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17 Safe Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

17 Safe Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers

Dogs have a natural urge to chew. If you don’t get your dog a good chew, he may end up chewing your sofa, furniture, or other valuable items at home. 

When your dog is an aggressive chewer, however, you need to find him a suitable indestructible toy that can last for long periods.

You don’t want to buy a chew toy that he will destroy or swallow in a matter of minutes.

But how do you know that your dog is an aggressive chewer?

Well, if your dog chews with so much energy and enthusiasm that he can shred or swallow the object he is chewing on, then he is an aggressive chewer.

If he tends to chew objects slowly and more gently then he is a non-aggressive chewer.

Aggressive chewers will shred most common toys almost immediately. For instance, they can finish a 6-inch medium bully stick in a few minutes.

When buying chew toys for an aggressive chewer, therefore, you need something that will slow them down—toys that are designed with tough materials.


The fact that your dog is a large breed with stronger jaws does not make him an aggressive chewer.

There are many small breeds with considerably low bite force but can destroy toys in seconds.

You have to watch your dog chew objects to establish whether or not he is an aggressive chewer.

Other categories of chewers include inhalers and nibblers:

  • Inhalers chew a big chunk of the chew toys and swallow.
  • Nibblers, on the other hand, take time with their chews. They savor them, slowly giving them the utmost attention.

Now that you’ve determined whether your dog is an aggressive chewer, let’s identify which types of toys are safe for him.

Afterward, I’ll guide you through my selection of some of the best options currently available in the market, drawing from expert insights, user reviews, and my own experience.

If you’re pressed for time, here’s a brief summary of the round-up:

Which Toys Are Safe For Aggressive Chewers?

Because of their destructive chewing behavior, some toys may not be safe for aggressive chewers.

And giving your dog a wrong chew may end up doing more harm than good to him.

So, which types of toys are considered to be safe for aggressive chewers?

Well, here are some features I always look out for:

  • Softness: To avoid choking risks, safe toys for aggressive chewers shouldn’t be too soft or constructed with soft materials that make it easy for dogs to shred and swallow the pieces or stuffing inside it.
  • Hardness: While aggressive chewers will benefit more from chews that are made of hard materials, a safe toy shouldn’t be too hard. Very hard toys can cause oral injuries to your dog. As a guide, if a toy hurts when you bang it on your knee then it is probably too hard for your dog.
  • Shape and size: An aggressive chewer is highly likely to swallow a chew toy if it is too small, so avoid small toys. You should also avoid buying chews with shapes that can get the dog’s tongue stuck in it.
  • Coatings: A safe toy for any dog shouldn’t be coated or treated with artificial flavorings that can cause stomach upsets.
  • Washable: Safe chews should also be washed and disinfected time and again. So, ensure you purchase dog chews that are washable.
  • Rawhides: Rawhides are considered to be unsafe for aggressive chewers because they are not easily digested and can cause GI irritation or blockage when swallowed by your dog. Blockages can happen in the esophagus or other parts of the digestive tracts. Some rawhides are also treated with potentially hazardous chemicals. If you are interested in something that can last your dog for long, I highly recommend water buffalo ears instead of raw hides.
  • Cow Hooves: Cow hooves are other dog chews that most people think are suitable for aggressive chewers but are not, especially when you take safety into consideration. The hooves can splinter and tend to have sharp edges, which may harm your dog, especially if he has aggressive chewing behavior.

Safe Dog Chews for Aggressive Chewers- Our Best Picks

1.Titan Busy Bounce Chew

Key Highlights:

  • Erratic bouncing, which provides mental stimulation
  • Can be stuffed with peanut butter and other treats

If you are looking for something that your dog can chew and play with at the same time, then I would advise you to get him Titan Busy Bounce Chew.

Made of tough, FDA-approved rubber, this is one of the best chew for aggressive chewers because it can withstand all kinds of heavy use—whether it is biting, tearing, or teething.

As its name suggests, this amazing toy is made of an erratic bouncing rubber ball, which implies that it will bounce unpredictably as your dog plays with it, keeping him entertained for hours.

The erratic bounce is also mentally stimulating and can come in handy when you are looking for something to keep your dog busy when you are away.

Another great feature of this chew and probably why I have listed it in this safe chews for aggressive chewers round-up is the fact that it can be stuffed with peanut butter and other treats, keeping your pooch occupied for long.

