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Can I Weigh My Dog At PetSmart?

Can I Weigh My Dog At PetSmart?

As pet parents, it is impossible to overlook the importance of maintaining a healthy dog weight for your furry companion.

Obesity is detrimental to your dog’s health as it can bring about a host of health issues, including Type 2 diabetes, orthopedic complications, osteoarthritis, chronic heart diseases, or a limited life expectancy.

Worryingly, around 52% of canine pets in the country are obese, an issue that needs to be addressed immediately as it puts a lot of dogs at risk.

The good news is that you can protect your beloved canine companion from these obesity-related issues by regularly monitoring its weight.

This will help you keep tabs of variations in the dog’s weight and give you ample time to find viable mitigating measures before the problem gets out of hand.

So, Can You Weigh Your Dog At PetSmart?

Yes, you can weigh your pet at PetSmart.

 However, it is important to note that different PetSmart stores have different weighing modalities.

Some locations have scales positioned outside the grooming salon or vet clinics.

All you will be required to do is walk into the store, speak to a store attendant, and they will direct you to the weighing scale.

On the other hand, if PetSmart does not have an independent scale, there are several veterinary outlets located within these stores where you could also weigh your dog.

You can choose between the AAHA-accredited PetSmart veterinary clinics or the independent veterinary operators in select PetSmart locations, both of which offer full-service animal care including weighing.

Some PetSmart stores also house pet hospitals where you can also get dog weighing services and speak to a veterinarian in case of any weight anomalies.

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Alternatives to PetSmart

Alternatively, if you do not want to always have to undergo the hassle of visiting a PetSmart store every time you want to weigh your dog, you could opt to do this from the comfort of your home.

If you have one of the smaller dog breeds or a puppy, you can easily use the bathroom scale to weigh it.

Place the scale on a hard, flat surface, such as your bathroom floor, and hold your dog still as you take note of its weight.

A baby scale is even more accurate as it can record even the slightest change in weight.

If your dog is too restless to stay still on the scale or too big for a bathroom/baby scale, you can use the regular scale.

Start by weighing yourself and recording the weight.

Then, pick up your four-legged canine pet, step on the weighing scale, and record the weight.

Lastly, subtract the second weight from your weight to find your dog’s weight.

These strategies might not be practical for heavier dog breeds as lifting the dog can be an impossible task.

In such cases, you could consider buying a dog scale from a pet-supply store or Amazon.

What If Your Dog Loathes Getting Weighed?

Whether it is at PetSmart or at the comfort of your home, it is possible that your dog might not like getting weighed.

For some dogs, especially the bigger breeds, a scale’s instability can be scary.

 Others find it difficult to stay still for a few minutes until you are done recording their weight.

Therefore, it is important that you get your dog used to scales early enough to avoid this inconvenience.

One way of doing this is by regularly weighing your dog while it is still a puppy.

This will help him familiarize himself with scales, making him more comfortable with the whole process as time passes.

You should also offer the dog a treat and praise him after every successful weighing session for positive affirmation.

 Clicker training could also come in handy as a means of easing your dog into the scale.

Click and give the dog a treat every time it sniffs the scale.

 Afterward, start by placing one of its paws on the scale and gradually work your way up to all four paws before allowing him to sit or stand on the scale.

Most importantly, you will need to be very patient for this training to work as the dog will take some time to get used to the scale.

Parting Thoughts

 Do not wait until your dog’s unhealthy weight challenges get out of control.

Ensure you keep close tabs of its weight by regularly weighing it on a scale.

You can achieve this by often visiting a nearby PetSmart store, investing in a dog scale, or using the right home-based weighing strategies.

 Either way, do not simply keep a record of your dog’s weight. Respond accordingly.

If you notice any sudden changes in weight, seek immediate help from a veterinary doctor and help your dog adopt a healthier lifestyle through increased physical activity and dietary changes.

 The sooner you take action, the better for your beloved four-legged companion’s health.


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