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Pumpkin For Dogs With Kidney Disease: The Type Of Pumpkin You Feed Can Make Or Break Your Dog’s Kidney Health

Pumpkin For Dogs With Kidney Disease: The Type Of Pumpkin You Feed Can Make Or Break Your Dog’s Kidney Health

From time to time, I come across dog owners who mention adding pumpkin to their dogs’ diet to increase fiber, believing it’s beneficial for kidney disease. But is pumpkin really good for dogs with kidney disease?

The short answer is: it depends on the type of pumpkin you feed your dog.

Plain pumpkins are safe for dogs with kidney disease and can be a great addition to their diet due to their high fiber content, which aids digestion and bowel movements.

On the other hand, other types of pumpkins like canned pumpkins and pumpkin pie filling have high sodium contents and additional ingredients that can be detrimental to dogs with kidney disease.

Benefits of Plain Pumpkin for Dogs with Kidney Disease

When fed in moderation, plain pumpkin offers several health benefits to dogs with kidney disease:

  • Aids digestion: Pumpkin is rich in fiber, which is excellent for regulating gastrointestinal health in dogs with kidney disease.
  • Potent source of prebiotics: These are non-digestible food ingredients that support the presence of beneficial bacteria in the dog’s digestive tract. Pumpkin is particularly rich in these ingredients, making it a valuable addition for strengthening your dog’s digestive health.
  • High moisture content: Hydration is crucial for dogs with kidney disease, as kidneys require sufficient water in the body to produce urine. Pumpkin is water-dense and can significantly contribute to adding fluids to your dog’s diet.

AVOID Canned Pumpkin, Pumpkin Pie Filling, and Pumpkin Seeds

  • Canned Pumpkin: Canned pumpkin may contain high levels of sodium and potassium, which are not suitable for dogs with kidney disease. Excessive sodium can elevate blood pressure and expedite the progression of kidney disease in dogs. Additionally, low-potassium diets are recommended to prevent potassium buildup in the blood.
  • Pumpkin Pie Filling: Pumpkin pie filling includes extra ingredients like sugar, fats, and spices, which can be detrimental to a dog with kidney disease.
  • Pumpkin Seeds: In addition to canned pumpkin and pumpkin pie filling, refrain from feeding your dog pumpkin seeds as they are rich in potassium and phosphorous. Roasted pumpkin seeds are even worse, as they are often prepared with added salt, further elevating sodium levels.

The Best Types of Plain Pumpkins to Feed a Dog with Kidney Disease

The best types of plain pumpkins to feed a dog with kidney disease are the unaltered varieties.

Now that you know this, where can you find them?

I recommend two options:

  • Fresh Farm Pumpkin: You can obtain these from your own farm or a local farmer’s market. Remember to remove the seeds, as they may be high in potassium and phosphorous. Prior to serving, it’s advisable to bake it. Also consider removing the skin or any stringy pulp as they can potentially cause digestive issues for your dog.
  • Store-Bought Powdered Pumpkin: If you’re pressed for time and can’t bake fresh pumpkin, you can opt for store-bought powdered versions. All you need to do is sprinkle it on your dog’s food.

Additional Tip: Reducing Potassium in Fresh Pumpkin

To ensure the pumpkin you’re preparing for your ailing dog has low potassium levels, you can employ these tricks to further lower them by up to one-third to half of the original amount:

  • Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and soak them for 2 or more hours.
  • Alternatively, boil the pumpkin for about 10 minutes, drain the water, and add fresh water. Continue boiling until it is fully cooked.

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Speak with a Veterinarian

Most importantly, it is critical to consult your vet before incorporating pumpkin into your sick dog’s diet.

To connect with an experienced and knowledgeable veterinarian for your ailing dog, click here to find a mobile vet in your area.

The Vets are always ready to bring a full range of treatments that your dog needs right to your doorstep— from wellness examinations, diagnostics, sick care, and more.

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