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Top 10 Freezable Teething Toys for Puppies

Top 10 Freezable Teething Toys for Puppies

The puppy teething stage is very tricky for pet owners. Since teething is painful, your puppy will try to reduce the discomfort of his sore gums by chewing anything that he can sink his teeth into.

By giving him toys that can indulge his teething instincts, you will not only relieve him of teething pains and discomfort but you will also spare your shoes, socks, and other house items from destruction.

There are many types of teething toys out there, but one unique and smart category of teething toys that many dog parents aren’t aware of is the freezable teething toys for puppies.

These toys can keep your pup cool when the outside temperatures are extreme and reduce pain and inflammation that comes with the teething process.

Without further ado, here is our pick of the best freezable teething toys for puppies.

1. ZNOKA Pet Products Cooling Teether Chew Toy

The first entry on our list is the freezable teething dog toy by ZNOKA Pet Products.

It is made from organic rubber that is very strong and lovely to chew on.

The toy is filled with 100% purified water that is absorbed and saved by the product.

As your puppy plays with it, the water will be gradually released through its holes. This helps quench his thirst when he’s out playing in the sun.

For better enjoyment, the toy can be stuffed with different snacks.

And of course, it can be frozen in advance to keep a pet cool and help soothe his aching gums.

2. Multipet Chilly Teething Bones

MultipetChily Bones Teething is also one of our favorite puppy toys out there.

It is made from a durable and sturdy material shaped like a bone.

The shape itself is very canine-friendly and catches the attention of a puppy from the word go.

The toy can also be thrown in the freezer to help a teething puppy or cool him when he’s playing in the sun.

This toy is quite easy to use and even has a resealable bag for convenience.

3. Hugs Arctic Freeze Chew Toy

This fun, tough, and functional dog toy is another awesome product to look out for as a pet parent.

Whether you have a teething puppy or want to help your adult dog beat the heat in summer, the Hugs Pet Products Arctic Freeze Chew toy for dogs has got you covered.

Made from a high-quality rubber material, you are guaranteed of durability and resilience.

Not only will your pooch enjoy sipping the water contained in this toy but he will also look forward to the treats found in there.

4. PetSafe Chilly Penguin Holding Dog Toy

This vanilla-scented, durable PetSafe Chilly Penguin treat holding dog toy is shaped like a penguin and features a rounded-base that wobbles around while dispensing treats.

To use it, fill its center with freezable goodies such as chicken broth, flavored water, yogurt, peanut butter, or wet dog food then toss it in the freezer overnight.

Give your dog the following day and let him chew on it or lay with it for as long as he pleases.

It is made from rubber. Apart from being long-lasting, your dog will absolutely love chewing on it.

5. Petstages Teething Dog Toy

Petstages dog toys are a staple in the current pet industry.

This specific cool teething stick is manufactured from colorful ribbons, flags, and streamers and makes for a great product for older or smaller dog breeds.

Its outer shell can be frozen to provide cooling relief for a teething puppy or a dog with a desire to chew.

You can freeze it for hours and have your puppy sink his gums around it in the morning.

The best part about this dog toy is that it is easy to wipe clean.

However, it can rip off easily and cannot hold up to vigorous chewing.

6. Nylabone Chew Freezer Dog Bone

The Nylabone Puppy Chew dog bone is a safe and odd-looking toy but which a teething puppy finds very beneficial.

When frozen, this toy changes color from yellow to orange so you can tell when it is ready to remove it from the freezer.

Made from a super-resistant material, you can rest easy knowing your tiny and enthusiastic fur baby will not rip it apart during chewing.

This adorable puppy toy even bounces when thrown making it great for playing fetch indoors and outdoors.

7. Chuckit! Hydro Toy

Like an adult dog, a puppy loves being in the water. If you are looking for an activity to bond over with your tiny dog, consider going to the beach, lake, or the swimming pool.

When you do, be sure to bring this hydro roller by Chuckit for deeper entertainment.

