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Can I Stud My Dog Without Papers?

Can I Stud My Dog Without Papers?

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Breeding dogs is a fairly easy thing to do. As long as you have two sexually mature dogs of opposite genders, you can mate them and end up with adorable puppies.

However, things get complicated if you want to breed your pets legally.

Unlike decades ago when dog procreation was unmanned, rules and regulations surround the practice now.

Without following these set-out obligations, you will only be putting yourself and your doggies at risk.

Studding is one way of entering the dog breeding arena. What this simply means is helping your male dog to mate with a dam on heat.

 Although many people offer stud services for money or just for the fun of it, the real reason is really to improve the breed.

By offering your healthy dog to be used to breed, you ensure that the successful litter is equally of good health. This means your dog must be worth it.

Besides having an incredible medical history, he should be papered.

But what if yours doesn’t have the required papers? Can you still stud him?

An Overview of Dog Studding

If you are a breeder, you are already aware of what studding is all about. Heck, you have already done it at one point or another.

However, for rookie breeders or the common man, the word stud is still unfamiliar.

 Well, we have got you covered. Studding is simply the process of choosing a male dog (sire) to mate with an ideal female dog (dam).

Stud dogs have specific qualities that make them great as sires. Not only should they have good health but they should also be free of defects (cryptorchidism, overshot jaw, etc), registered with a Kennel Club, and have proof of fertility among other requirements.

Some breeders also choose certain temperaments in studs as this helps them to determine the temperaments of the resulting offspring.

As the stud’s human parent, you have to understand your breed’s heritage and standard so you can tell what he can bring to the table.

Can You Stud A Dog Without Papers?

In most cases, stud dogs are papered. What this means is that they are purebred and registered with the necessary kennel clubs and have the papers to prove it.

For one, these documents offer solid evidence that a dog is purebred.

Without registration, it can be difficult to prove if your dog is pedigreed.

If the unregistered stud sires a couple of puppies with a dam, the offspring will not have any papers as well. This is because the bloodline cannot be traced.

Paper trail is what gives kennel groups the ability to trace the lineage of the puppies.

Additionally, lack of registration will limit the offspring of your stud from participating in certain sports and events.

Some dog competitions such as field events for working dogs and events for hunting are only reserved for papered dogs.

However, the number one reason breeders prefer working with registered studs is that they can get papers for their puppies.

These days, prospective dog buyers are keen on buying puppies with registration or those that are eligible for registration.

 That way, they can trace their bloodlines, get dogs with known temperaments and health records, and make sure their pups can take part in shows and sporting events.

With that said, registration is not a must requirement for a stud. Sure, it gives you an upper hand over other stud owners but you can go ahead and stud your male pooch without having papers according to InfoComm.

As long as your dog is in good health and can procreate, he can be retained as a stud.

There are countless male dogs without the necessary papers out there with great temperaments and a clean bill of health.

When they sire puppies, the latter will take after most of their traits. Papers only help with lineage issues.


The fact that you can stud your dog without papers doesn’t mean you should do it. You miss out on a lot if you don’t register your sire.

 There are several reasons you should consider registering your pooch.

1. To Prove Your Credibility

In the United States and other countries, purebred dogs have pedigree certificates.

As said earlier, these documents are the only proof that your dog is authentic.

The certificate shows the lineage of your pooch down to three generations.

 It is pretty difficult to prove to anyone that your dog is purebred if you don’t have this little piece of evidence.

The paper also displays that your dog has been fully tested for any medical conditions and passed the tests with flying colors.

It is also what assures them that he is fertile and void of effects.

These things are pretty important to many breeders and ultimately buyers out there.

2. You Lose Out On Business Opportunities

Let’s face it: money is part of the reason people stud their dogs.

With hundreds of dollars in stud fees, male dog owners get into the stud service to make a profit as they improve the quality of dogs.

Well, a lack of papers for your stud only hurts your business opportunities.

 Most people want to buy registered puppies with all the necessary documentation.

Not only does this prove that they are buying purebred puppies but it also assures them of their health.

Plus, registration means their dogs can participate in dog shows, fairs, and sporting events.

Well, there are people who don’t pay too much attention to such matters but those with big money do.

This means that even if you will end up with some clients willing to work with you, expect to earn peanuts compared to stud owners with papers.

What About Alternative Registration?

If your stud is purebred, you may wonder if getting him in the Indefinite Listing Privilege (IPL) program will help with breeding or not.

 This is an alternative to papering and is given to purebred dogs by the American Kennel Club.

The purpose is to enter the dog in obedience events set apart for papered dogs only.

IPL-certified dogs can participate in a wide range of performance events but that’s about it. Their offspring remain undocumented and will not participate in any of these shows.

So, although IPL is great for your stud, it will not give you credibility with other breeders.

Closing Thoughts

Studding a dog makes him a good candidate for breeding.

However, it is not mandatory for you to offer stud service.

Provided your pooch is healthy and checked by the vet for diseases and fertility, you can put him up as a stud.

Nevertheless, registering him is a good idea if you want to prove your authenticity and win many clients over.