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Where Is Nulo Dog Food Made?

Where Is Nulo Dog Food Made?

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Nulo dog food can be simply described as a high-protein low-carb natural range of dog formulas.

If you want premium recipes—made predominantly from animal proteins to deliver good nutrition to your pup—they’ve got you covered.

The high-end meats support cellular repair, healthy muscle, and aid in the growth of important bodily substances including antibodies, enzymes, and hormones.

Besides having protein, the Nulo recipes also contain other important ingredients such as low-glycemic carbs, vitamins, minerals, and patented probiotics for a healthy body, good digestion, and stable energy.

The formulas are designed for dogs of all ages, and activity levels.

The food is free from most of the junk that other brands in the market contain such as fillers, grains, meat by-products, additives, fillers, dyes, and preservatives.

 You have the option of choosing dry or wet food as well as grain-inclusive or grain-free options.

There’s certainly a whole lot to love about Nulo dog food.

But before you get all excited, let’s discuss where the food is made.

That speaks volumes about its safety and quality.

All About the Nulo Dog Food Brand

The brand is the brainchild of a Californian resident named Michael Landa who owned a black lab called Max.

After observing the trends in the pet industry for a while, Michael realized that many pups needed at-home insulin shots to combat obesity.

He determined to solve the issue by getting the right diet for his dog and ultimately many more.

One of the things that he sought to do was create formulas that didn’t contain empty calories from filler ingredients as this was the norm with other pet food brands.

Recipes that are high in carbs and low in protein weren’t designed for dogs as they trigger fatigue, obesity-related diabetes, and immunodeficiency.

 Conversely, high-protein diets that make use of animal proteins cater to a dog’s health holistically.

With this information in mind, Michael packed his lab and moved to Austin, Texas where he launched Nulo Company in 2010.

The company has enjoyed great success since then with pet owners appreciating the effort to create recipes that are actually safe, delicious, and nutritious for their pups.

Where Is Nulo Dog Food Made?

Nulo is an independent company headquartered in Austin, Texas.

However, the manufacturing facilities are located in South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.

The actual cities are unknown.

 The only information Nulo has given is that the facilities are FDA, USDA, and AAFCO- approved.

The dry food kitchens are also inspected by the American Institute of Baking (AIB) every year.

The International inspection body has given the plants superior ratings since.

In addition to making its food in the USA, Nulo also sources its ingredients from the country.

The brand claims that it’s developed a strong network of family farmers that supply them with free-range beef, free-range chicken, wild-caught fish, and turkey.

The fish is caught in adherence to the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program’s requirements.

 That’s not all – Nulo recipes are sold in small batches to shorten their lifespans on the shelf thus remaining fresh for longer.

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Does Nulo Source Its Ingredients From China?

Nulo sources most of its ingredients locally—mostly through family-owned establishments.

However, some vitamin supplements cannot be sourced locally and these are the only ingredients they get from China.

While that might sound scary to some pet parents, this is the norm in all pet food manufacturers because China is the only viable source for some vitamin supplements.

Is Nulo Dog Food Good?

Unlike most other huge brands, there is no history of recalls of Nulo dog food.

This alone is a testament to the impressive quality control employed during the manufacturing process.

The grain-free food brand is also made from high-quality ingredients that are good for dogs.

These include turkey, turkey meal, salmon meal, chickpeas, chicken fat, sweet potato, yellow peas, trout, and pea fiber.

Other ingredients like chelated minerals, vitamin supplements, and sodium selenite are also used in dog food formulation.

These ingredients are blended to make a product that has a healthy ratio of protein, carb, and fat for the best health and nutrition of your pup.

As such, Nulo dog food is a great pick for your dog.


If you are in the market for dog food that has a good protein-to-carb-to-fat ratio, Nulo dog food is right up your alley.

The company has entered strategic partnerships with family-owned businesses to source high-quality ingredients and this ultimately results in a high-quality product.

In fact, the only ingredient that is not sourced locally is some vitamin supplements that are sourced from China because they aren’t available locally.