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Black Goldendoodles: Top Facts to know about this Amazing Breed

Black Goldendoodles: Top Facts to know about this Amazing Breed

Goldendoodles are among the most loved dogs globally. They are gentle and blend the best qualities of Poodles and Golden Retrievers into one warm fuzzy package. They are also intelligent and playful, making them even more popular with families looking for all-round, family-friendly dogs.

But if you are given a choice to be a Goldendoodle parent, which coat color would you go for? Well, the first impression many people have when Goldendoodles are mentioned is that these dogs must be colorful. People have taken the element of Goldendoodles quite literally and tend to think that the variation of these amazing pooches has to be gold and cream. On the contrary, there are also black Goldendoodles.

To help you understand the Goldendoodles world better, this post will focus on black Goldendoodles with respect to their physical characteristics, behaviors, health issues, and FAQs about these beautiful mutts.

Let’s dive in.

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Their Black Color

While we know that Golden Retrievers only come in variations of gold and cream coats, Poodles come in a wide range of colors, including black. This implies that the black coat color is predominantly from the Poodle side. What’s more, color vibrations such as dark brown or chocolate and gray or silver are also common with Poodles. So, when you see a black, gray, or dark brown Goldendoodles, there are high chances that it is more Poodle than Golden Retriever.

It is also worth mentioning that you may find gray Goldendoodles. Well, these are still black Goldendoodles. Sometimes the black coats of Goldendoodle puppies tend to turn to gray when they are fully grown.

Lastly, you may also come across black and white Goldendoodles or black Goldendoodles with white markings. Like the black coat color, the white markings also come from the Poodle side of the family.

Coat Types

Black Goldendoodles come in a variety of coats depending on the trait that’s more dominant:

  • Straight Coat: Black Goldendoodles with this coat type are more Golden Retrievers than Poodle. Although they don’t have the widely-celebrated teddy bear look, they have less grooming needs—weekly brushing is just enough.
  • Curly Coats: The curls vary in lengths and tightness depending on the lineage of the dog. You are likely to find anything from loose barrel curls to those that you see in pure breed Poodles. They require a lot of grooming. For instance, you need to brush them daily to avoid matting. But if you can’t meet this grooming routine, you can keep the hair cut short. They almost never shed.
  • Wavy or Shaggy Coats: This is the most common coat, particularly among the black Goldendoodles. This coat type requires less grooming, and like curly coat type, it almost never sheds. 


The size of black Goldendoodles is dictated by the size of their parents. The most common sizes include:

  • Mini Black Goldendoodles: Height-13-20 inches; Weight-15-30 pounds
  • Standard Black Goldendoodles: Height-17-20; Weight-40-50 Pounds
  • Large Black Goldendoodles: Height-22-26; Weight-45-100 Pounds

Personality and Temperament

BlackGoldendoodles are gentle, patient, and very loyal. They are super-friendly and will always follow you everywhere you go with a smile. Their temperament is even and stable. Although they can be a bit naughty when they are playing, you can correct this with proper training.

Unfortunately, they often extend their friendly nature to strangers as well, so don’t expect them to be good guard dogs. In fact, if there are intruders, they are more likely to welcome them with kisses.


As aforementioned, black Goldendoodles are very active and love to play a lot. Therefore, you need to exercise them regularly to prevent them from being naughty or becoming troublesome. However, it doesn’t have to be something elaborate—a few minutes of play and a long walk to a nearby park should suffice.

Like other breeds, creating some ‘alone’ time for your black Goldendoodle will also go a long way in strengthening the bond between you and him and keep him from being lonely.

Grooming Needs

As hinted above, maintaining a black Goldendoodle coat will depend on the type of coat that they have.  Curly and shaggy coats require more and frequent brushing than straight coats. Here are more grooming tips that you can leverage to keep your black Goldendoodles in top shape:

  • If he loves swimming, check and clean his ears regularly. Check for any signs of ear infections as well.
  • Trim his nails whenever they overgrow

Health issues

The most common health concerns with black Goldendoodles include:

  • Hip Dysplasia: Common in large black Goldendoodles but can be managed through medications and surgery in severe cases.
  • Patellar luxation: Knee fails to form correctly, preventing the dog from bending his knee joint. Like hip dysplasia, the condition can be managed by pain killers or surgery in severe conditions.


The price of black Goldendoodles is influenced by the type of coat, size of the dog, quality of the parents, vet care, genetic testing, generation and more. Because black coat Goldendoodles are in high demand, expect to pay between $1500 and $2000 for your mutt.

1.Are black Goldendoodles hypoallergenic?

Although people believe that Goldendoodles are hypoallergenic, this is not the case. No dog is hypoallergenic—at least according to Mayo Clinic and this study published in the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy.

2. Do black Goldendoodles shed?

Another common myth about Goldendoodles is that they don’t shed because of their Poodle genes. Well, it is important to note that all dogs shed because it is a natural process that’s triggered by seasonal changes.

