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How to Wrap a Puppy as a Gift

How to Wrap a Puppy as a Gift

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Last Christmas, I was wondering what to get my son for Christmas.

I initially thought of toys but then I remembered how he had been begging me to get him a dog all year.

We had just gone through an emotional time as a family when our precious old Labrador had to be put down because as the vet said, “she was no longer in good welfare.”

But after 10 months of grief, we were ready to move on—and I knew getting a pup would be the best idea to give us maximum time with the dog before he grew old again.

I had never given a puppy as a gift before, so I didn’t know how to go about it.

I especially kept wondering how I would wrap and present the dog.

I know I couldn’t wrap him the usual way because the last thing I wanted was for the pure guy to suffocate.

So, I did some research and found some amazing tips that other pet parents have used.

Let me share what I learnt below.

3 Creative Ways to Wrap a Puppy as a Gift

1. Puppy Experience Basket

Wrapping a puppy in a box is a risky business because of the possibility of running out of air.

Depending on the size of the pup and the space available in the box, he may also be too constrained for comfort, which could easily stress them out.

A simple solution to this is to make a puppy experience basket instead.

This basket will have a couple of dog-related items but you will not include the actual pup.

Some of the items you can include in the box include puppy treats, chew toys, a dog collar, and a leash.

So, just get an ordinary gift box and fill it with select dog items, and then wrap it with gift wrapping paper as you would wrap any other gift.

 This is a great way of gifting a pup without actually wrapping him up physically.

2. Using a Blanket

You could also wrap your puppy in a blanket.

The best way to go about this is to use the burrito technique.

To do this, let the puppy lie or seat on the blanket with their hind legs tucked in and then wrap the blanket around him.

Make sure their head is not wrapped in to give them enough room to breathe.

This method will however only work with dogs that aren’t too active.

But even if the puppy can stay calm, he won’t stay wrapped up for too long, so you will want to do it just before you present the gift.

3. Use an Actual Gift Box

If done right, you can wrap the pup in a box and present them as a gift.

However, you do not want the dog to stay in the box for too long, so it is a good idea to wait until the last minute.

A good trick is to wrap up a box and have it ready in the car and then place the puppy inside it just before you step into the house.

You could put a dog treat or a chew toy in the box to help the pup stay occupied which will help them stay calm.

 As a precaution, you can perforate some holes on the sides of the box to allow for air to circulate through.

Closing Thoughts

So there you have it – 3 awesome ways you can wrap a puppy as a gift.

Be sure to do some research and preparation before you think of gifting someone a dog.

For instance, you want to know if they have fur allergies and also if they are ready and willing to take care of a dog for at least a decade. 

The idea is to give only give a puppy as a gift to someone who wants one.

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