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Can I Weigh My Dog At Tractor Supply?

Can I Weigh My Dog At Tractor Supply?

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Monitoring the weight of your doggy is just as important as monitoring yours.

Your dog’s weight will help you know how healthy he is.

It will also help you determine if you need to change his diet or keep giving him the same food.

But getting your furry friend to stand still on a scale can be quite an uphill task, which is why most pet owners don’t even consider doing it at home.

Thankfully, you do not have to weigh your dog too often.

In fact, some vets believe that weighing your dog once or twice a year should be enough.

But this is assuming that your dog is healthy and not predisposed to any health issue.

As your dog gets older and or starts being sickly, it might be beneficial to weigh them often.

So, how (or more precisely, where) do you weigh your dog?

Well, you could try tractor supply.


Can I Weigh My Dog At Tractor Supply?

Well, Tractor Supply is pet friendly—as long as your pet is leashed.

While it is not clear if you can weigh your dog at Tractor Supply, they offer an awesome dog washing station. So, there is a good chance you will find a scale too.

It depends on the individual store you are visiting, but you can call in advance to inquire.

 Or better still, you can just ask them when you are there. If they have a dog scale, they will most definitely let you weigh your dog.

That said, you may not get an aided dog weighing service at Tractor Supply. That’s because it is not one of their core services.

At best, the store may give you the room and scale but you may have to get your dog on the scale yourself.

If your dog has never been weighed before, he might be a little anxious or stubborn depending on his personality. So, you may want to carry some treats.

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Where Else Can I Weigh My Dog?

If your tractor supply store does not offer dog weighing services, there are still a couple of viable options that you can try.

The first is weighing your dog at home.

As scary as that may sound, it may actually work better for your dog because he will be more relaxed in a familiar environment.

 Dog scales are inexpensive – you can get one for under $40 on Amazon or at the pet store.

However, be sure to get the right scale for your dog because they typically have weight limits. 

If you think about it, this is actually a cheaper approach since the only cost you will incur is the initial purchase price of the scale.

A good scale should last for years, so you won’t have to spend any more cash on a new one.

The only challenge with weighing your dog at home is getting him to stand still on the scale.

 If your dog is small, then you are in luck because all you need is to hold him still for a couple of seconds.

However, this may not be as easy for larger breeds. But you can still use treats to train them to be still for the time you need them on the scale.

Weighing your dog at home is especially useful for pet parents who have ailing dogs that need frequent weighing.

However, if your dog is healthy and doesn’t need frequent weighing, you don’t need a dog weighing scale.

You can just have your dog weighed at your vet’s office.

Most vet offices will offer the service at no additional cost.

In fact, taking your dog’s weight is typically one of the prerequisites whenever you take your dog for a vet visit.

Does your local Tractor Supply offer dog weighing services?

If yes, be sure to take advantage of it the next time you are there.

If not, still get your dog weighed at least once a year at the vet’s clinic or even at home.

Also, be sure to increase the frequency of weighing the dog as they get older.

Older dogs are more at risk of some ailments which you could catch early if you registered a significant weight loss.