Like other dogs, poodle loses their coats occasionally but due to curly nature of their coats, the hair tends to get trapped and seldom fall out naturally. This is what makes people to believe that they don’t shed.

A black Goldendoodle that’s more poodle may inherit the coat gene from his parent hence will shed less than a non-curly or shaggy dog.

3. What are F2b Goldendoodles?

F1, F1b, F2, and F2b symbols are used to denote Goldendoodle generations as follows:

  • F1 Goldendoodles: Are the first generation Goldendoodle and were produced by mixing standard Poodles with pure breed Golden Retrievers.
  • F1b Goldendoodles: Are backcrosses between F1 Goldendoodles and Poodles. The offsprings are 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retrievers. Puppies tend to have almost no-shedding coats.
  • F2 Goldendoodles: Are crosses between two F1 Goldendoodles. Offsprings are 50% Poodles and 50% Golden Retrievers. The biggest challenge with such crosses is that the resulting mix’s behaviors and physical characteristics can be unpredictable because of the mixture of genes.
  • F2b Goldendoodles: Are backcrosses between F1 Goldendoodles and F1b Goldendoodles or two F1b Goldendoodles. The offsprings are 62.5% Poodles and 37.5% Golden Retrievers. They tend to have more curly coats hence less shedding tendencies.

FYI: ‘b’ in F1b and F2b stands for backcross.

4. What are the best names for black Goldendoodle?

Naming your black Goldendoodle shouldn’t be hard. Choose a name that reflects the dog’s personality or a name that will be easy for him to recognize and remember. Else, consider your personality, some of your favorite things in life, or your black Goldendoodle’s size or coat type. Here are unique examples that work well with black Goldendoodles:

Hugo, Mackenzie , Magnum, Dexter, Conrad, Alexus, Nester, Benji, Paola, Baxter, Beaufred, Ash, Coal, Cinder, Betsy, Rudy, Betty, Madison, Zoey, Rosie, Sophie, Callie, Luna, Izzy, Macy, Amelia, Carrie, Marley, Ella, Chance, Finn, Nelson, Oscar, India, Louie, Julia, Haley, Patches, Josie Poncho,  Coach, Packer, Olive, Junju, Pedro, Lola Gulliver , Harper,  Hank,  Justine, Gigi, Karie, Quin, Lily, Ivory, Petunia, Quincy, Jazzy, Gertrude, Paulie Hazel, Poppy, Justice, Maisie, Paxton, Hannah, Lucy, Gemini Ester, Joy, Zoe Rascal, Fancy, Socrates, Hank, Fiona, Solomon, Darwin, Einstein, Ember, Jet, Henry, Olive, Houston, Mendel, Jax, Hawking, Jessie, Reginald, Josie, Edison, Angus, Pepper, Bailey, Slate, Apollo, Ash, Basil, Missy, Ozzie, Nala, Winston,  Zoelle Zoey, Wonder, Beau, Jack, Nala, Noodles, Ollie, Buddy, Frankie, Dakota, Odie, Zeke, Charlie, Zeus,  Sully,  Peaches, Scou,  Dixie, Lady, Ozzy, Maple Bruce,  Beckett, Sara, Henry, Tatum, Sophie, Barkley, Shiba Sassy, Vixen Chase Trixie Tessa, Scout, Venus, Arrow Charlie, Brooklyn, Percy, Champ, Paula,  Chico Chester , Buckey, Chloe, Beau, Olympia, Oliver,Winona, Magnus, Wilma Theresa, Trina, Titus, Malani, Patsy, Maxine, Madison, Bella, Brody, Comet Brady, Brodie, Murphy, Daisy, Bauer, Wally, Belle, Spud, Bentley, Max, Destiny, Jet, Shadow, Dafney, Oreo, Dana, Cassie,  Shady, Chrissy, Raven, Coal, Pepper, Darla Destine, Slate, Midnight, Delilah, Cinder, Ember, Luna, Amber, Raven, Astro, Iris Balian, Bailey, Meyer, Black , Barkley & Ebony.

5. What are the best toys for black Goldendoodles?

As hinted above, a bored Goldendoodle can be naughty and troublesome. Besides exercise, therefore, consider keeping your doodle physically and emotionally occupied with a few toys. Here are the best options: Best Toys to Buy for Goldendoodles

Final Thoughts

Black Goldendoodles make great family-friendly dogs—they are great with children, the elderly, and other pets. When you train them right, they can fit into just any family and lifestyle. They are also perfect for people who love swimming and hiking. Their easy trainability also makes them excellent service dogs.  What’s more, their low shedding tendencies make them a great choice for people looking for therapy dogs (but without the worry of allergies).

Like any other mutt out there, before you buy a black Goldendoodle puppy, take your time to verify the breeder’s reputation. Avoid puppy mills at all costs as they might disappoint you in the end.

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