The internal reservoir holds water and sprays it when rolled or thrown. This adds spice to the game of fetch while keeping a dog cool during the summer.

Freeze it and let your teething puppy chew on it to provide relief to his soothing gums.

8. MushroomCat Interactive Cooling Teether Toys

This awesome rubber freeze ring keeps your puppy cool during summer and soothes his aching gums as well.

It is filled with water and frozen to help soothe a puppy’s gums. If your puppy shows symptoms of chewing everything around the house, simply place an order and help him develop strong jaws and teeth.

Apart from holding water, this product also doubles up as a treat-dispensing toy.

9. All for Paws Chill-Out Ice Bone

All For Paws Chill Out Ice Bone is yet another innovative and unique dog toy designed for teething puppies.

It is a water-dispensing toy that can be frozen for long-lasting refreshes during play or to soothe aching gums.

To use it, soak the bone in water then freeze it overnight.

The special gel found inside will ensure that the toy stays cool for long periods of time.

As your dog chews on it, it will clean his teeth and release water to quench his thirst.

The toy is made from a natural and dog-safe material.

10. EETOYS Dog Chew Toys

Made with a sturdy and bendable polymer nylon material, this durable pet toy by EETOYS is a teething puppy’s best friend.

The polymer is odorless and uniquely processed to avoid sharp splinters and breakage during chewing.

Your puppy will only scrape off tiny pieces from it which poses no danger to his digestive system.

Smear peanut butter or any other pasty treat to encourage your pooch to play and chew on it.

The challenge of getting treats out of the surface grooves will keep him entertained for hours while soothing his gums.

Plus, it can be frozen for that cooling effect that teething pups love so much.

This dog toy is available in different flavors and sizes. Choose the right one according to your puppy’s breed.

Benefits of freezable Dog Toys

Why should you get your puppy a freezable dog toy? Well, here are top reasons why you should invest in these types of dog toys:

  • They relieve pain, inflammation, and discomfort for teething puppies.
  • Freezable toys that can also be stuffed with treats provide puppies with a great opportunity for mental exercise, problem-solving and making proper use of their mouths. Working to get food from the toys keeps the puppies occupied for long, giving them the opportunity to not only problem solve but also stick to one task for long.
  • Keeping your puppies occupied also prevents boredom, restlessness, and other mischievous behaviors.
  • They are Suitable for voracious chewers. If your fur-baby loves to spend the whole day with something in his mouth, a puppy teething freeze toy is the right toy that can take care of his behavior.   
  • Freeze toys for dogs can also help cool your puppies during summer or when temperatures outside are extreme.  
  • During human meal times, teething toys for puppies that freeze can get your puppy started and compete with the aroma of your food.

Making Freezable Teething Toys safe for Puppies: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do offer a puppy teething freeze toy several times a day when your puppy is teething. When the toy starts to thaw, you can remove and refreeze it.
  • Always read the toy’s label to ensure that it is appropriate for your puppy’s size and age and that it is certified for safety.
  • Big solid chunks formed from a puppy teething freeze toy may frustrate your puppy especially if you are giving your puppy this type of toy for the first time. To avoid this, start with toys that are not frozen so that they can get used to them. Once they love the toys, you can freeze them for a maximum soothing effect.
  • Do take your puppy to a vet to check for occlusion and misalignment problems as your puppy ages. This will help you prevent dental issues when your pup becomes an adult.
  • Don’t forget to watch or supervise when your puppy is playing with freeze toys. Besides, check the toy occasionally to ensure that its structural integrity is still intact. Discard the toy if it is nearing its breaking point.
  • Don’t give stuffable freeze toys to puppies who suffer from anxiety. A frozen filling may lose its smell and an anxious dog may get worked up quickly. It is easy to test the power of different fillings if your dog hates being alone. For instance, if you walk to the door and your puppy stops chewing or licking the toy, probably the filling is not that powerful.

Parting Thoughts

Freezable teething toys for puppies are designed to make life better for puppies.

Choose the best options and help your puppy relieve pain, inflammation, and discomfort that are often associated with the teething stage.

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