TIP: The Titan Busy Bounce Chew isn’t the only toy you can stuff with peanut butter and other treats. I’ve listed quite a few in this post: 15 Best Dog Toys You Can Put Peanut Butter in, so feel free to check them out.

2. EETOYS Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers

Key Highlights:

  • Durable, safe with Smooth Scrape Technology
  • Custom grooves extend chew time, reduce destructive behavior.

In my honest opinion, very few of the bone toys that you will find in the market today can compete with EETOYS Chew Toys.

The toy is made of nylon, one of the go-to materials for indestructible dog toys.

As aforementioned, a safe chew for aggressive chewers shouldn’t be too hard that it breaks your dog’s teeth and gums. This is what you get from this toy.

It is hard for your dog to shred but made with safety in mind, thanks to the company’s Smooth Scrape Technology.

The chew also features customized grooves to allow you to apply a thin layer of your dog’s favorite treat to increase chew time, reduce boredom and control the destructive chewing behavior.  

The toy has been tested by powerful breeds like German Shepherds, Golden retrievers, Mastiff Pit Bulls, and Labradors and that’s why the company is offering a lifetime replacement guarantee upon purchase.

3. West Paw Jive Design Dog Chew Toy

Key Highlights:

  • Boasts a unique, unpredictable bounce and is floatable—perfect for fetch
  • Contours allow easy grip, safe breathing during play

If you love playing fetch with your dog, West Paw Jive Design Dog Chew Toy is the best toy to get him.

It is made of ultra-tough rubber material, Zogoflex, that doesn’t give any chance for your dog to get his teeth in. This makes it an amazing ball for dogs with aggressive behaviors.

Another reason why I love this ball is its design: it has contours that make it easy for your pooch to grip it and breathe seamlessly when carrying it (an important safety aspect that every dog parent will definitely love).

Because of the notches on its edges, its bounce is random and unique, giving your dog a more pleasurable chase.

What’s more, the chew ball floats, making it a great addition to water games.

If a wrong throw sends the ball into a pool or lake, you and your dog won’t need to swim to the bottom to get it.

They also come in a variety of sizes, making it easy for dogs of all sizes to carry them.

4. Petstages Dogwood Wooden Chew

Key Highlights:

  • Enticing real wood smell
  • Durable, doesn’t splinter

This high-quality, durable chew is designed to not only withstand your dog’s aggressive chewing behavior but also to cater to his desire for the taste of real wood.

It has an enticing real wood smell that makes it a great alternative to wooden sticks.

Its shape also resembles real wood, and it is made from a combination of real wood and synthetics that makes it safe for dogs but still durable.

This chew does not splinter hence safe for aggressive chewers.

Besides, it comes in the right size and shape so that your dog does not swallow it.

5. Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone

Key Highlights:

  • Infused with real bacon flavor to make it more enticing to choosy dogs
  • Comes with ribbed edges to provide a better grip

Even an aggressive chewer will take some time to get through this flavored chew from Benebone.

This toy comes in an excellent wishbone design that your dog will love to chew and play with.

I love the fact that it is also infused with real bacon flavor, which makes it enticing to choosy dogs.

The Benebone Real Wishbone Dog Chew Toy is made of durable nylon, one of the toughest materials you will find in items designed for dogs with aggressive behaviors.

The chew also comes with ribbed edges to provide a better grip for your dog and scrub his teeth as he chews, improving his dental health.

6. Nylabone Dura Chew Power

Key Highlight: Textured and flavored to entice picky chewers

If you have a picky aggressive chewer, this is probably the best chew to get him.

It is made of textured, flavored nubs to entice even the pickiest chewer.

The textured nubs not only enhance the grip for your dog but will also massage your dog’s gums, helping him to control plaque and tartar buildup.

The chew toy is also infused with chicken flavor that will make your dog want to savor it all the time.

Made in the US and designed for dogs that weigh over 50lb, this is another great choice I’d recommend for any dog owner who’s looking for safe chews for aggressive chewers.  

7. Benebone Maplestick/Bacon Stick Durable Chew

Key Highlights: Durable, easy to grip, and comes with real maple wood/Bacon flavor

The great design of this durable dog toy makes it popular for dog parents who are looking for chews that are challenging for dogs to break.

The design also makes it easy for your dog to grip or hold it, boosting his chewing experience.

This dog chew toy also has a 100% real maple wood/Bacon taste that your dog can’t resist.

Besides, the chew is made in the USA. This includes packaging, material, and tooling.

