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­­Where Is Farmina Dog Food Made?

­­Where Is Farmina Dog Food Made?

Carbs are not the best diet for dogs because their digestive systems are not designed to break down grains as efficiently as they do meat.

As such, it is a good idea to feed your dog more foods that are rich in protein.

If fed on a lot of grain-based diets, your dog might develop stomach upsets and other kinds of complications.

And that is where Farmina dog food comes in handy.

Both the dry and wet dog foods from Farmina are made from different types of meats, so you can be sure your dog will be on a rich protein diet. 

Unlike other big names in the industry, Farmina is a family-owned business but it is still an industry leader in innovation which helps it to continuously improve its processes and products.

As a result, the brand has gained wide acceptance both locally and overseas.

Who Owns Farmina Dog Food?

Farmina dog food is a family-owned business that was founded in 1965 by Francesco Russo.

The original name of the company was Russo Mangimi Company and its main specialty was animal nutrition.

 Years later, Francesco’s son, Dr. Angelo Russo, narrowed down the company’s purpose to start focusing on pet nutrition with a new science-based focus.

Today, the company seeks to make pet foods that are scientifically backed to give the best nutrition to pets.

To achieve this, Dr. Angelo established a partnership with Farmina, which was an English company that focused on research and formulation.

This relationship helped the company grow and later gave birth to Farmina vet research, which has the goal of ensuring pets lead happy and healthy life.

­­Where Is Farmina Dog Food Made?

Farmina is an Italian company and has its main manufacturing facilities in Italy, Serbia, and Brazil.

The company prides itself in being Italian because Italians do everything for family—and that is one of the main philosophies of Farmina.

The company maintains high-quality standards across all production plants by use of state-of-the-art labs that are managed by qualified chemists.

 Each of these labs must have three biochemists, four chemists, two master’s graduates in animal feed technology, two biologists, one biotechnologist, and six lab technicians.

This ensures that all aspects of production from ingredient selection and processing to packaging meet the highest standards.

Is Farmina Dog Food Made in the USA?

Even though Farmina has traditionally been based in Europe and North America, the brand is expanding its presence in the US market due to the rising demand for Farmina pet food in the country.

The company recently (December 2020) entered the US market by setting up a manufacturing plant in North Carolina.

Before this, the company relied on its European and North American plants and only had a sales and marketing office in New York.

But the new manufacturing plant will not only give pet parents confidence in buying a product that is made locally but also improve their supply chain when serving their already loyal customers in the United States.

Does Farmina Use Ingredients From China?

Farmina does not use any ingredients from China in its pet food products.

The company has strict guidelines on where they source its ingredients and only uses suppliers that meet its high standards for quality, ethics, and sustainability.

 In fact, Farmina is the only global pet food company that has filed a “pledge to quality and origin.”

The company continues to source ingredients from countries with strong food safety regulations, such as Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark.

That said, the company has no way of ensuring that its suppliers do not source some of the ingredients from China.

Is Farmina Dog Food Good?

Farmina invests in technology and science to make sure they produce the highest quality dog food.

Their research-based approach also has a cruelty-free approach and this coupled with their scientific approach to pet nutrition makes their food not only safe but very good for dogs.

You can also rest assured that the company does not source any of its ingredients from China or any other country where quality and ethics are not guaranteed.


In summary, Farmina is a family-owned business with a strong focus on scientific research, quality ingredients, and ethics.

Additionally, the company does not source any ingredients from China and takes great care in selecting suppliers that meet its high standards.

Farmina’s passion for providing pets with the best nutrition possible is evident in its commitment to research and quality control.

As such, you can be sure that Farmina dog food is not just good but also safe for your furry friend.

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