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10 Best Heartbeat Dog Toys

10 Best Heartbeat Dog Toys

Leaving their litter is difficult for puppies. Being ripped off from family and placed in an entirely new environment often makes them very anxious.

Anxiety can also be caused by new transitions, crate training, and extreme natural disasters such as lightning and thunderstorms.

To ease anxiety, pet owners are turning to heartbeat dog toys. These toys come with a simulator that gives a pulsating heartbeat that mimics that of a mother’s dog. The result is a peaceful, calmer pet.

Whether you are looking for a product to ease anxiety, whining, loneliness, and barking, a heartfelt dog toy can do that and more.

We have reviewed the available dog toys with heartbeat sounds and came up with this conservative list:

1.SmartPetLove Snuggle Puppy Toy

All a puppy thinks about the first few nights in his new home is his littermates.

SmartPetLove Snuggle toy is all-natural and shaped like a real puppy to offer the much-needed assurance that all is well.

It also features a safe and disposable warming kit to encourage a pup to cuddle.

The pulsating heartbeat lasts up to two weeks and comes with two AAA batteries.

2.  Moropaky Heartbeat Dog Training Toy for Separation Anxiety

Moropaky Puppy Toy is an easy-to-use heartbeat dog toy with a pulsating device that resembles a real heartbeat.

Made from pet-friendly comfortable materials, your fur baby will enjoy lying next to the toy.

The toy comes with an invisible zipper from where you can place and remove the heartbeat simulator with ease.

The next time you sense that your pet needs a living companion, utilize this beautiful piece.

3.  All For Paws Dog Heart Beat Sheep Toy

All For Paws has proven to be a brand with integrity and a passion for creating value-packed products for pets and their parents.

This is one of their dog toys with a ton of features for an anxious, confused, and scared puppy.

It is made from a super soft fabric and has a belly that releases a gentle heartbeat to charm your pup and helps him ease anxiety.

The sound can be activated by pressing the button located at the sheep’s tummy.

4.   SmartPetLove Behavioral Aid Dog Toy

The Snuggle Kitty resembles the Snuggle Puppies but has a bonus feature to increase its functionality.

With an added spot large enough to place a feeding bottle, this heartbeat dog toy is a great product for orphaned kitties and those with surrogate mothers.

Expect it to have a pulsating heartbeat and a disposable heat source to make it convenient for an anxious and restless puppy.

It is made from a warm plush material that can be machine washed.

5.  All for Paws Heartbeat Sleep Aid Plush Warm Toy

All for Paws Puppy Behavioral Aid Heartbeat Toy is another functional and simple toy to have if you are a brand new pet parent.

With soft snuggly material and a heart simulator that beats constantly, your dog will have an easy time dealing with loneliness, anxiety, and negative behaviors.

The heartbeat can go up to two weeks before the battery runs out.

That’s plenty of time to get your dog into a good place emotionally.

6.  Moropaky Heartbeat Anxiety Relief Toy Bed Mat for Puppy

Much like other dogs with heartbeats, this bed mat comes with a real heartbeat simulator.

It is shaped like a puppy to make your fur baby feel at ease away from his siblings.

The good thing about the simulator used here is that it is devoid of restraint or medication.

It is also super plush and will help your pet get through the rough phase in his life.

7.  Puppyknow Heartbeat Dog Toy with Automatic Timing

Puppyknow Puppy Behavioral Training Aid is an adorable stuffed toy made from cotton and fitted with a pulsating heartbeat.

What we love about this design is that the heart is carefully tucked away to avoid a curious pup from turning it off.

The simulator is set to go off automatically after six hours.

The pocket is secured with Velcro to prevent the dog from sinking his teeth on the simulator.

When it is time for cleaning, just remove the heartbeat and machine wash your toy.

8.  Calmeroos Puppy Heartbeat Dog Toy

With a pouch that houses a pulsating heart and a heat pack, Calmeroos is one heartbeat dog toy every dog lover should get for his or her Fido.

This combination will offer the closeness and intimacy that your pup needs amidst anxiety, loneliness, and destructive behavior.

When you order this toy, you get two disposable heat packs that last up to 24 hours each and 2 AAA batteries that will keep the heart beating for up to weeks.

Plus, you get to offer two pounds of dog food to a needy shelter for every toy purchased.

9. Just Chill’In Heartbeat Puppy Toy for Anxiety Relief

This plush heartbeat puppy is designed to make it easy for a puppy to transition into a new environment.

Like other entries on this list, Just Chill’In comes with a heartbeat that resembles that of a real dog.

The manufacturer also included a warm pack to increase the toy’s comfort.

What sets this toy apart is that it has two separate pockets, one for the heart and another one for the warm pack.

This arrangement elongates the battery life to a large extent.

10. Z-Vine Heartbeat Relief Soother Dog Toy

The Z-Vine plush dog toy is a great interactive tool for stimulating anxious and lonely dogs.

If you are having a hard time crate training your dog, consider getting this toy.

It comes with a heartbeat to calm the puppy and make her settle in her new home.

This product is made from premium materials that guarantee comfort and durability.

Closing Thoughts

A heartbeat dog toy can soothe your pet during a time of crisis. This could be anything from crate training, too much whining, settling into a new home, and barking for no reason.

If you have an anxious pet, give heartbeat dogs mentioned on this list a try.

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