Additionally, the nylon it is made from is outsourced from the US, so you should be sure of its quality.

However, this dog chew is not edible, so be sure to always supervise your dog and replace it when there is a need to.

8. Nylabone Power Chew

Key Highlights:

  • Textured & X-shape for easy grip
  • Feature delicious beef flavor
  • Best for all sizes: for pups as small as 15 lbs and dogs as big as 50 lbs

Nylabone Power Chew Durable Dog Toy has a unique X shape that makes it easy for your dog to chew and grip it.

The toy is also textured and has some fun chewing ends that your dog will enjoy.

If your dog loves beef (most dogs do), then this is the right toy I would recommend for him as it has a delicious beef flavor.

It is also made of nylon, which makes it durable and an excellent toy for aggressive chewers.

The toy is also made for pups as small as 15 lbs and dogs as big as 50 lbs.

9. ZNOKA TPR Squeak Chew

Key Highlights:

  • Feature squeak to add entertainment to chewing activity.
  • Feature nubbins to enhance dental health while chewing

Are you looking for a simple chew that can control your dog’s plaque and tartar buildup at the same time?

This all-natural rubber chew toy from ZNOKA is all you need.

The toy features a squeak to keep your dog entertained and interested in the chewing process.

It also features little nubbins that assist in cleaning your dog’s teeth and gums, which further improves his oral health.

10. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Chew

Key Highlights: Floats, non-toxic, washable, and customizable in size and color

Another great chew that I believe was specifically made for aggressive chewers is this West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Chew.

The toy is durable and will keep your pup busy for a long time.

Another thing I love about it is the 100% guarantee the manufacturer gives the users against dog damage.

It comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, allowing you to choose what suits your dog’s style and taste.

Additionally, this variety can help you differentiate between the toys if you have multiple dogs.

This dog bone chew toy floats in water, and it is non-toxic. Besides, you can wash, disinfect, and reuse it.

11. Pet Qwerks BarkBone Chew

Key Highlights: Durable, ergonomic design for aggressive chewers, additive-free.

The Pet Qwerks Barkbone Dog Chew comes in a great bark bone shape that makes it easy for your dog to pick and hold.

Being non-edible, this toy helps to massage your dog’s gums and clean its teeth.

It is also strong and durable, making it an ideal toy for aggressive chewers.

The chew contains no additives, no colors, and no added flavors.

It is also made from components sourced from the US. As a result, it is non-toxic and non-allergic to dogs.

 12. Ultra-Durable Chew Toy

Key Highlights:

  • Virtually indestructible, shock-absorbing, natural rubber for aggressive chewers
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee

This is a durable toy that is virtually indestructible, even for aggressive chewers.

It is made from natural rubber. It is shock-absorbing and non-toxic, which makes it safe for your dog.

It is also a playing toy: you can use it to play fetch and tug of war without worrying about damages.

Even better, the toy comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee against dog damage as well as a lifetime money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with it.

 13. KONG – Classic Dog Toy

Key Highlights:

  • Made of all-natural rubber
  • Bouncy to keep dogs engaged and active
  • Stuffable

The KONG Classic Dog Toy is made from all-natural rubber, which makes it durable and safe for aggressive chewers.

Besides, it has a great design to encourage chewing, and it comes in different sizes, so be sure you will always get the right size for your dog.

The chew also provides a fun way for dogs to chew and play.

The toy bounces so that your dog can chew, chase, and fetch it, thereby keeping your dog busy for a long time.

You can also add more fun to the chew by filling it with your dog’s favorite treat.

14. Nylabone Dura Chew

Key Highlight: Durable and textured for enhanced grip and optimum dental hygiene

This toy is designed in the shape of a T-Rex, one of the widely celebrated large theropods.

It’s tough to withstand the fury of tough chewers while cleaning their teeth.

The Nylabone T-Rex is durable and strong, so be sure there is a low chance your dog will chew and swallow pieces of it.

Another amazing feature of this toy and probably why I had to include it on my list is its amazing texture, which ensures that your dog has a solid grip while chewing.

The texture can also go a long way in maintaining the dental hygiene of your dog.

15. Kong Flyer

Key Highlights: Durable, non-toxic KONG rubber gentle on teeth

This is a tough and durable dog chew toy made out of natural KONG rubber that is non-toxic.

The rubber is considerably soft, which makes the toy easier on your dog’s teeth and gums.

It can withstand even the toughest jaws that can burst through Frisbees.

