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15 Best Dog Hats with Ear Holes

15 Best Dog Hats with Ear Holes

Dogs need hats for the same reason humans do—protection from the elements and style needs. Whether it is sunny or snowing outside, having a functional hat for your pooch is the best thing you can do for him. When buying a hat for your canine friend, there are a few things to consider. One of them is the presence (or absence) of ear holes. These little openings on the sides help keep a dog’s ears from overheating. If you are wondering where to get a good hat with ear holes, you are in luck today. Here is a quick review of the top 15 best dog hats with ear holes in the market today.

1. Pawaboo Dog Baseball Cap with Ear Holes

First up, we have the high-quality and adjustable baseball cap from PAWABOO. The hat comes with great features for the sun’s protection as fashion benefits. Made from the Oxford fabric, the hat is one of the durable and comfortable products of its kind. It is designed to withstand daily wear and tear while still being breathable. The hat’s brim is also wide to offer 100% protection from the harsh sun’s rays. PAWABOO comes in several attractive designs, so you will have a number of options to choose from. It is also available in three different sizes to accommodate different dog breeds.

2. MaruPet Round Brim Princess Cap

The MaruPet Round Brim Princess Cap was designed with a small dog in mind. The design is so eye-catching and is bound to make your pup stand out from the crowd. Essentially, the hat is made from porous canvas material for maximum comfort.  It features two holes at the top to keep your dog’s ears nice and cool. With a total of five colors and two sizes to choose from, you will be spoilt for options when choosing one for your pup.

3WINOMO Round Brim Mesh Cap with Ear Holes

The WINOMO Round Brim Pet Cap is colorful, cute, and big on fashion. If you like to make a fashion statement with your dog, this hat will make your dreams come true. In addition to being fashionable, this cap is also very functional. It is made of canvas which means it is long-lasting. The two ear holes at the top make it breathable and comfortable. Finally, the round brim ensures that your dog’s head, eyes, and neck are protected from the sun.

4. Happy Hours Dog Baseball Hat with Ear Holes and Chin Strap

The Happy Hours Dog Hat is an affordable yet functional and durable hat for dogs. So, if you are pressed for cash but still want to protect your furry friend from the sun, this is a good hat to consider. It is made from a high-quality and breathable material that is also comfortable. Designed with a large visor, your dog will enjoy plenty of shade outdoors. With an adjustable chin strap, it is easy to secure a good fit no matter the size of your pup. The hat is available in 10 different colors and two sizes, so you should be able to find the perfect one for him.

5.  Littlearth NFL Pet Baseball Hat

As the name suggests, the Littlearth NFL Pet Baseball Hat was made with football fanatics in mind. If you fit the bill, you will definitely enjoy the sight of your pup adorning it. If you are up to it, you can pick your team’s logo and have it on the hat. It is designed to shade your dog’s face from sunlight and hence reduce the risk of sunburn. Made from canvas material with spaced ear holes, the hat is the epitome of comfort. It stays in place using the adjustable chin straps.

6.  VORCOOL Dog Baseball Hat (Leopard Print)

Here’s another fashionable and unique sun hat for a small dog. The VORCOOL Dog Hat comes in a leopard print and is super attractive, to say the least. Besides beings cute, the hat is durable as it is made from canvas material. It also comes with two holes at the top, making it breathable and comfortable. Please note that the hat is designed for toy breeds only.

7.  BBEART Outdoor Dog Hat (with Ear Holes & Chin Strap)

BBEART is a baseball cap with amazing features for protecting dogs against the sun’s harsh rays. Apart from having breathable ear holes, the hat provides plenty of coverage. It is designed to wrap around the forehead and fits over the ears. The visor totally shades the pup’s eyes from the sun. The hat comes with a plastic buckle that makes it adjustable. It is also made of either canvas or polyester making it very durable and high-quality.

8.  Petall Baseball Cap for Dogs

Keep your fur buddy cool with the Petall Dog Baseball Cap made for both summer and winter conditions. The cap is designed to insulate heat when temperatures soar and provide warmth during winter. Apart from protecting a dog against sunlight, the Pet Dog Baseball Hat also offers defense against sand and wind. The hat is available in three sizes and two colors.

9.   Canada Pooch PomPom Dog Hat

This soft and warm pompom from Canada Pooch makes the winter cold bearable for your pup. The material of construction, marled cable-knit acrylic fabric, is both comfortable for you and your four-legged friend. The knitted ear slits are perfect for making him warm while the braided rope and tassel ensure a comfort fit. The best thing about this dog pompom is that it is available in a number of sizes. Whether you have a Shih Tzu or a Golden Retriever, you will find a good fit for you.

10. ROSENICE Dog Baseball Cap with Ear Holes

This bucket-style hat is also another bestseller on Amazon. This can be attributed both to its floral design or the fact that it is insanely comfortable and highly functional. If you have a small pup weighing anywhere between 6 and 10 kg, this is the perfect product for him. It looks nice, adjusts well, and does the job of protecting your dog’s eyes from the sun’s rays very well.

11. HAOCOO Dog Aviator Hat

The HAOCOO Dog Aviator Hat is a good buy for the cold weather. It is made of PU leather for durability and proof against the wind. The inside is all teddy cashmere to keep your pup snuggly, warm, and comfortable when the temperatures dip. With unique ear flaps dropping well beyond the ears, the hat provides an impressive covering. It also comes with ear holes, which means it is easy to put it on and take it off. We also love the fact that the hat has an adjustable rope and is available in four different sizes. The vintage design of the hat is also easy on the eyes. If you have a thing for fashion, you will absolutely love this hat on your dog.

12. PlayaPup Dog Visor Hat

The main selling point of the PlayaPup Protective Visor Hat is that it offers UPF 50+ sun protection. This is because it is made from fabrics that block 98% of both UVA and UVB rays. What’s more, the fabrics don’t contain sunscreen chemicals. If your dog is sensitive, this is a perfect fit for him. Other features of the hat include the visor that covers the eyes, a Velcro closure alongside an adjustable hook for fitting needs.

13. Alemon Knit Christmas Reindeer Scarf and Hat for Dogs

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. Why not celebrate it with style by gifting your dog the Alemon Knit Xmas Reindeer Scarf and hat? It is made from acrylic, meaning it is soft and comfortable, a perfect combination for the cold December weather. It also comes in red and white, the official Christmas colors. The scarf features a loop closure and the hat, an adjustable cotton chin for ease of use. Feel free to use the hat and scarf for other events as well including birthdays, photoshoots, and playdates.

14PupLid Trucker Cap/Hats for Dogs (XS)

The PupLid Trucker Cap/Hats for Dogs is not only effective with regards to sun’s protection, but it looks stylish as well. Dog owners who prioritize functionality alongside style might want to consider trading their coins for this product. The hat comes in three different colors and a number of patterns for flexibility. It is also fitted with slider loops, a chin strap, and elastic bands to make it easy to secure a good fit.

15. Lanyar Grey Knit Dog Hat

The last item on our list is the Lanyar Grey Knit Dog Hat, made from a soft and comfortable acrylic fabric. This knitted pompom is a perfect winter accessory as it is warm and plush. The hat is stretchable and can fit just about any size of a dog. Utilize it for playdates, Christmas holidays or family photoshoots.

Final Thoughts

Dog hats with ear holes are must-haves when going outdoors with your dog. They give you a chance to spell love to your friend by prioritizing his comfort and wellness during extreme weather conditions. Hopefully, you have an idea of the right product that fits your needs and those of your dog from this list.

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