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Where Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Made?

Where Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Made?

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Big dogs are both rewarding and challenging to own.

On the positive side, they have a big voice and act as deterrents just with their larger-than-life physiques.

For those that want an outdoor companion, a big canine offers that and more.

Plus, snuggling next to a big fluff is also much more fun than with a smaller dog.

Unfortunately, big dogs need more space, a secure yard, and tons of food.

Not only does a large dog need a lot of food but he needs a nutritious diet at all times.

Without the right nutrition, such a pup may not live to see his 10th birthday.

This is why the choice of food for your big fur baby matters more than anything.

One of the pet food companies made for large and giant dogs is Gentle Giants dog food.

Even from the name, you can tell that the line of canine formulas is designed specifically for your large pooch.

The recipes are high in meat protein and have a good balance of other nutrients to support your doggie’s overall health.

But, is the food safe for your pet? Most specifically, where is Gentle Giants dog food made?

Let’s investigate…

Who Owns Gentle Giants?

TV personality Burt Ward (who played Robin in Batman) and his wife Tracy Posner are the brains behind the American pet food company, Gentle Giants.

The two dog enthusiasts launched the business with the aim of extending the lifespans of large dog breeds by feeding them the right meals.

At first, they began the Gentle Giants Rescue program which was dedicated to the rescue of canines.

The non-profit program managed to rescue more than 15,500 dogs.

While the rescue operations were going on, Ward and his wife discovered that large and giant dog breeds didn’t live past the age of 6 years mainly due to improper nutrition.

That discovery triggered their next steps of finding the right diets for the canines.

They focused on making natural formulas with high protein, moderate carbs, and low fat.

After feeding the food to their rescued dogs, the Ward’s noticed that their pups (mostly Great Danes) lived for up to 17 years.

Adopting parents were blown away by this fact too and requested that the couple sells the special diets to them as well.

That’s how Gentle Giants transformed into a commercial pet food company. 

Currently, Gentle Giants Dog and Puppy Food retail formulas for canines of all life stages, breeds, sizes, and ages.

It has everything for a puppy as young as four weeks, adult dogs, and senior pooches.

Where Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Made?

Source: Gentle Giants Dog Food

Gentle Giants recipes are manufactured in the USA.

The company hasn’t provided any information concerning the exact location of the manufacturing plant (s) but wherever it is, it is in America.

The ingredients used must meet the AAFCO nutrient profiles for all their recipes.

The official website doesn’t say where the ingredients used are sourced as well.

We can only speculate that most of it come from the United States.

Gentle Giants dog food is manufactured using human-grade ingredients such as beef and real chicken.

Their top-selling products utilize free-range chicken and beef that is antibiotic and hormone-free.

All the formulas don’t contain artificial colors, added preservatives, and flavors.

Is Gentle Giants Dog Food Good For Your Dog?

When Burt and Tracy launched Gentle Giants, they claim to have aimed for a longer lifespan for big dogs.

They enlisted the help of experts to achieve this dream.

Honestly speaking, the couple has changed the lives of many large canines for the better.

Their line of pet food hasn’t had any recall since its inception. This is rather reassuring since many brands these days have had a long list of recalls on their names.

We also love Gentle Giants for the fact that the primary ingredients used in them go a long way in supporting your dog’s overall health.

The real meats used as well as carbohydrates, fats, and other essential nutrients are carefully chosen to boost different facets of your pup’s health and well-being.

The food is also appropriate for all life stages, meaning you will find something for your doggie no matter his age.

There are options for all breeds and sizes as the brand has expanded to include toy, small, and medium dogs as well as large canines.

When making a selection, you get to choose between grain-free and grain-inclusive options or dry/wet food.

To make the deal even sweeter, the food is affordable.

The only downside to the Gentle Giants dog food is the fact that the company isn’t transparent about the manufacturing process.

Also, there are limited varieties of formulas and no specialized recipes.

Closing Thoughts

Gentle Giants dog food has everything your dog needs to have a good quality of life and live longer than most dogs.

The company makes its recipes in the USA, hasn’t had any recalls, and generally uses good-quality ingredients.

The formulas are somewhat limited but it doesn’t hurt to see if you can find what suits your needs best.