16. Diamond Plate Orbee Ball

Key Highlights: Tough, durable alternative to regular tennis or soccer balls

Dogs love to play with balls. However, tennis balls and small soccer balls are not designed to withstand the jaws of aggressive chewers.

Diamond Plate Orbee Ball is a tough dog ball that can be used in place of a tennis ball.

This dog ball is a very durable toy that you can give to a destructive dog.

17. Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring

Key Highlights:

  • Inbuilt safety feature with black and red color layers.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee

Finally, this is one of the toughest dog toys available on the market.

What I love most is its inbuilt safety feature. It has two colors- a black color on the outside and a red color on the inside. As long as your dog doesn’t expose the red part, the toy is safe to use.

The manufacturer has a lifetime guarantee on this product. If your dog manages to expose the red color, then you can go for a free replacement.

The chew also comes in a variety of sizes to cater to all sizes and ages of aggressive chewers.

Benefits of Dog Chew Toy

1. Improve Oral Hygiene

Chewing helps to keep your dog’s oral health in good shape.

Dog chews help to exercise the jaw and keep them healthy.

They also help to get rid of tartar and scrap plaque buildup.

As dogs chew toys, enzymes are produced in the mouth that helps to knock off the tartar in your dog’s teeth.

This leaves the teeth clean and gives your dog fresh breath.

Proper oral hygiene will keep your dog from tooth and gum disease.

You can also give chews to puppies to soothe the discomfort that results from teething.

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2. Form of Entertainment

Your furry friend loves to play. Chews can be an excellent way for dogs to play and knock boredom away.

This also assists to keep their stress levels low.

You can give your dog indestructible toys to play with until they are content.

As the dogs play with the toys, they are also exercising. This helps to keep your dog in good shape, and it keeps sicknesses at bay.

3. Deters Dogs from Chewing Household Item

Chewing is a natural habit for dogs. In the absence of the right thing to chew, dogs can be destructive and start chewing on any household goods around.

Some of the things that will look appealing to your dog for chewing include your expensive sofas, shoes, and chairs. 

Providing your dog with dog chews will not only make their choppers and claws busy but will also keep your valuable household items safe.

4. Improves Your Dog’s Jaw Strength

Your dog will naturally have the urge to chew something to stimulate his jawbones.

Since most dog foods don’t provide dogs with enough chewing stimulation, giving your dog chews can go a long way in providing him with enough jaw exercise.

More Tips for Making Chews Safe for Aggressive Chewers

  • Always observe your dog’s behavior with a new chew. Remove it when it becomes too small as it can be a choking hazard. Additionally, if you feel that the chew is dangerous to your dog, take it away.
  • Wash your hands before and after handling any item that your dog intends to chew or has been chewing.
  • When you have multiple dogs, ensure that it is safe to give a chew to a particular dog as some dogs may tend to guard their chews, leading to serious fights. If possible, crate each dog while they are enjoying their respective chews to keep everyone safe, content, and happy. 
  • The size of a chew should match your dog’s size. Smaller chews may be hazardous to big dogs while thicker and bigger chews may be too much for smaller breeds. As a rule of thumb, a safe chew for a dog should be larger than his muzzle. 

Can you stuff toys for aggressive chewers?

Yes. In fact, this is another trick of dealing with aggressive chewers.

Stuffing toys with a favorite snack can keep your dog busy for long.

Remember that your dog has aggressive chewing behavior because he easily gets bored.

With a stuffed toy, he will chew slowly and diligently until he reaches the treat.

Remember that not all toys can be stuffed with treats, so check whether the toy you plan to get your dog can be stuffed. Here are our best picks.

Are antlers safe for aggressive chewers?

Antlers are considered safer to aggressive chewers compared to rawhide or bones because they do not cause blockages or indigestion.

They also don’t splitter easily.

However, the best antlers for dogs should not be too hard to cause injury to your dog.

Are bully sticks safe for aggressive chewers?

Bully sticks are safe for aggressive chewers, and they offer many health benefits as they are rich in proteins and amino acids.

They are also easily digestible, and they don’t splitter

Closing Thoughts

There are many dog chews in the market. But not all dog chews are right for your dog.

Above-highlighted options are my top picks of the best and safest chews for aggressive chewers.

If you purchase any chew on the list and it doesn’t impress your dog, try another option until you find what works best for him.

The good news is that once you identify a few toys that work well for your pooch, you can keep buying him similar chews for many years to come.


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