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How to Stop a Male Dog from Smelling a Female in Heat

How to Stop a Male Dog from Smelling a Female in Heat

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A male dog is designed to respond to a female on heat. Nature put this phenomenon in place to ensure the continuation of the canine species. When the female goes into heat, her body produces a special scent that a dog can smell from very far away. When he does, hell breaks loose on his part. Every part of him tells him to hunt down the girl and mate with her.

If you happen to be around your Fido at this time, you will see all kinds of behaviors from aggression to restlessness to whining. Most males will do absolutely anything to get to the female. The solution? Make sure the male dog doesn’t smell the female in estrus. How? You ask. Here are 8 leading suggestions.

1. Keep The Male Away From The Female

First things first, you want to get your male doggie as far away from the female on heat as possible. As long as she is nearby, he is bound to lose control. If the female is hanging around the fence, consider luring your boy into his kennel. In the case that both dogs live under one roof, you might want to keep the male in the outdoor kennel or a safely fenced yard while the female stays indoors.

If there’s no yard, place the dogs in separate rooms, preferably on opposite sides of the house. Select rooms that are far away from each other as humanly possible. Keep in mind that the male can smell the female from as far as three miles away. Lock both doors and don’t let the dogs out at the same time. The toys in the male dog’s room should not belong to the female as they will bear her scent. When he catches the smell, he will start to whine, scratch the surfaces, and moan.

If you can’t manage to separate the male dog, take him to a boarding facility or have one of your friends or relatives accommodate him for a while. Bear in mind that this may take as long as three weeks for a female dog to be on heat. Prepare to have the dog accommodated for that long away from home.

2. Use A Methanol Spray To Mask The Smell

Another ingenious trick to stop the male from smelling the female in estrus is to spray methanol on the latter’s tail. A good example is Vick’s Vapor Rub. Since it has a high concentration of methanol, it will overpower the scent coming from the female. This way, the male dog will not pick up the scent and ultimately stay calm. Although methanol sprays are made for the female dog, you can use some on the male too. If he smells like menthol, he is less likely to actually smell the scent on the female as well.

3. Utilize A Doggy Diaper

Best Dog Diapers for Males

Dogs have their own diapers too. They come in handy in many situations, one of which is trapping any discharge from the female. The discharge bears the scent that tells the males that she’s ready to mate and reproduce. It may be mild to you but it is certainly very strong and pleasant to the male dog. To stop the male dog from picking it up, you may want to put a diaper on the female to catch the discharge. The discharge will flow from her genitals to the diaper and keeps the scent from spreading. This trick also maintains a physical barrier in case the male gets to the female and tries to mate. Many pet stores stock doggie diapers. Get some and conceal the smell to a greater extent.

4. Hygiene Matters

To further mask the smell of a female dog on heat and stop your male pup from smelling her, you want to ensure the queen is clean round the clock. The idea is to make sure the discharge is kept at bay. Consider bathing her twice (if not more) per day to keep her nice and clean. Use a good shampoo with a mild scent to help keep the smell level low. Also, add a splash of white vinegar in his bathwater to mask the scent. Don’t worry, vinegar is safe for dogs as long as you don’t use copious amounts.

5. Use Chlorophyll

Like methanol sprays, chlorophyll has been said to disguise the scent of a dog in heat. The liquid form works best as it blends into the dog’s food better than the tablet form. The recommended dose is one teaspoon in the morning and another one in the evening. Use chlorophyll as soon as the female starts her estrus cycle. You might want to speak to your vet before going this route to give you the proper dosage among other pieces of advice regards using the product.

6. Apply Lust Buster On The Male Dog

Lust Buster is a special product that contains essential oils like peppermint. When applied to the male dog’s nose, it temporarily masks the scent produced by a female in estrus. If you have ever participated in the show ring, you must have come across the product. It is used to stop the male canines from being distracted by the tempting females in the ring.

7. Exercise The Dog

If you are looking for a natural, chemical-free, and simple remedy for a male dog who has smelled a female dog on heat, try exercise. A busy and tired canine is less likely to drive himself up the wall thinking about mating. What’s better than exercising your pup to the extent that he will be too tired to bother about hunting down a female on heat?

Before you attach the leash and walk out of the door, you might want to take a step back and plan your strategy well. For one, don’t use the same route the female dog uses during her walks. Your male dog will certainly smell her scent and go bonkers. In the end, this will cause more problems. Use a completely different route. If you are exercising in the yard, be sure to keep him away from your female’s favorite spots.

8. Have The Dog Neutered

This is a rather permanent solution to the problem of controlling your male dog from mating. If you are not planning to breed, don’t take any chances. Organize with the vet to have the dog neutered to avoid drama and unwanted pregnancies.

Parting Thoughts

There you have it – 8 ways to stop a male dog from smelling a female in heat. There’s no fun in watching your doggie suffer because he wants to mate. You can solve the problem by doing a combination of the remedies suggested therein.