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How Long Does PetSmart Grooming Take?

How Long Does PetSmart Grooming Take?

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Pet grooming can be a mentally and physically exhausting affair for your beloved furry companion.

For one, they have a short attention span that does not allow them to remain still and attentive throughout a lengthy grooming session.

Cats have a maximum attention span of about 15 minutes, while dogs are worse off with an attention span of around 2 minutes, especially puppies.

Secondly, pets are known to be thorough homebodies. This means they do not thrive particularly well in environments outside their home life.

As such, it is imperative that you understand the time it takes for PetSmart grooming to enable you to plan accordingly, as well as ways of saving time in this process.

With that in mind, herein is a breakdown of everything you need to know about PetSmart grooming duration.  

Average PetSmart Grooming Time

On average, a PetSmart grooming session will last for 2 to 4 hours.

The time taken is determined by the range of services you choose for your pet, the size of the pet, and its coat type.

The first 10 to 15 minutes will involve thorough teeth-to-tail assessment of your pet to certify that it is healthy enough to undergo the grooming process.

Here, a safety-certified grooming associate will assess your cat’s or dog’s teeth, skin, ears, nails, and coat, as well as its behaviorisms.

This way, PetSmart grooming personnel will not only approve your dog for the procedure, but they will also identify your pet’s unique grooming or health needs.

Moreover, it is during these 10 to 15 minutes that you consult with the staff about any specific grooming style you prefer.

The next 10 to 30 minutes will entail clipping, trimming, and brushing of your pet’s hair and nails.

Any excess fur or tangled strands will get clipped, while the rest of the hair will be brushed.

Afterward, the attendant will spend another 10 to 30 minutes bathing your pet.

This step can take as much as 30 minutes since it needs to be a relaxing bath, so the dog cannot be rushed.

Attendants will place the pet in a tub, gently apply shampoo on the pet’s coat, and spend some time gently scrubbing the dog.

Cleansing will also consume a considerable amount of time since attendants will take their time to ensure the pet’s skin is left completely shampoo-free to avoid any skin reactions.

Then comes the most time-consuming stage in PetSmart’s grooming process: custom drying.

This step takes 30 minutes or more depending on your dog’s coat.

First, a fluffy towel will be used to gently dry off your pet’s tail and face.

Next, the pet will be put inside a dryer to help it dry off completely.

Usually, it is advisable to use low speeds to provide your dog with maximum comfort and to avoid harming its coat or skin.

The last step is your pet’s haircut and applying any necessary finishing touches.

This is also a lengthy process as it involves going the extra mile to ensure your pet leaves the salon looking crispy and fresh.

Depending on your preferences, your pet will undergo a brush out, nails touch up, a hair trim, and wiping out of the ears, among other finishing touches.

How Long Does Nail Trimming Take At PetSmart?

Nail trimming is considered a “minor service”.

As such, it can take as little as 15 minutes.

However, this process can also take much longer if you prefer having your pet ‘PAWdicured’.

This means, after trimming, the salon associate might apply nail polish and even throw on some glitter to give your pet that ultra-chic look.

Things You Can Do To Save Time

If you feel that 2 to 4 hours is a long time to wait for your pet’s grooming session, you can observe regular pet hygiene regimens at home to reduce the amount of time you spend at the salon.

For instance, brushing your pet’s fur at least thrice every week reduces the amount of tangled hair on its skin and dislodges any filth that would otherwise accumulate.

As a result, your salon attendant will not have to spend a lot of time bathing or brushing your pet, ultimately saving you loads of time.

You could also clean the dog’s or cat’s ears and eyes daily to reduce the amount of dirt in these areas.

Simply dip a soft piece of cloth or a pH-neutral tissue paper into lukewarm water and gently graze off any dirt inside the pet’s ears, as well as at the corner of its eyes.

 Lastly, you should also consider observing proper dental hygiene by availing your dog with dental dog chews at least twice a week.

These strategies will help maintain your pet’s proper hygiene, thus minimizing the amount of time attendants take to clean it up during grooming sessions.

Opt for Express Service

Better yet, you could book an ‘Express’ grooming service to save yourself much more time.

At an extra cost, you could have a dedicated salon attendant tend to your pet from check-in to check-out to reduce the time you spend in the store.

However, this service is mostly reserved for senior dogs, pets with anxiety issues, and specific breeds, such as English Bulldog, Boston Terriers, French Bulldog, Boxers, and Pugs.

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