasing and grabbing toys hanged from a spring pole comes naturally to him. He will jump, swing, bounce, and do everything he can to reach for it and grab it. Spring pole stands for dogs are used to train dogs to obey commands and control their impulses. They are also great exercise equipment for active dogs.

What is a Dog Spring Pole?

In simple terms, a dog spring pole is an exercise tool used to help a canine to build muscle and enjoy playtime. Essentially, it contains a pole with some kind of spring from where a dog pulls and swings on. The pole can have toys, fire hose pieces, or chords attached to the spring pull to entice your furry friend to play. Spring poles can be mounted on wooden or steel beams, ceilings, tree branches, or a kennel top. Most active dogs feel excited by the game of tug-of-war especially terriers as it stimulates their prey drive.

Is Spring Pole Good For Dogs?

The idea of having a dog play with a spring pole is still thought of as an unsafe undertaking by many people. There are some reports of dogs suffering from broken bones from playing with such poles. From a general standpoint, spring poles are totally safe for dogs but like all other things, accidents can happen. Often, accidents take place because of a few faults in the system.

If the pole is too springy or too close to the ground, it might throw your pup on the ground which can end up hurting him. It is, therefore, a good idea to both raise it off the ground and make the spring suitable for your dog. As he grows up, you can make adjustments depending on his size.

Best Spring Pole stand for Dogs: Our Top 5 Picks

1. DIBBATU Dog Spring Pole

Want your dog to enjoy the very best experience pulling and tugging? Try using the DIBBATU Spring Pole. Made from stainless steel with an allowance of up to 300 lbs. of weight, this is one of the strongest poles out there. The rope measures 16 feet which is perfect for any pup size. Simply hang in on a tree branch or a wooden beam and let your dog enjoy biting on the super-strong bite rope. This product is very high-quality and safe for all dogs.

2. SoCal Bully Dog Spring Pole

The Spring Pole – (1) Dog Conditioner by SoCal Bully is another effective and safe spring pole for a dog. Made for Pitbulls, this product is sturdy, long-lasting, and powerful. The spring action of the pole is not bouncy but rather mimics the principle of the bungee. This ensures that your pup is always safe no matter how high he jumps to grab the toy. You can either use the quick links or the softer spring depending on the breed’s size and age. The installation of this dog spring pole is very straightforward. As long as you have a tree or wooden deck somewhere, you will be good to go.

3. TRSMIMA Dog Spring Pole Rope Toy

Here’s another bestseller dog spring pole on Amazon. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, you bet the TRSMIMA Spring Pole is a good dog accessory to purchase. The pole is made from high-quality stainless steel. Apart from being rust-free, this material is known for its incredible strength. The spring allows for pulling, traction, and swinging in any direction. Your pup will love chasing and biting the heavy-duty free rope that comes with the pole. Finally, this spring pole is relatively quick to install and use.

4. Highland Farms Select Dog Spring Pole Rope

The Highlands Farms Select Dog Spring Pole comes with 2 differently-sized chew toys. The first one is rather small and is thus ideal for puppies and toy dog breeds. The other one is much larger and chunkier and is better for medium-large pup breeds. Both toys are made of cotton fiber and twisted to make them durable and sturdy. It will take a lot of aggressive pulling and chewing to pull the toy apart. The pole itself is rustproof and can support up to 2000 lbs. of weight. If you have three pit bulls or mastiffs, they can all play from the same pole.

5. Petbobi Heavy Duty Dog Spring Pole

This tug-o-war dog toy is also built with your dog’s enjoyment and safety in mind. Its pole is made from a stainless material that is free from rusting. It is also made to absorb shock and do a 360-degree rotation. The rope is sturdy, holding up to 300 lbs. of force without breaking. When hung on a tree or a wooden beam, this pole will give your dog tons of different fun ideas. He will chase the toy, grip it, bite it, pull it, chase after it, swing, you name it. Doing all these will help him develop stronger muscles and a fit body in general.

Difference between Dog Spring Pole and a Flirt Pole

The spring pole and flirt pole are often used interchangeably by most owners. However, they are not the same.  A flirt pole consists of a long pole with a cord or rope attached to it. A lure is safely attached to the end of the rope to entice a dog to play.  To use it, you have to hold the pole and swing it, allowing your pup to chase the lure attached to the end of it. A spring pole, on the other hand, is a spring on a pole, often attached to a stable object like a tree. With a flirt pole, you are in control of the direction and speed of the lure while your dog is entirely on his own when playing with a spring pole.

If you want to get your pup a flirt pole as well, here are the best options: 10 Best Flirt Pole for Dogs

Does A Spring Pole Make A Dog Aggressive?

The short answer is: No. A spring pole stand for dogs neither causes nor increases aggression. On the contrary, the pole teaches dog obedience. When you tell him to bite the lure, he will rush and do just that. As soon as you say, drop, he will obey you. Biting people and other dogs at random is a behavior brought about by abuse, wrong or absence of training, among other factors.

How to Make Your Dog Use A Spring Pole

Despite being physically and mentally stimulating, not all dogs jump at the idea of playing with a spring pole. Sometimes, you have to do a lot of convincing to get your dog to use one. Most pet owners prefer to play good old tug-of-war with their dogs before raising the rope off the ground. Once the dog learns the art of gripping, the height between the rope and the ground can be adjusted on a gradual basis. You also want to have good bait. Rabbit and fox hides attached to the lead will encourage your dog to try and swing on the leash. Let him chew the hide for some time before hanging it up on the spring pole.  As usual, praise your canine buddy each time he achieves a milestone when using a dog spring pole.

Final Thoughts

A spring pole stand for dogs may have a bad rap but it really is a beneficial piece of equipment for training and exercising an active dog. It gives your body a full-body workout while stimulating his mind. Your pup will finally get to unleash his prey’s instinct to his heart’s content. As long as the rope is far from the ground and has a good spring to it, you can rest easy knowing your pup is safe.

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