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Is doTERRA Breathe Safe to Diffuse around Dogs?

Is doTERRA Breathe Safe to Diffuse around Dogs?

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Over the last decade or so, the use of essential oils has skyrocketed.

People of all walks of life are increasingly utilizing these miracles of nature in their daily lives.

Not only are they natural but they have benefits for humans and their pets as well.

Whether you want to sleep better, repel fleas from your dog, clean your surfaces, or treat pain, trust essential oils to make your dreams come true.

The problem is that while these oils are safe for humans, some are straight-up toxic for your dog.

As your pet’s parent, it is your job to know what is safe and what is not.

Thankfully, you are in the right place as we will tell you about doTERRA products and their safety around your dog.

 If you are a fan of these essential oils, you will benefit greatly from this guide.

Is doTERRA Breathe Safe to Diffuse around Dogs?

Anyone enthusiastic about the doTERRA range of products knows a thing or two about doTERRA Breathe Safe.

This is one of the company’s popular essential oils mainly used to clear the airways.

It is enriched with several oils that help invigorate, cool, and aid in easy breathing.

It can be applied topically to the chest area to minimize seasonal threats.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you can diffuse the essential oil to help you calm down and drift to sleep.

The oil includes many great ingredients such as peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, ravinstara, ravensara, Laurel leaf, and melaleuca.

Each of these oils is beneficial in healing the respiratory system both for you and the dog.

Unfortunately, some of the essential oils are not safe for dogs. The likes of lemon, melaleuca (tea tree), and peppermint are not so safe for use with dogs. This is according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Whether ingested or applied on the skin, these oils are toxic to your lovely pooch.

The SPCA also lists tea tree, peppermint, and citrus fruits as harmful to dogs.

These oils contain toxic agents such as terpenes, linalool, and limonenes- all of which can cause stomach upsets, liver failure, liver damage, tremors, drooling, and seizures.

Having said that, doTERRA Breathe is not entirely bad for your dog. Some vets actually diffuse it around dogs to calm them.

According to Dr. Jeanette Yamamoto and Dr. Larry McCaskill, doTERRA essential oil is great when used topically and aromatically. Ingestion is what causes issues in dogs.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that diffusion is safe around your dog.

 In general, diffusing essential oils is the safest method of utilizing essential oils for pets.

As long as you use diluted oils in passive diffusers and then open the windows and doors, your pooch will not be harmed.

If the doggie cannot handle the fumes, they can escape to safety through the door.

As usual, if you notice any symptoms, call the vet immediately.

Is doTERRA On Guard safe to diffuse around dogs?

Another famous doTERRA blend, On Guard, is an essential oil with many uses in health and cleaning.

When taken internally, the product supports the natural antioxidant defenses found in the body.

It is particularly great in protecting against seasonal and environmental threats.

The oil can also be used for cleaning the skin and household surfaces. It is preferred over chemical cleaning products as it is natural and non-toxic.

Studies done on the On Guard by doTERRA revealed that the oil indeed reduces inflammatory markers in body cells.

It also promotes immune function, wound healing, and helps in treating the flu virus.

As for its safety around dogs, doTERRA’s vets from the company’s Veterinary Advisory Boards claim that it can be diffused around dogs and cats.

The oil is 100% pure and natural unlike many of the low-quality oils sold on the market today.

Before we conclude this to be gospel truth, it is a great idea to look at the ingredients of doTERRA On Guard.

According to Healthline, the blend contains the following essential oils in its formulation:

  • Cinnamon bark/leaf
  • Clove bud
  • Wild orange peel
  • Rosemary leaf/flower
  • Eucalyptus leaf

Out of these oils, three of them (eucalyptus, wild orange peel, and cinnamon) are toxic to dogs.

The type of oil and its concentration determine how harmful the essential oil will be to the dog.

If the formula uses highly concentrated components, it is considered unsafe for your adorable pet.

Else, if it is well-diluted in water, it may not cause much harm to the dog.

Before you diffuse it, you might want to read about the concentrations of each of the components of On Guard.

Go ahead and place the oil in the diffuser if you are 100% sure it doesn’t have toxic oils in high concentrations.

Even if everything checks out, use a passive diffuser to avoid irritating your pooch.

Remember that dogs have a much sensitive nose. While the aroma of doTERRA On Guard is warm and spicy to you, it may be too much for your pooch.

Keep the windows and doors open so that the dog can make his way outside if the scent becomes overwhelming.

Also, don’t diffuse the oil if your doggie has any respiratory issues like asthma.

Is doTERRA Purify Safe for Dogs?

doTERRA Purify is an all-natural surface cleaner and odor-remover.

The formula utilizes several essential oils that eradicate and purify odors without introducing harsh chemicals into the atmosphere.

Its two main ingredients include pine and citrus oils both of which have amazing cleaning properties.

By purifying the air, the oil also protects against environmental threats.

The blend also utilizes cilantro, tea tree, and citronella to push its air-purification qualities to the top.

When it comes to its use around pets, the doTERRA Purify is downright unsafe for dogs.

It contains essential oils that don’t agree well with dogs. These include citrus fruits (lime and lemon), pine, and tea tree oils.

Tea tree is especially harmful to dogs. If applied to their skins, it can cause severe symptoms such as tremors, lethargy, skin irritations, coma, and death.

Lemon is equally dangerous as it introduces d-limonene which dogs find hard to digest.

 In short, Purify is not the safest oil for dogs. Although your pooch can get away with a little exposure to the oil, it is best to avoid it once and for all.

You never know when things will escalate and cause irreversible damage to your pet.

Is doTERRA Lemon Oil Safe for Dogs?

Distilled from the peels of lemon fruits, the doTERRA Lemon Oil is a versatile and popular aromatherapy blend.

From soothing the skin to boosting the mood and purifying the air, the essential oil is revered by many.

The oil also helps remove stubborn grease from surfaces, exfoliate the skin, maintain the aesthetics of furniture pieces, make lemon desserts, and bring out the beauty of jewelry.

Just off the bat, you can tell that the doTERRA Lemon oil is toxic to dogs.

The problem is its main ingredient – lemon oil.

As mentioned previously, lemon contains Limonene, terpenes, and beta-Pinene.

 Granted, these chemicals are great for lifting the mood and cleaning surfaces but they cause harm to dogs and cats.

In large quantities, lemon causes liver failure and damage.

 In low quantities, it may trigger stomach upsets, diarrhea, drooling, wobbliness, and vomiting.

It is best to keep it away from your canine friend.

Is doTERRA Air-X Safe for Dogs?

Air-X from doTERRA is a blend of natural essential oils designed to freshen the air, promote openness and clarity, and clean spaces.

It bears a fresh and uplifting citrus scent, thanks to its range of ingredients such as grapefruit, frankincense, and tangerine. Other ingredients include Litsea fruit and cardamom seed.

It is often diffused at home to get rid of bad odors and create a fresh and clear environment.

Other people apply diluted Air-X essential oil to specific areas of the body to minimize skin sensitivities.

Based on the chemical components of doTERRA Air-X, it can be safe or unsafe for dogs depending on the quality, method of use, and concentration of the toxic components in the oil.

Ingredients such as tangerine and grapefruit are citrus in nature. This means they contain compounds that may harm your dog.

However, if they are in small quantities compared to the safer oils, the blend can be used around the dogs.

If you must use the oil, dilute it then diffuse it in a well-ventilated room.

Closing Thoughts

doTERRA essential oils are bestsellers in the market. They are effective, natural, and relatively affordable.

While most of them are safe for pets, others are rather harmful.

 Before you use any of the oils, you might want to check with your vet first. Your doggie will thank you for it.